instructional strategies: discussions

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Instructional Strategies: Discussions By: Natalie Stewart

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  • Instructional Strategies: DiscussionsBy: Natalie Stewart

  • Learning

  • What is it?

  • The development of new knowledge

  • How do students learn?

  • They interact with information

  • Can teachers promote learning?

  • Yes!

  • Discussions enhance learning

  • Ideas are exchanged

  • Opinions are voiced

  • What are the benefits?

  • They are interestingIt is more appealing to students than sitting in a lecture.

  • They are challenging Students must think about the information and apply it to otherconcepts.

  • They are inlcusiveAll students are given the opportunity to engage in the discussion.

  • They promote the growth of new ideas

  • What are the limitations?

  • Limited participation

  • Sometimes unchallenging

  • Topics may be too difficult

  • May not be effective with young students

  • How can it be incorporated into the classroom?

  • Discussions can be used to activate prior knowledge.Discuss what you already know.

  • Discussions can be used to self-assess understanding.

  • Discussions can beimplemented after a presentation to elicit questions and answers.

  • Discussions can be used to help students internalize information.

  • Discussions can be implemented to evalute the effectiveness of instruction.

  • How canyou help your students learn?

  • Allow your students to discuss!