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Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region IV-A CaLaBaRZon Division of Batangas BATANGAS PROVINCE SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL Dacanlao, Calaca, BatangasIndependence Day Celebration 2012 June 11 -June 15, 2012 Tema: “Kalayaan: Pananagutan ng Bayan Para Sa Tuwid na Daan”Danielle Chloe C. ViceralPresident, Ap ClubMrs. Preciosa CabungcalAdviser, Ap ClubMrs. Simeona Rechie C. OjalesHead Teacher IIIndependence Day Celebration is an annual celebration of the Philippine Declaration


Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region IV-A CaLaBaRZon Division of Batangas BATANGAS PROVINCE SCIENCE HIGH SCHOOL Dacanlao, Calaca, Batangas

Independence Day Celebration 2012 June 11 -June 15, 2012 Tema: Kalayaan: Pananagutan ng Bayan Para Sa Tuwid na Daan

Danielle Chloe C. ViceralPresident, Ap Club

Mrs. Preciosa CabungcalAdviser, Ap Club

Mrs. Simeona Rechie C. OjalesHead Teacher II

Independence Day Celebration is an annual celebration of the Philippine Declaration of Independence from the Spaniards on June 12, 1898. Araw ng Kalayaan is a significant event to every Filipinos heart thats why schools from different parts of the country launched different activities in accordance to the said event, with the theme Kalayaan: Pananagutan ng Bayan Para sa Tuwid na Daan. Batangas Province Science High Schools Independence Day Celebration was headed and sponsored by the AP Club under the supervision of Mrs. Preciosa C. Cabungcal, AP teacher, and lead by Danielle Chloe Viceral, AP Club President.


Eliminations were done for the Poster Making, Slogan Making, Essay-Writing, and Poem Writing during the AP Class of every year level. For the Poster Making, it was a group contest, one group contains three members from the same year level. Contestants were required to make their poster on a whole cartolina while the slogan making was an individual competition. Students exhibit their skills not just in arts but also in literacy in this activity. Essay Writing has two categories; Filipino, this was for essays written in Filipino language while the other one was English, this was for essays written using our Mother Tongue. Poem Writing is the same with Essay Writing having two categories for the language used. Only the best three will be awarded as winners in every contest, they will be the third, second, and the first placer.


Last June 15, 2012, a culminating activity was held for the commemoration of the event, still lead by the AP Club. The program started with a prayer with Michelle Villanueva, AP Club Treasurer, followed by Hazel Sangalang, AP Clubs Rep. IV for the Criteria for Judging. A song number of Kate and Remjohn from II Galileo hushed the students with their golden voices singing Safe and Sound afterwards, Danielle Chloe Viceral, AP Club President, introduced Mr. Christopher Andino (MAPEH Teacher), Mrs. Geralyn A. Alday (Science Teacher), and Mrs. Genalyn P. Rubian (Science Teacher) as juries for the Sayawit Competition. Eventually after this, the Sayawit Competition began. The first one to perform was the students from Grade VII. Since theyre the youngest and the newest part of the school, it was their batchs first encounter on a sayawit competition and glad to see that they really exerted their hundred percent for the said activity, nice job Batch 15! Later on, was the II Galileos Sayawit. The crowd gone wild as the boys entered swaying their hips gracefully which is very girly. Another thing that amused the mob was King Nixon Lagrisolas tumbling stunt. What an incredible act Batch 14! To entertain the audience Claudine Khell Limjoco and Yen Kyla Noche from the class of Grade VII showcased their talents through singing Rolling in the Deep. Next was the performance of the third year students. They were very creative in the choice of steps and the music they produced was very good to hear, hands down to Batch 13! After their performance was another song number from one of the seventh graders, Philip Hernandez who sang You and I lastly, was the performance of the ATEs and KUYAs of BPSHS, from IV Einstein, the message of their song was very nice and very meaningful; Tumayo, manindigan bastat para sa bayan na ating sinilangan , we salute you Batch 12! After all the Sayawit presentations, Alonica Aguzar presented a song number together with Jhune Reybuenan. After their presentation, the winners for the past activities held several days were announced. Before announcing who gained victory for the sayawit, Patricia Gomez sang the song 12:51. And the most awaited part: Mrs. Preciosa

C. Cabungcal was the one who announced the winners 4th place: VII Aristotle, 3rd place: III Newton, 2nd place: II Galileo and for the 1st place: IV Einstein. The Culminating Activity ended with Mrs. Preciosa C. Cabungcals Closing Remarks.


The stage

Opening Prayer

Presentation of Judges

The Audience

Intermission from the Sophomores

Intermission from Grade VII Students



After the performance of Alonica Aguzar and Jhune Reybuenan, the winners for the Essay Writing, Poem Writing, Slogan Making and Poster Making were announced. These are the winners for: Essay Writing English 1st- Carla Jane Lim 2nd - Jerome Bugtong 3rd - Ramil Anton M. Villafranca 1st - Janica De Roxas 2nd - Gezelle De Ocampo 3rd - Marjorie Reyes 1st - Cejesska Cush Alday 2nd - Mirasol Nova Manalo 3rd - Ludwig Karlo Salazar 1st - Marjorie Reyes 2nd - Clarice Magbuo 3rd - Immah Pesigan 1st - Michelle Anne Villanueva 2nd - Abigail Umali 3rd - Carla Elize Derain 1st - Kate Nadjalla Dueas Noreen Kristia Rojales Timothy Jay Antonio nd 2 - Emmanuel Lopez Immah Pesigan Sophia Alexandra Furagganan rd 3 - Darweesh Chua

Essay Writing Filipino

Poem Writing English

Poem Writing Filipino

Slogan Making

Poster Making

Carla Elize Derain Almira Joyce Caringal





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