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  • JULY 5, 2020 Vol. 88 I No. 27

    Evangel Weekend Guide


    John Holland, Minister of Music & Senior Adults

    Jason Mercer, Minister of Children

    Go to the prayer wall at



    Every Wednesday on our Facebook Page

    Welcome to the

    Independence Day


  • YOUTH NEWS Oneeighty

    No Youth activities Youth Prayer Breakfast

    *No Prayer Breakfast until January 15th. **Oneeighty will resume on January 8th.


    Extended Session – December 29th – 11:00 a.m. Shanna & Kate Dupree/Kacie Smith

    Kids on Mission & Mission Friends No Children’s activities

    **All children’s activities will resume on January 8th.

    NORTH AMERICAN MISSION BOARD - 2019 Missionaries are grateful for all that you do to support and encourage

    them. This week during your prayer time, please pray for Sam and

    Joanna Choi.

    COMMUNITY FOOD PANTRY The Community Food Pantry continues to give out bags every

    Thursday with nutritious staples to individuals and families who live in

    Winn Parish. They accomplish this task through the work of volunteers

    from all over our parish. They operate solely through gifts and

    donations from churches, individuals, businesses, and clubs – without

    any government funds. Along with food items, they now offer eggs

    donated every week from a local business, school uniforms, Christian

    books and devotionals, New Testaments, homemade jellies and jams,

    an opportunity to pray with a minister, and enhanced choices on the

    “Lagniappe” table. Thank you for keeping this local ministry alive.

    YOUTH NEWS Oneeighty

    No Youth activities Youth Prayer Breakfast

    *No Prayer Breakfast until January 15th. **Oneeighty will resume on January 8th.



    This week at FBC

    06/28/20 Budget Required $ 17,614.44 Budget $ 15,955.10

    Designated $ 1,160.00

    Building $ 0.00

    Total $ 17,115.10


    Budget Required $ 457,975.44


    Budget Receipts $ 441,598.35

    Over (Under) Budget $ (16,377.09)

    A Note from Pastor Keyes I am really concerned about the direction we are headed as a nation

    and in our world. Entering this July 4th weekend, it seems like all the

    values we celebrate as Americans are being threatened. Even more

    alarming to me is the threat to our spiritual values. This trend needs

    to change, and I have a plan that will begin to move us in the right

    direction. This idea was inspired by a story I want to share with you.

    An upset lady came rushing into the neighborhood grocery and

    began to complain to the owner. She told him “I sent my son to get

    three pounds of pecans for a recipe but you gave him only two. Your

    scales must be wrong”! The owner said “My scales are accurate.

    Have you tried weighing your little boy”?

    Our first reaction is to reveal the source of the problem. We want to

    point an accusing finger to “the world” or “them” and lay all the

    blame at somebody else’s feet. No doubt there are areas of needed

    change in our world and our nation. However, the first and most

    effective way to institute these kinds of changes is to begin with

    ourselves. In fact, this is the only place where we can begin to have

    an impact.

    Jesus was at the table with his disciples just a few hours before the

    crucifixion. He announced that one of the men at the table would

    betray Him into the hands of the enemy. Instead of looking at each

    other trying to determine which was the guilty person they each had

    this question found in Matthew 26:22, “Lord is it I”?

    The conclusion is obvious. If we are going to have any impact on

    what is happening, it must begin with an honest assessment of our

    own lives. Assume that it is our own scales that are inferior and seek

    to make a correction and adjustment in our own lives. We need to

    have the same reaction of the Lord’s disciples at that table, “Lord is

    it I”?

    See you in church Sunday,

    YOUTH NEWS Oneeighty

    We are so excited that oneeighty has been going so well! If

    you’ve never attended oneeighty you are surely missing out! There

    are ample opportunities during our time together on Wednesday

    nights for fellowship. Fun games are played and an awesome praise

    band will play, which is led by our new music intern, Caleb

    Whitten. All of this will be followed by a devotional by a member.

    Be sure to attend our last oneeighty on July 8 th

    . We will resume

    oneeighty on August 5 th

    . Please remember to enter through the

    Sanctuary doors. Masks are strongly recommended and there will

    be no open gym at the conclusion.


    Extended Session – July 5th – 11:00 a.m.

    Jennifer Carpenter

    Kids on Mission & Mission Friends Until we are able to meet for Kids on Mission and Sunday School, we will provide weekly home resources for you and your

    family through our FBC KIDS Online. Thanks to our curriculum

    publishers, you and your family can have access to the same great

    content taught in our classes each week at home. These resources

    are available to all in our community looking for resources to lead

    their children in Bible Study from toddlers - 6th grade.

    Tithing During this unusual time in our church we want to share with you the

    options for continuing your faithful practice of tithing and giving to

    God’s work through our church.

    Many of you are already connected to online giving and continue to use

    that option. If you are not currently connected to that option and need

    help doing that please contact the office.

    You may choose to mail your contribution to FBC, P.O. Box 230,

    Winnfield, LA. 71483 or place your tithe in the offering plates available

    on Sunday mornings.

    The Star-Spangled Banner

    Patriotic Medley

    America, the Beautiful

    In Christ Alone

    Great Is Thy Faithfulness

    FBC Online Campus Continue to stay connected through FBC Online Campus at our website


    Pastor Search Committee Update As previously reported, we have entered into phase 2 of our search

    process. We have already met with VanderBloemen. They have

    begun the process to narrow down further candidates for our

    review. After phase 1, the qualities that we are looking for in

    candidates are well established. We are eagerly waiting for our

    next “short list” as we continue to pray for God’s will to be

    clear. We ask you to join us in prayer for our next leader and his

    family. Thank you.

    Sunday, July 5

    Phase 2 Worship Service will continue with 50%

    occupancy, doors open at 10:30 a.m. Please review the plan

    at www.fbcwinn.com

    Tuesday, July 7

    7:00 AM Men’s Prayer Breakfast

    Wednesday, July 8

    6:00 PM Prayer Meeting Zoom/Fireside Room

    6:30 PM Oneeighty


    Community Food Pantry July’s food of the month is Lagniappe. There is also a need for

    large paper grocery bags. If you would like to donate to the food

    pantry, please donate to the First Presbyterian Church. For

    individuals and families the community food pantry provides

    school uniforms, fresh vegetables, and eggs when received

    through donations in addition to the weekly regular food bags.

    Another ongoing need at the community food pantry is

    volunteers each Thursday between 12:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. Call

    the church office during regular office hours if you would like

    more information.



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