Imaportance of Teaching Art

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From a personal perspective and from an arts advocacy perspective, prepare a brochure, poster, or presentation for a Board of Education or PTA Parents Night that describes your program, teaching philosophy and the importance of art education.


Art is important to teach because of what art bestows humans to do! Art for me is living and I do not believe that one can truly live without art! I have this ace to create in which God has given humankind. Kyle Bennett article God for Artists and Artists for God communicates some key theories that I agree with: 1. As human beings created in Gods image, we bear the mark of his creativity as well as his impulse to create. 2. Godas our creatorcreated us to be creators. And 3. God made us to create. Art is not something added to our lives or callings. It is a life and is a calling.

Thus the teaching of art is a process within itself. Nevertheless it is essential to teach art. Teaching of the arts will allow people to become aware of the necessity of creating. If we do not hold art to the same standard as other subjects such as English, history, science, technology, engineering, and math we would be rejecting the importance encompassed by art. Art allows us to see the world in a different way. Teaching art gives one: courage, the chance to reflect, grow, and become engaged, a way to express one self, and the ability to take risk. Art has truly been the only constant subject throughout history and cultures as well. Furthermore I think people forget that art has been around longer than reading, writing, math are science.