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Craig Fortuin, a full time lecturer at Varsity College Cape Town and the winner of the first annual IIE Dr. Freysen Teaching Excell presented this presentation


  • 1.The following slide contextualises the presentation slides

2. The slides which follow are essentially just cue-cards for the presentation of my teachingphilosophy which is based on Four Ps: Preparation, Participation, Passion, Personality I decided to use the analogy of baking acake/teaching a good lesson. The notes below each slide are the wordsbehind the picture. But actually, you had to be there. 3. . ON FOUR LEGS 4. PREPARATION PARTICIPATION PASSION PERSONALITY 5. Dont teach just to pass exam papers. Properly embedded knowledge and skills forlife Link to real world as far as possible Continuous assessment - OPPORTUNITY PEOPLE need motivation, love and support Lead by example Environment: Orderly, happy, fun Choose to enjoy every day, and have fun withyour students 6. My teaching philosophy desires learning thatlasts a lifetime. To achieve it, my teaching restson four legs: Preparation Participation Passion Personality 7. Are you still with me? 8. 9.