ict based instructional strategies

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  • 1. ICT basedInstructionalInstructionalStrategiesStrategiesS K BawaS K Bawa

2. Need of Todays Learner 3. Ubiquitous LearningUbiquitous Learning Any where Any time Active Learning Interactive learning 4. 4 Cs (Basic Needs of Students) Communication Collaboration Critical thinking Creative Problem Solving 5. Learning Environment Self Directed Active involvement of learner Democratic environment Activities are interactive and student-centered Students are encouraged to be responsibleand autonomous 6. Constructivist LearningEnvironment Based on previous learning- experience Engaged in learning process To explore the subject matter and expresstheir thoughts on the material Cognitively Guided Instruction Inquiry-based learning 7. ICT-based Instructional StrategiesInstructional StrategiesCollaborative andNetworking StrategiesEvaluation Strategies 8. Instructional StrategiesInteractive MultimediaWeb BasedMobile 9. Interactive Multimedia Curriki 10. Blog 11. Moodle - Moodle is an e-learning system thatenables to create and manage a coursewebsite for: 12. Discussion Group 13. Facebook 14. SLIDE SHARE 15. Web Based LearningWeb Based LearningWeb QuestWeb QuestVirtual LabVirtual LabOnline coursesOnline coursesOpen Educational ResourcesOpen Educational Resources 16. WEBQUEST 17. Virtual LabAnysubmit 18. Online Course 19. Learning Objects 20. E-books 21. Online Library 22. Portal 23. Internet Radio 24. Photographs 25. MobileTeaching - a mp3 player (iPod), smartcellphone portable computer, or iPadTotal Mobile Users: Global : Over 3 Billion India : 851.70 Million (70.3%) Broadband : 5 million Internet : 38 Million+www.m-learning.org/demos/demo.htm 26. Collaborative & Networking StrategiesDiscussion GroupOnline ForumBlogFacebookWikis 27. Wiki 28. Educational Videos 29. Posting documents - reading lists, PowerPointslides, images, running quizzes, polls, andsurveys 30. Social media ICT basedVirtually able to observe and learn from others 31. E - Group Discussion 32. E - Team Teaching Teacher - Student Peer -Peer Teacher - Teacher 33. Peer to peer teaching (through skype) Learning through teaching 34. Mentoring Informal, formal 35. ICT-based Evaluation StrategiesE-PortfolioConcept-mapsRubrics 36. Portfolio 37. Portfolio 38. Concept Maps 39. Evaluation Rubrics