hunters and gatherers. “limits to growth” club of rome 1972

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Hunters and Gatherers Slide 2 Limits to Growth Club of Rome 1972 Slide 3 What is Going on in the Developing World? A typical street pickers cart Bycicle with cardboards Slide 4 Some Examples A) Laredo and Nuevo Laredo B) San Francisco vs. Mumbai Slide 5 Lorries, Light Trucks, and Buses Arriving in The Federal District Inside Sight of the Street Pickers Train Train and Street Pickers at a Station The Case of Argentina Slide 6 Slide 7 Slide 8 Between 1999 and 2000 these cooperatives were formed: El Ceibo (Palermo), Reconquista (Tres de Febrero), El Orejano (San Martn) y Renaser (La Matanza), Cooperatives While between 2000 and 2002, the following cropped up: Nuevo Rumbo (Lomas de Zamora), Mujeres para la dignidad (Lavallol), Reciclado Sur (Lans), Villa Malaver y La perla (San Pedro). All these cooperatives found in the Institute of Cooperative Funds an agglutinating environment became the counseling body for the procurement of registrations and as a potential source of funding for the groups. Slide 9 PeriodMay 2008March 2009 Carboard 0.09/Kg 0.06/Kg Newspaper 0.07/Kg 0.054/Kg White Paper 0.2/Kg 0.18/Kg Tetrapak 0,1/Kg 0.08/Kg Coloured PET 0.24/Kg 0.14/Kg Crystal PET 0.32/Kg 0.2/Kg Glass 0.038/Kg 0.042/Kg Aluminium Cans 1.1/Kg 0.6/Kg Copper 4.24/Kg 2.4/Kg 1=$5 The Case of Argentina Slide 10 PIECES OF METAL PET BOTTLES PILED UP BOTTLES GLASS COLLECTED BY OCTOPUSES Slide 11 SORTING PLANTS January / December 2008


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