from hunters and gatherers to farmers the most important change in human history

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  • From Hunters and Gatherers to Farmers The Most Important Change in Human History
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  • The Stone Age Stone Age: named because of the types of tools used by people Paleolithic Age: Old Stone Age Neolithic Age: New Stone Age
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  • From Old to New Stone Age Discovery of Agriculture 8000 B.C.E 2 million B.C.E Tools & Weapons made of metal 3000 B.C.E Tools & Weapons made of stone
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  • Creating a Stable Food Supply Hunters & Gatherers Hunt wild animals Gather nuts, berries, and other plants Lived out in the open Nomadic lifestyle Farmers Domesticate animals for food Plant crops Lived in permanent shelters Stable lifestyle
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  • Permanent Shelter Protection from weather Protection from wild animals More comfortable Ability to form communities New ways of cooking
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  • Establishing Communities Farming allowed people to settle down near their farms This created early towns and villages Ability to divide work and work together Shared defense
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  • Developing New Jobs FarmersWeaversTool Makers TradersBuilders
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  • Beginning to Trade Trade = the business of buying and selling or exchanging items Traders traveled hundreds of miles to find what they needed Trade allowed people to make use of more resources and brought them into contact with new people from distant places This helped spread ideas around the ancient world
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  • Summary Farming changed peoples lives Stable food supply Permanent shelters and communities New jobs and trade


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