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  • 1. Objective: To Learn about the early Hunters and Gatherers

2. Hunters and Gatherers Lesson 1: Page 10-16 3. Vocabulary 4.

  • Prehistory
  • Archaeology
  • Archaeologist
  • Artifact
  • Migrate
  • Glacier

-Long period of time before people developed systems of writing. -Huge Ice Sheets -to move from one place to another -study of past cultures through the things that remain such as buildings, tools, or pottery. -an object made by people long ago -A scientist who uncovers evidence, or proof, from the past. 5. Studying PreHistory

  • Long period of Time before people developed systems of writing and written language.
  • No books, letters, or newspapers from prehistory.

We can still learn about these pre-historic times 6. Archaeology

  • What is Archaeology?

(Archaeology video) Study of past cultures through the things that remain: buildings, tools, pottery, etc. 7. Artifacts 8. More Artifacts

  • Ash from Campfire


  • We need to figure out:
  • The gender of the owner
  • The age of the owner

10. Early People

  • Using artifacts, Archaeologist can determine where people migrated from and where they went.
  • Migrate: human movement

11. Early People 12. 13. Ice Age

  • 11,000 years ago: Earth was in an Ice Age

14. Glacier

  • 1.6 Million Years ago until 10,000 years ago

15. Glaciers Melt. 16. Giant Ground Sloth 17. Saber Tooth Cat 18. 19. American Mastodon 20. 21. Big Horned Bison 22. How did People get to North America?

  • During Ice Age, Seas were lower than they are today.WHY???
  • The Result: A Land Bridge connected Asia to Alaska.

Beringia or Bering Strait 23. Bering Strait

  • Google Earth Measure Tool

24. Early Americans

  • Clovis, NM11,000 year old artifacts

25. 26.

  • Migration Path of Early Americans
  • 11,500 years ago.
  • Was it a fast Migration?

1,000 years 27. New Discovery-Different Path

  • 20 years ago: Discovery at Monte Verde, Chile.

28. Monte Verde, Chile

  • Archaeologists found artifacts from 12,500 years ago.
  • Disputed: May prove scientists were wrong with Clovis, NM.

29. Topper Site

  • 18,000 Year Old Artifacts

30. Sequence

  • 11,500 years ago: Clovis, NM
  • 12,500 years ago: Monte Verde, Chile
  • 18,000 years ago: Topper Site (South Carolina)


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