from hunters and gatherers to farmers chapter three

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  • From Hunters and Gatherers to Farmers Chapter Three
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  • The Time Period Stone Age period of time when early humans used stone to make tools. Begins with hominids who could make tools, lasts until people began using metal 2 million BCE-3000 BCE
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  • The Ages of the Stone Age Paleolithic Age (Old Stone Age) People got their food by hunting and gathering People moved about the countryside looking for food and safe shelter Neolithic Age (New Stone Age) People learned how to farm and raise animals People began to settle in one place
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  • From the Old to New Stone Age In the Paleolithic Age people were hunter- gatherers Over thousands of years, people learned to raise animals and plant foods. This began the Neolithic Age. (c. 8000 BCE-3000 BCE) How do you think learning to keep animals and farm changed the way people lived?
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  • Creating a Stable Food Supply Early farmers learned to domesticate animals. They raised sheep, goats, and cattle for meat. They used other animals to help them work. Domesticateto train a wild animal to be useful to humans Agriculture created a more stable food supply Agriculture is the business of farming
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  • Making Permanent Shelters During the Paleolithic age, people lived in temporary shelters. Why? Because they were hunter gatherers. This meant they were constantly moving around for food. As people settled down to farm, they started building more permanent shelters Mud and stone were used to build the homes Ladders were used to get into the openings high in the walls of the structure
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  • How did permanent shelter change the way people lived? Protection from harsh weather and wild animals Life was more comfortable New ways of cooking were developed People formed larger communities
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  • Communities With agriculture, came the development of early villages How did living in communities change the way people lived? Division of jobs Groups of people working together made jobs more efficient More time to invent new ideas Better defense All of this lead to larger and larger populations
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  • Jobs Paleolithic timespeoples main job was finding food Neolithic timesagriculture creates stable food supply so people can develop specialized skills Farmers Clothing makers Craftspeople, stoneworkers
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  • Trade Paleolithic hunter/gatherers rarely traded In Neolithic times, trading became much more common Traded for resources like flint and ores Trade was not easy! Brought people in contact with others thus allowing for sharing if ideas, resources, and knowledge
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  • How did agriculture change the way people lived? Stable food supply Permanent housing Communities Jobs Trade


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