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FULL ARTICLE: Nobody really wants to talk about this. Theyre too busy counting Twitter followers, Facebook likes, pins and YouTube video views, but how is all of this social media activity contributing to your bottom line sales? Better yet, does your social media marketing strategy even involve sales? Brands, businesses and organizations are learning that social media is great at getting attention, building awareness and sparking engagement. But then what? At some point you have to stop playing around and ask for the order, tell people what you want them to do, buy, download, try, join, call now about, subscribe to or sign up for. Here are some ways to make sure youre converting as much of that social media activity as possible. 1. REMIND LIKES AND FOLLOWERS WHY THEYRE THERE The reasons fans like you and the reasons you like them may be two very different things. Always be transparent in your desire for them to take an action that moves them closer to a sale. At some point you have to be the guy at the magazine stand that says This isnt a library are you going to buy something or not? That doesnt mean you have to give them the stink eye or kick them out if they dont buy, but at least remind them now and then what this is all about. Its marketing, not a social club. You dont have to say that. Just know that. I know, youre thinking but we want lots and lots of fans to interact with our company! No, you dont. You want fans to buy from your company. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but eventually. Or, you at least want them to influence someone who will. No company ever moved forward by having millions of likes and followers unless a good percentage of those likes went out and bought something or influenced someone else to do it. Otherwise, why are we even doing this? 2. THE ONE CLICK RULE One way to turn fans into action is to make it easy for them! My agency has what we call the One Click Rule, which maintains that the execution of any important call to action should be no more than one click away from the marketing assets being displayed. For example, if a fan of your brand is watching a video that asks them to download something, the link to the download page should be right there in the video description or on the embed page. If youre asking someone to sign up for something or make a purchase, have the sign up info or purchase forms no more than one click away. People have ADD when theyre online, and the more opportunities you give them to get distracted, or worse yet, frustrated, the fewer conversions youll see. 3. PEOPLE BUY FROM PEOPLE THEY LIKE This is true in both sales and social media marketing, but other than fans that are already buying your brand, products and services, most people are liking and following you to FULL ARTICLE: