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February 26, 2015

WebinarMake Your Sales Motivation Work.com

PanelistsBendix Fasel, Marketing & Sales Director

Is in charge of our marketing programs, as well as Account Director to our customers and business partners throughout the English Caribbean and Central America. Prior to joining Doble Group, he worked in marketing, sales, finance and operations in a combination of executive business positions as well as an independent business consultant in a variety of international markets and industries.

Jordi Argomaniz, Marketing Coordinator

Is in charge of Marketing and Inside Sales with responsibilities for marketing programs, lead management and sales support to our Account Directors and business partners. Prior to joining Doble Group, Jordi worked in the areas of marketing, customer service and sales for several subcontractors handling accounts for companies like Dish Network and Sprint.

Make Your Sales Motivation Work.com

Ask yourself this QuestionsDoes your sales team know exactly what their goals are and how they are measured in reference to their sales objectives? Can you demand results if the sales objectives are not aligned with your sales team?

Are you motivating and recognizing your sales teams performance? Do you need to increase motivation within your sales teams?

Would you like to know your sales teams performance on real time?

Make Your Sales Motivation Work.com

Some Numbers to Think About!56% of senior management surveyed felt their company was above average at appreciation, only 23% of the staff shared that line of thought.49% said they would leave to a company that recognized their efforts.63% who dont feel motivated intend to leave whiting two years.69% would work harder if they were better recognized. Only 14% of organizations provide managers with the necessary tools for rewards and recognition.

Sources: McKinsey Motivating people: Getting beyond Money, Aberdeen Report November 2013Make Your Sales Motivation Work.com

Work.com is a social performance management platform that helps companies align, motivate, and drive performance.

Native to Salesforce.com, link and align all your sales data inside Salesforce within your Sales Department goals as well to each individual sales representative.

No paperwork, up to date metrics, real simple!

Introducing Work.com

Onboard: Onboard new reps quickly and consistently

Align: Set clear quantitative and qualitative goals and align with business objectives and other team members

Coach: Improve results and develop your team members through smart coaching

Motivate: Recognize and reward success

Measure: Analyze team performance and trends. Take action

Make Your Sales Motivation Work.com

Make Your Sales Motivation Work.com

Work.com Success StorySeamless integration means that employees can move easily between Work.com and Facebook as part of their daily workflow. If you are thinking about the workplace of the future, you are building one that is social from the ground up, says Campos. The people were hiring expect to work together in a flat, peer-based, social environment. At Facebook, employees are not just accountable to their managersbut theyre also accountable to each other.

Make Your Sales Motivation Work.com

Work.com Success StorySalesforce.com is providing us with tools to help evolve and enhance our performance-driven culture at 1-800 Flowers, said Maureen Paradine, SVP of HR, 1-800 Flowers. Being able to recognize and reward our people in the moment for doing great work keeps them motivated to achieve their goals and deliver great results.Make Your Sales Motivation Work.com

What is new on work.com?

Spring 15 enables you to use Thanks and Skills features for free, customize your coaching experience, and use more features in the Goals pilot.Use thanks and skills for FreeAccess all Work.com Features with the consolidated add-on Customize coaching to fit your organizationDo more with enhanced goals (Pilot)Other changes in Work.comMake Your Sales Motivation Work.com

Use Thanks and Skills for FreeRecognize your co-workers with custom badges and share your professional expertise for free!Work.comthanks badges and skills are now included for all Sales Cloud users.

Users now have access to all of the thanks functionality (excluding Rewards) for free. They can create, edit, share, and give thanks badges without aWork.comlicense.

Make Your Sales Motivation Work.com

Access All Work.com Features with the Consolidated Add-OnThe threeWork.comfeature add-ons (Motivate, Align, and Perform) are now being consolidated into a single add-on that includes Rewards, Feedback, Goals, Coaching, Calibration, and Performance Summaries.

With the Spring 15 release, users can access the Skills and Thanks features (excluding Rewards) for free, and the other Work.comfeatures are being combined into a single feature add-on.

New customers can only purchase the consolidatedWork.comadd-on with new pricing. Current customers can keep the add-on they already have, renew their current add-on at the same price, purchase additional add-ons of the same type, or upgrade to the new consolidated version.

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