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1000% ROI is possible and proven using Facebook.


  • 1. Drive Sales ThroughFacebook SpecialEventsGet In The Game Friends - Get SomeBring Them In With a Killer Offer

2. Get In the GameInvestment $300 20000% ROI - proven! Return$60,000November 16, 2009, 2:40 pmHave You Tried Marketing Your Business With Facebook? By THE NEW YORK TIMES 3. Get In the Game Facebook has over a billion members. Via ads or referrals Facebook opens many possibilites 4. Get In the Game Create a business page 5. Get In the Game Who says Facebook is just for playing around 6. Friends - Get Some People you know People you want to know 7. People You Know Real life friends and acquaintances. People youve met and would like to get to know. 8. People You Know Find people through your email. Best way for people that use email 9. People You Know Upload your contacts from virtually any email program. 10. People You Know Facebook will check to see if your friends are on Facebook Facebook will also base suggestions on your contact le Facebook doesnt keep your le* 11. People You Know One person to look up? Enter their email address 12. People You Know Or browse your old classmates. See why your prole is so important? 13. The Killer Offer Any offer can be better in Facebook Viral nature Create an event 14. The Killer Offer Photos Offer Details 15. The Killer Offer Step 1 is the main details 16. The Killer Offer Tag line, super important Use a keyword generator to maximize effect 17. The Killer Offer Photos are essential Dont post an event without it 18. The Killer Offer Your direct response ad copy goes here All other selections are cater to your preferences 19. The Killer Offer Invite people Invite your most connected friends 20. Facebook Is a Prot Open HouseCenter Client Appreciation Business Luncheon ConferencesInvestment $300 Webinars Grand OpeningsReturn$60,000 Academies Demonstrations Holiday Parties Exclusive sales events 21. Facebook Is a Prot Center Invesment Get In The Game$300 Friends - Get Some Return Use Killer Offers to $60,000 Drive Events 22. Music by General FuzzInvesment $300 $60,000