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Designing Effective PowerPoint PresentationsBy: Satyajeet Designing Effective PowerPoint PresentationSimpleConsistentClearBigProgressiveSummary Make It Big Make it Big (e!t"# $is is %rial &'# $is is %rial &(#$is is %rial ')#$is is %rial *'#$is is %rial *+#$is is %rial )) Make it Big (e!t"# $is is %rial &'# $is is %rial &(#$is is %rial ')#$is is %rial *'#$is is %rial *+#$is is %rial ))Too Small Make It Big (,ow to Estimate"#-ook at it from ' metres away2 m .eep It Simple .eep It Simple (e!t"#oo many colours#oooo Many Fonts an/ Styles#$e + ! 0 rule12o more t$an + lines per sli/e12o more t$an 0 wor/s per line .eep It Simple (e!t"Instructional ec$nology3% comple! integrate/ process involving people4 proce/ures4 i/eas4 /evices4 an/ organi5ation4 for analy5ing pro6lems an/ /evising4 implementing4 evaluating4 an/ managing solutions to t$ose pro6lems in situations in w$ic$ learning is purposive an/ controlle/(,M7S 8t$ e/9"Too detailed ! .eep It Simple (e!t"% processinvolving people4 proce/ures : toolsfor solutionsto pro6lems in learning(,M7S 8t$ e/9"Instructional ec$nology3Much Simpler ;alling -eaves