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<p>In the name of Allah who is the most benificiant and most merciful</p> <p>In The Name of Allah who is the most merciful &amp; beneficient.</p> <p>Presented to: Saba NasirPresented By: Seerat Saleem.Roll # 39Semester 1stBsc(hons) Agriculture Sciences.University of Agriculture Faisalabad Sub campus Burewala Vehari</p> <p>Presentation topic:How to make presentation effective?</p> <p>Presentation:</p> <p>A presentation is a mean of communication which can be adapted to various speaking situations, such as talking to a group, addressing a meeting or a brief team.</p> <p>Tips to be covered to make Presentation:OutlineSlide StructureFontsColourBackgroundGraphsSpelling and GrammarConclusionsQuestions</p> <p>Effective ppt presentation:Keep it simple.Make it clear.Spelling and grammar. Use of appropriate images.Use of simple language.Take care of your audience level.</p> <p>Presentation skills:Steps involved in presentation skills are:PreparationPracticeProduction.</p> <p>Decide A Topic:</p> <p>First of all you should decide a topic which you want to present by presentation slides. The topic you chose is easy and simple.</p> <p>Collection Of Data:You should have to collect the data related to your topic from different sources.Sources &amp; references be like:Books.Magazines.Newspaper. Internet(Google,Wikipedia etc).</p> <p>Manage Your Data:</p> <p>Manage your data in such a way that you can easily deliever to the audience.The data you collect is easy.Audience can easily understand.</p> <p>Analyze Data:Your data should be analyzed according to your audience level.You should have to prepare an outline of your topic.</p> <p>Use relevant Pictures &amp; Graphs:Add pictures &amp; graphs related to your topic which is useful for your topic and develop an interest in your audience.Do no use art work, it sometimes distract your audience. </p> <p>Audio and Visual aids are also used.It can increase the interest level of your audience.</p> <p>Practice:Practice involves many steps.In front of mirror.In front of friends.In front of family.Stimulate the presentation settings:Practice aloud.</p> <p>Practice in effective way:Speaker should practice to present the presentation in effective way, that way which is easily understand by the audience &amp; also understand the speakers point of view.Speaker should use easy words &amp; local language.</p> <p>NON-verbal behavior:Eye contact.Facial expressions.Gestures.Postures &amp; body orientation.</p> <p>Physical apperance:Dress formally.Smile on your face.</p> <p>Voice &amp; volume:Your voice &amp; volume should be very high and clear, so that audience can easily hear. Your pronunciation should be very effective &amp; soft. You can change your volume but according to the need.</p> <p>Audience level:Your audience should be captive. You should have to focus on what your audience wants to know, not what you know. If you are excited about what you say your audience too. </p> <p>Production:In this stage, the audience can questions about the topic to the speaker.</p> <p>Thank you for your attention.</p>