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<ul><li> 1. Few Points AboutPodcasting By www.Transcriptionsservice.comFor more visit Podcast Transcription</li></ul> <p> 2. PodcastNeed radio showSharing through out onlineNot live listen whenever you want 3. Download and play throughmobile devices such as mobile phones,iPods, MP3 players, and Computers 4. I Tunes Podcast BBC Radio 5. Main ways1.As a way to deliver content to yourstudents. Think of a podcast as a lesson to take away:2.As a means to showcase your studentswork. Students recording podcasts as assignmentsor class tasks 6. 1.Academic news2.Local, Domestic, andWorld news3.Discuss current topics4. Discuss How thetopics relates to them ortheir studies 7. Audio books record for themselves or for younger readers 8. Instructional guides1. Students can create guides foreach other.2. Teacher can produces to guidethem. 9. InterviewsInterview members of staff,students, members of thecommunity, and visitors toschool. 10. Youth VoicesStudent talking their interest and making them I to podcast 11. RevisionAudio versions of lesson notes important pointsand information. Student or teacher-created. learning benefits:teacher-createdpupils or staff can listen when and where they want, at theirown pace, in a relaxed environmentthe process of recording and editing can deepen pupilsunderstanding of key conceptspupils can develop their speaking, listening and writing skills 12. Tips To make a podcastMicrophoneAudio recorderAudio and video Editing Toolsuch as Camtasia, AudacityImagination / Inspiration 13. Podsafe music Copyright reasons. Music to be played in podcasts.Some Podcasting Siteshttp://www.podsafeaudio.comhttp://music.podshow.com/http://www.jamendo.com/http://www.freesound.org/ 14. TaskIn groups of 2 or 3 record a short podcast on atopic of your choice.Remember; Strong beginning Record in short bursts Short, sweet and interesting Keep it natural No personal info Know your audience 15. TranscribingOnce you finished your podcast. The final step is transcription. Order your transcript from good professional transcription company.For best transcription support visitwww.transcriptionsservice.com</p>