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Check here how SEO and PPC works and is differenciated. Get the full details about PPC and its components, how campaigns work, keyword research, writting ad, maintaining ads and much more. Find more information about PPC and SEO here at


  • 1. Improve your websites traffic Make Google AdWords More Effective

2. Why pay more? 3. Google SERPs for the query coffee makers" 4. Organic results 5. Paid search results 6. Criteria for evaluating the effectiveness of the campaign Costs Time factor Predictable results Handling campaign Technical aspects Amount of traffic Quality traffic Value for brand promotion 7. The benefits of search engine optimization The trust of users Economic feasibility Constant costs Brand development 8. Disadvantages of search engine optimization Unpredictable results Algorithm of SAR Long duration of process Technical complexity 9. Advantages of contextual advertising Predictable results The simplicity of the Speed of achievement Flexibility The ability to automate 10. Disadvantages of PPC advertising High competition The high cost of The favoritism of the big players The complexity of managing large campaigns Lost opportunities 11. Two Areas of a Web Business Traffic & Conversion 12. Tracking!!! The Number One Mistake That Beginners Make is that they do not Track / Measure / Record their progress! There is no guess work in a good Internet Business. 13. The Customers Conversation What are your customers fears, expectations, desires, requirements, experiences etc? You need to think about the consistency in the story you are telling, from your keywords to your ad to your landing pages to your product to your email series to other future products you market. 14. Why Google? Turned Marketing Around Biggest and Best PPC Network Only PPC where the results are instant Google Rewards Good Advertisers! Isnt it too Competitive? BEST WAY OF TESTING AND MEASURING Should I use Other PPC Services Such as Yahoo and MSN? Yes, only when you are profitable. 15. Where Can We Advertise with AdWords? Almost Anywhere on the Internet The Google Network Reaches 87% of Internet Users Divided into Two Areas: 1. Search Network = Search Engines and Partners Google, Ask, AOL, Netscape, Earthlink, Compuserve, AT&T and any website that puts a Google Search Tool! 1. Content Network = Other Peoples Websites Gmail, Lycos, About, New York Times,, Food Network, InfoSpace and ANY WEBSITE RUNNING ADSENSE ADS 16. AdWord Basics Write an Ad For Our Product or Service Tell Google Who to Show Our Ad To (Keywords) Tell Google Where to Show our Ad (Geographic Area, Time of Day, What Part of the Internet etc) Tell Google How Much We are Willing to Pay Each Time Someone Clicks on Our Ad Google Provides Us With Some Traffic 17. Fundamental AdWords Terms o Imp = Impressions = Number of times your ad is displayed o Clicks = Number of Times Your Ad is clicked on o CTR = Clicks/Imp = How efficient / appealing your Ad is o CPC = Cost Per Click = How much you pay for each click o Quality Score = Googles Measure Of The Quality of Your Whole Marketing System from a Customers perspective o Position = Position in which your Ad is Displayed o Keywords = The words/phrases that relate to what your customers are searching for o Conversion = The action or response that you want your visitors to your website to do (Your Choice) 18. What are the Goals? 1. As Much Quality Traffic 2. For The Lowest Price Possible 3. With The Least Amount of Work! 19. Why Structure Is Important? What do we mean by AdWords Structure? This is how you organize your Campaigns, Ad Groups In an ideal (timeless world) we would have each keyword managed separately This is not practical! 2 Principal Goals Make it easier to Manage Make it easier to Measure 20. What are Campaigns? Campaigns are the Largest Group within an AdWords account. For Each Campaign we can adjust: Daily Budget Geographic Targeting Which Networks we display our Ads on Times of the Day the Ads are displayed Our Suggestion - Use Different Campaigns for: Different Niches, Different Countries/Areas, Different Parts of Google Network 21. What Are Ad Groups? Ad Groups are sub groups of Campaigns For Each Ad Group you have: A group of Keywords A Specific Ad or Ads Destination URL = Landing Page Default Max CPC Use Ad Groups for like minded search terms 22. Selecting the Correct Keywords We need to tell Google what topics/search terms should Trigger Your Ads to Display Your Initial Link to Your Customer The Wrong Keywords = The Wrong Customers Use the Keyword Planner 23. Keyword Matching You cannot put every single different keyword into Adwords. Google helps us by matching our keywords to customers search terms, but we need to tell them how we want it done [tennis shoes] = Exact Match (An exact term) tennis shoes is the only search term possible tennis shoes = Phrase Match (A Phrase) Example: red tennis shoes or Nike tennis shoes or tennis shoes for women tennis shoes = Broad Match (Any Related Search) Example: shoes for tennis or tennis trainers or tennis shoe -Children = negative match (Campaign or AdGroup Level) 24. How to Implement? Use negative keywords to get rid of irrelevant or undesirable customers Use all three match types on all your keywords Each will produce a different quality of traffic, then adjust your bid price for each keyword so that they are all independently economical. Some will not be economical Delete them 25. Why is CTR so Important? Your CTR is one of the most important factors in determining the success of your AdWords campaign! Why? - It determines how much money Google gets paid! Google Likes getting paid so they reward you with a higher ad position and/or lower CPC 26. Why CTR is Important CTR = Clicks/Imp therefore Clicks = CTR x Imp and GI (Googles Income) = CPC x Clicks therefore GI = CPC x CTR x Imp Imp = Approx 12 per search (Fixed) CPC = Limited By What is Economic for each Business 27. Why CTR is Important A Higher CTR means: A better Ad Position Lower CPC A Better Quality Score (Next Part) You can pay half as much per click for the same ad position as your competitors if you have twice the click though rate! 28. Writing Great Ads We Increase our CTR by: Having a Good Structure Targeting the Correct Customers WRITING BETTER ADS Ads are the First Chance To Tell Your Customers About You and Start Influencing their story. Customer Will Not Read Your Ad They Will Glance at it! Needs to be consistent with The Story but the Number one Goal: GET THE CUSTOMER TO CLICK 29. Ad Writing Tips Headline (25 Characters) Attention Grabbing Must Contain Main Keywords Main Selling Point Body (2 Lines of 35 Characters) Main Issues, Selling Points, Catch Phrases Benefits Sell not Features Should Contain Keywords Display URL (35 Characters) Must Relate to Destination URL Use it, it is Valuable Space 30. Ad Writing Applied At all times you should be running 2 Ads You run the Ads until they have had enough clicks and/or impressions that one is statistically better that the other. You delete the Ad with the lowest CTR You write an Ad the same as the best Ad with one small change either to the Headline, The Body or the Display URL. Make sure you keep the story consistent You will know when you are going wrong as the conversion rate will drop. 31. What is a Quality Score? The reason Google is so successful is that they are the best at providing relevant search results. This is fundamental to everything they do. Quality Score is a Great Development as it makes you a better marketer! Google Look at your Story Do your keywords relate to your Ads? Do they relate to Landing Page? And does your website provide the Visitor with a Quality Experience? 32. What is a Quality Score? What Effect Does Quality Score Have? 1. Your Ad Position 2. Your Minimum Bid In practice it determines whether your Ad runs or not! 33. How to Improve Your Quality Score The Main Factors of A Keywords QS Your CTR Relevance of Ads in the Keywords Ad Group The Relevance of the Landing Page Other Relevancy Factors 34. How to Improve Your Quality Score 1. Increase your CTR (Part 4) Write Better Ads 1. Relevance of your Ads to Keywords (Part 3 and 4) Good Structure Ads Containing Keywords 1. Relevance of Landing Page Contain Keywords In Title and Throughout the Text You May Want More than 1 Squeeze Page 35. How to Improve Your Quality Score 4. Other Relevancy Factors Is your website a Good Quality Website Updated Often = Blog Contact Me Page Privacy Policy Multipage with heaps of Content! Links to Authority Sites Meta Tags 36. Types of Content Ads? 5 Types of Ads Text Ad Image Ad Local Business Ad Mobile Ad Click To Play Video Ad 37. PromoMasters Search Engine Optimization Phone: +43 6246 76286-0 Email: Austria / Germany / Switzerland / / Coaching & Consulting PromoMasters Search Engine Optimization Phone: +43 6246 76286-0 Email: Austria / Germany / Switzerland / / Coaching & Consulting For More Information Please Visit