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How To Build Your Blog Readership. Learn how to build your blog readership.


1. How To Build Your Blog Readership Blog Indiana Conference August 17, 2008 2. Whats the Game Plan? Whats the Game Plan? A quick case study Who is your audience? Constructing great content Search engine optimization Reader interaction Blogger community Dont be shy 3. PPC Hero is a blog focused on pay-per-click advertising We knew there werent many blogs solely dedicated to this niche topic PPC Hero was launched in March, 2007 with 0 RSS subscribers (obviously) With 3 dedicated authors, our goal has been to create the authority in PPC strategy & industry news 4. PPC Hero Readership Stats 5. How to Build Your Blog Readership 6. Who are they? Why should they read your blog? What do they want to learn? How do they want to be spoken to? How often do they expect you to post? Where else can they get this information? 7. Constructing Great Content Position yourself as an expert on your topic Write authoritative articles Post articles frequently. Create a posting schedule. Dont rehash information. Post information that readers cant get anywhere else. Have a distinct voice & opinion One topic per post Edit your articles 8. Content Is King Use numbered lists Write numerous How To Articles Write articles that make people take sides Create a series of articles on one topic Use humor Be first at everything Use video & podcasts 9. Search Engine Optimization Page Title Tip! Make your blog more search engine friendly by formatting your page titles this way: Blog Post Title Name of Blog 10. Reader Interaction Encourage reader comments Respond to reader comments Email 1 st time commentators Take polls & surveys Hold contests Ask questions in your articles Listen to your readers 11. Blogger Community Link to other blogs within your articles Comment on other bloggers articles Participate in online forums Interview other bloggers who are of interest to your readers Exchange articles with other bloggers Digg/StumbleUpon 12. Dont Be Shy 13. Summarize Clearly define your audience Create great content geared toward your audience Create viral content & get people talking Optimize your site for search engines Interact with your readers Interact with the blogging community Dont be shy! 14. Helpful Resources CopyBlogger ProBlogger Daily Blog Tips 15. Thank you! Joseph Kerschbaum [email_address] 812.330.3134