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This presentation is from Affiliate Summit East 2014 (August 10-12, 2014 New York City). Session Description: I will take you by the hand & show you how to build a successful blog step by step. The lively no holds barred presentation will reveal all of my personal secrets, tricks and tips over my shoulder.


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2. Who Is Matthew Woodward? Started creating content at 13 years old No idea you could make money online Successful corporate online marketer Took the leap in 2010 Built a 6 figure blog in 14 months 3. The Blogs 2 Year Success. Year 1 632,452 page views 572,763 YouTube minutes $73,334.09 profit Year 2 4,074,648 page views 2,220,877 YouTube minutes $147,946.14 profit 4. Traffic Growth. 5. With your help I have doubled turnover month on month every month for 5 months Your website gave me the opportunity to work for myself I took my conversion rate from 1% to 5% with your tutorials 6. Why Start The Blog? Followed my passion Wealth of knowledge to share Only a few blogs published high quality posts A lot of misinformation Opportunity 7. Defining Your Blog/Sites Purpose. What is the point of your site? What do you want other people to say about it? I defined my blogs purpose as- When people ask for help on a forum, my tutorials will be shared to help 8. Preparation Is Victory! Good logo & branding Content strategy Promotion strategy Setup to extract value 9. Logo & Branding. Helps people to remember you Sets you apart from the competition Strong brand colours Personal logo 10. Content Strategy. Find out what people want & give it to them Create content that solves problems Make it the very best content on the web Find 5 common problems on forums in your niche Solve those problems! 11. Promotion Strategy. Keep It Simple Stupid Live where your audience lives Engage people by solving their problems Become part of the community! 12. Tone Of Voice. Tell it like it is Get straight to the point Dont hide behind business talk Show your personality Short & punchy 13. What Is Value? Affiliate clicks & sales New traffic from content sharing User generated content Social shares Subscription 14. Prioritising Value. 1. A full time subscription 2. Social shares (Google+ / Twitter etc) 3. User generated content (comment, forum post, post idea) 4. New traffic by sharing content with others 5. Affiliate clicks & sales 15. Subscribers Are King! Builds relationships Drives constant traffic User generated content New social shares Steady flow of profit 16. Getting Subscribers. 17. Subscriber Value. 18. Email Engagement Sequence. Welcome message Relationship builders Content ideas Testimonials Breathes life into old content 19. Social Shares. Make sharing visible Social lockers exclusive resources, videos, PDFs 20. Create A Forum. User generated content Creates community Long tail search traffic 15,125 users / 4,892 posts 424,571 page views 21. Launch With A Bang. 6 parts series took 100-120 hours to create Tiered link building was a hot topic Published free of charge 170,513 visitors - 704,109 minutes watched = 1 year 4 months $63,064.05 commission Engaged audience directly 22. Types Of Content. Tutorials / Case studies Solve peoples problems Teacher / student relationships Shareable Product Reviews Step by step usage Profitable Competitions Brings new visitors Builds email list 23. Types Of Content. Controversial Majestic SEO WP-Engine Go viral Regular Features Income reports Income report roundup What I have read 24. Rinse & Repeat. Keep it simple Publish regularly Stick to your content strategy Stick to your promotion strategy Listen to your readers 25. Wrapping It Up. Spend time planning & preparing Setup your blog to extract value Create the very best content on the web Find out what people want give it to them Keep it simple! 26. Affiliate Summit Resources.