How to Build a Quality Blog ?

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Post on 17-Aug-2015




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  1. 1. How to Build a Quality Blog?
  2. 2. There are numerous factors involved in improving the quality of your blog. First of all, the visitors to your site should find useful content what they need and they should feel comfortable, to take the services offered from your blog. Apart from the quality of content, it also matters how the information is conveyed and presented to the visitors. Lets quickly see, few of the simple-to-implement steps that quickly improves the quality of your blog to great extent. How to Build a Quality Blog?
  3. 3. Keep it simple. Thats it. Make sure, the important pages of your blog are easily reachable this helps to achieve the goal of your blog and also, helps the visitors. Comfortable link navigation.
  4. 4. Dead links, are links to pages that are no longer exists (returns HTTP 404 error). When the user encounters to click the dead link, they may become annoyed and thinks something goes wrong. Chances are high that he may avoid further navigation on your blog. Keep in mind, not all visitors are technically aware. Keep the broken link checker plugin installed and periodically, clean your blog in order to save lot of your valuable time. Avoid dead links.
  5. 5. Make sure the text is readable and not too tiny. Use an easy-to-read font with little bigger font size (at-least +16px). Avoid using lengthy sentences. Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. (I am always trying to improve it.) Keep your word count to comfortable count per page until you convey the right message. I dont keep any word count goals. Make a readable page.
  6. 6. Blog loading time is one of the important factor in improving user experience. When the page loads faster, your visitor will be happy because they can quickly find all the requirement information from your blog. It is good to use a light weight theme with reduced number of images. Google also favors fast loading pages, by placing them on top of the SERP. Improve loading time.
  7. 7. It is good to run a quick test at-least once in some of the famous browsers like Chrome, IE, firefox, opera etc. You can use a tool like browsershots for browser compatibility check and use Googles mobile friendly tool for mobile screen compatibility tests. Test with various browsers and mobile screens.
  8. 8. Make everything only for your User. Secret Recipe of a Quality Blog
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