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  • 1. Build-A-Blog
    ACDA Northwest Conference
    March 2010

2. blog
Self-publishing to the internet
Allows for author content
and reader comment
4. Why blog?
Websites are static
5. Blogs are active
6. Get notified when the site changes
7. Get notified when the site changes
8. Get notified when the site changes
9. RSS
Gathers all the new posts into one list
you can easily find out whats new!
10. Google Reader
11. Blogs are a
place to put things
12. A Clearinghouse for Information
Available to anyone anywhere
(no more I lost my syllabus)
Once its done,
its always done
13. Rehearsal notes
14. Rehearsal notes
15. texts/translations/pronunciations
16. texts/translations/pronunciations
17. Venue information
18. Venue information
19. Create a culture ofGo to the Blog
20. Blogs can provide a forum for
21. How University SingersBlog
22. University Singers
150+ singers
100-level class
50% do not read music
~25 students first choir experience
75% turnover each quarter
23. Wider Goals
Basics of healthy singing
Learning to sing together
Application to real life
24. Blogs can provide a forum for
25. Conversation
26. Conversation
Daniel Miller said...
A rhythm game helps us to physically internalize the concept of notes happening on very defined beats. It is fun, so we will keep doing it for a while, trying very hard to make sure all our "notes" are in time. This is important in choir, especially with >200 of us, because we need to change notes at exactly the same time to get a crisp, not mushy, sound.
27. Conversation
David LorenceSchleiffers said...
omg.... that game is so addicting. I got a 4860 and didn't die. I think rhythm is important for so many reasons. When you are working as an ensemble, if you are not singing at the right time, it makes the whole choir sound muddy. Not good...
28. Conversation
29. Conversation
Teddy N. said...
With this post (and as more people comment), it's quite obvious that being wrong doesn't matter in choir rehearsal. Not only do we have plenty of time to fix anything, we have time to go beyond technically correct, to transfigure our music into an artistic expression.
30. Collaboration
31. Collaboration
32. Collaboration
33. Collaboration
34. Community
35. Community
36. Using the blog to enhance the wider goals of the group has broadened the choral experience.
37. Cherry Aasen
Rita Marable
Grace Rosenstiel
Nathan Silpakit