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  • 2019

    Abel Andre

    EYA Trading




    www.eyatrading.co.za Copyright @ Abel Andre / EYA Trading July 2019


    EYA Introduction 2

    1. WHAT WE DO 5

    Commodity Trading 5

    Coal 5

    Chrome 5

    Manganese 5

    Beneficiation 5

    Coal Client 7

    Capacity 7




    Claiming back our continents resources, through one community at a time. 8


    Future Intent 9

    EYA Introduction

    Reference: https://eyatrading.co.za EYA & Investments Pty (Ltd) herein after referred to as EYA is focused to see the mining industry transformed into equality and opportunity for all by actively participating as a dynamic force. EYA is a commodity trading company that specializes in the sourcing and marketing of various raw materials. The company operates primarily in the mining industry as a supplier of coal, chrome, manganese and petroleum products. We are an established firm structured to cater to the needs of the public and private sector clients by delivering professional services, with a focus on the requirements of institutional, private and public sector clients. Our services are tailored to be functional and scalable in line with the usage of our products and demands of our clients. The company has a diverse product portfolio of which is sourced from small

    http://www.eyatrading.co.za/ https://eyatrading.co.za/


    www.eyatrading.co.za Copyright @ Abel Andre / EYA Trading July 2019

    community mines in its raw form, which then goes through to process of crushing, washing and blending to meet the client’s specification. The company is well located, with the head office in Gauteng and several sites in provinces where we have operational footprint. EYA has operational presence in Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West and Northern Cape. EYA strategically targets small mining towns that have the capacity to produce a range of commodities but lack knowledge and access to the markets. EYA affords client organisations the flexibility of focusing on core service delivery functions while we focus on delivering result-orientated services that ensure compliance and efficiency. We provide products and services to various customers all over South Africa, delivering to various depo’s and railway sidings. EAY is 100% black owned, therefore a Level 1 B-BBEE industry business entity. The leadership of the business is deployed through highly skilled individuals in their respective functions, who have taken an interest in the mining industry and are determined to build a sustainable business venture that not only is a successful but a legacy for generational contingency. The management team is involved in the day-to-day running of business within the company’s portfolio. The Founder of EYA is driven by a commitment to live change. Unlocking change takes personal commitment and the leadership of a dedicated driven person with special skills and passion. Such a person is Abel Andre, Founder and leader of the EYA team. Abel was born in Postmasburg, South Africa with parents originating from Angola. For Abel as South African, this uniqueness sets him apart and extended into his mining business career to an extent, that he view himself as a SADC citizen. He has extensive international experience in the mining industry and for the past 12 years functioned within the mining industry of countries such as, Central Republic of Africa (CAR), Tanzania, Mozambique, Namibia and Angola. Apart for his passion for the mining industry, he was a dynamic force on the rugby field, playing for Griquas Club. He is fearless, adventuress and loves travelling. All these qualities and experience positioned Abel to take the lead as Managing Director of EYA. He is excited for the current success and future scope EYA has and has led the company through strategic market positioning, the operational implementation of resource beneficiation in South Africa and see great potential in his goal to become actively involved in the actual mining of available resources in SADC. His drive for involvement in mining is to assist historically disadvantaged communities to responsibly claim back the resources of their continent, one community at a time. Vision To be Africa’s leading mining company at the forefront of professionalism, a key industry player and inculcating a viable footprint within the global market. EYA strives to consistently be recognized as the preferred service provider founded on principles of reliable service delivery, exceptional business ethics and clear demonstrable value for money. Mission Our mission is to establish a strong presence in the mining industry by providing tailored products and services to the private and public sector in a manner that delivers quality, value and service excellence beyond expectations. To be a driver of high impact developmental growth and transformation that empowers rural & mining communities. Core Values Quality is never negotiable as we take pride in providing high value products and services that we can stand behind. We are committed to improving our work processes by encouraging innovative solutions that result in enriched value to the customer and company, and inciting results-oriented perspectives that equate every desired output to a certain level of input and optimized process. There are no limits to improving the quality of our products.



    www.eyatrading.co.za Copyright @ Abel Andre / EYA Trading July 2019

    Growth in all arears of our business that allows constant reinvestment in our vision and people. Ensure long term and catalytic growth by pursuing aggressive asset growth and expansion of operations. Increase the growth of the mining sector in order to contribute to the overall growth of the economy. Have foresight of anticipating change and be well poised to take advantage of the new opportunities presented through never ending change. Service excellence for us means achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction and customer retention by going above and beyond the activities of supplying, delivering and maintaining our customers. We are dedicated to honouring our commitments and we strive in doing things right the first time. Our aim is to manage and exceed customer expectations by being proactive and instilling a culture of professionalism in our organisation. Good governance serves not only as our compass to moral principles, but also represents an attitude and a well-defined way of conducting successful operations. It is through integrity and ethical behaviour that we are able to deliver value- adding solutions to clients. This encompasses virtues of right-mindedness, honesty and sincerity. Furthermore, we align governing regulations to facilitate good governance and foster rewarding working environments. Empower the communities where we operate and leverage diversity through inclusion of employees and empowering them to shape the future of the business. We strive to create economic opportunities and to advance new models of economic justice that are sustainable and better the livelihood of those around us including other emerging businesses.

    Collaboration Values EYA associate, partner and unite with industry and financing leaders who demonstrates character, integrity and honesty. These three core values brings forth in a collective action more flexibility, less hierarchical bondage, and less bureaucratic blockage. These shared values creates a bonding agent called trust, which becomes the glue that enhance performance and creates capacity.



    www.eyatrading.co.za Copyright @ Abel Andre / EYA Trading July 2019

    1. WHAT WE DO

    Commodity Trading

    EYA specializes currently in three commodities:


    EYA developed since 2016 the capacity to move an average and more than 50 000 tons of coal per month. They’ve specialised because of the market demand in both local and international coal markets. The EYA team achieved skills of excellence in turn-key coal logistics, which includes quality control at source to slots in port as well as quality management processes throughout the coal value chain.


    The EYA team specializes in the regeneration of value, from chrome deposit dumps. They’ve achieved skills of excellence in the processing and beneficiation of chrome to market spec. EYA source, buy and sell chrome as well as coordinate turn-key logistics in order to have seamless quality management processes in the export of chrome.


    The EYA team has a dedicated source of manganese feed which they beneficiate and forward sell to the market. Within EYA’s manganese source network, they are hands-on with turn-key logistics and seamless quality management processes in order to serve their export capacity and ability.


    EYA has a crushing, screening and sizing plant at Evraz Highveld Steel and Vanadium, eMalahleni (Witbank). Site Co-ordinates: 25º53’08.7’S & 29º05’51’E



    www.eyatrading.co.za Copyright @ Abel Andre / EYA Trading July 2019