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Welcome booklet for the 2nd session of the European Youth Assembly.






    19, 20 AND 21 FEBRUARY 2016



    Dear participants,

    It is with great joy that I welcome you to the 2nd session of the European Youth Assembly. We are beyond thrilled to have you on board!

    Last year we took on the challenge to develop the EYA, a project we truly believe in and hold very near and dear to our hearts. This is, above all, a platform for you, the youth of today, to engage in thrilling debates over societys most pressing matters, all while coming up with innovative and intelligent solutions to help tackle those issues. Its, above all, a place where we all come together to create a once in a lifetime experience in one unique environment, building bridges that connect us all: different people with different opinions but the same desire to play a key role in so-ciety, to show people that the youth has a voice that deserves to be heard.

    Oh, and speaking of building bridges... Thats actually our theme this year, you know. Building bridges and broadening horizons. Why? Because one of the cornerstones of this project is to awaken the proactive spirit that lies within you, to incite you to look beyond your classroom walls and em-brace new experiences, however scary they may seem at first.

    Now, my dearest delegates, I can only assure you that I cannot wait to hear what you all have to say. I urge you to seize this opportunity and make the most out of this experience, as I know it is one youll never forget.

    Francisca CarvalhoPresident of the 2nd Session of the European Youth Assembly




















    Dear participants, First and foremost, we would like to welcome you to the 2nd European Youth Assembly!

    We are looking forward to meeting you next February, convinced of your full commitment and excitement to debate the main issues concerning our society. Nevertheless, our session entails much more than this. Be-sides becoming a conscious citizen, aware of nowadays controversies, this opportunity will hand you the tools to engage as an active part of its reso-lution. In fact, embracing this project will allow you to share unique expe-riences with your peers and learn from one another.

    We believe it is of the highest instance to approach the diverse topics that concern our society and to build an opinion of your own, as an European citizen. Once youve achieved this, your perception of life will transform completely, mainly in behalf of confronting things in a much more mean-ingful way, broadening your horizons, enabling you to realise what is hap-pening around you. So, seize this opportunity to express yourself, to share your point of view and to make yourselves be heard!

    We hope youll enjoy the event we are preparing for you. Remember, not everything is black and white, it is the colour you paint it. Its up to you, make the best out of it!

    Diana Azevedo and Maria Clara CorreiaHead and Co-Head Organisers of the 2nd Session of the European YouthAssembly


    Horizon: 1. The line at which the earths surface and the sky appear to meet.2. The limit of a persons knowledge, experience, or interest.

    But... Is there a limit to ones knowledge? Is there such thing as an horizon? Well, if you look at the sky, it appears that theres a boundary. Thats the horizon, the apparent end of all things. Yet, if you try to reach it, you sim-ply cant. Its infinite. Why not try and make our knowledge horizon the same? That is achievable, as long as we cooperate, building bridges and extending our knowledge to the rest of the world. Thats precisely what this years theme is about: Building Bridges and Broadening Horizons.

    As we live today in what we call a globalised planet, this cant only be due to technological progress and communication, but it must also be about support, cooperation and knowing how to live in a globalised world where all differences have to be respected and protected. Therefore, there is the urge and need to build bridges among this global community and to broaden the horizons of those who cant look past their own beliefs and help them learn to embrace this new world that has arisen.

    This new world calls upon a fairer and more inclusive society, where en-gaged global citizens are fueled by the desire of deeply understanding different perspectives, rather than to simply perpetuate their own. It en-courages us to learn how to recognize the humanity of others, including those who may have been taught to fear, distrust or hate. That recognition ultimately leads to positive social change towards a more united and un-derstanding society.

    We invite you to join forces with us in order to build bridges between us all, working together to reach new places and broadening horizons to achieve a brighter future.

    The Chairs Team


    FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 19, 2016

    14:00 - Team Building 16:00 - Committee Work17:30 - Coffee Break18:00 - Committee Work20:00 - End of Activities


    9:00 - Committee Work11:00 - Coffee Break / Resolutions

    Deadline11:30 - Committee Work

    13:00 - Lunch15:00 - Committee Work

    17:00 - Coffee Break20:30 - Cultural Village Preparation

    21:00 - Cultural Village

    SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 21, 2016

    9:30 - Opening Ceremony10:00 - Coffee Break10:30 - General Assembly13:00 - Lunch14:30 - General Assembly16:00 - Coffee Break17:30 - Closing Ceremony


    Bernardo Cunha (Chair EMPL)

    My name is Bernardo and I'm honoured to be a chair in this session! I'm 18 years old and studying physics at Faculdade de Cincias da Universidade do Porto.I have quite a few hobbies, some of them being coin collecting, playing the guitar and the piano, and my favourite of them all, solving rubiks cubes and puzzles of that sort. I love music in all kinds of ways. Listening to it, playing it and even creating it!

    Mariana Ferreira (Chair FEMM)

    My name is Mariana Ferreira, Im 17 years old and Im in grade 11 in the Languag-es and Humanities course. In the future, I hope to pursue either Law or International Affairs. I would describe myself as very girly, since I like everything cute, pink and fluffy! I love rainy days, green tea, sushi, pandas and... Kpop! I really dislike loud environments, mice, rats, bees...and dont get me started on spiders. As Im very sensitive to smells, I cant stand the smell of grass, cucumbers or tuna.


    Lus Rocha (Chair JURI II)

    Im Lus Rocha, Im 21 years old and Im studying Medicine in Faculdade de Me-dicina da Universidade de Coimbra.I like listening to music, traveling and dis-covering new places! I really enjoy eating francesinhas. I play badminton for my university team and I also love surfing the Internet for interesting stuff. Plus... I love playing a city building game called Cities: Skylines (dont judge me!).I dont like being alone and being in the same place for too long.

    Cludia Silva (Chair LIBE)

    Im Cludia Silva and I turn 18 years old in October! Im studying Law, in Faculdade de Direito da Universidade do Porto.My favourite season is winter and I love Costa Coffees cappuccinos and muffins, Christmas decorations and going to the cinema. I really dislike McDonalds hamburgers, traffic and noise.


    Pedro Matos (Chair AFCO)

    My name is Pedro Matos and Im 16 (once the youngest delegate, now the youngest chair...). I live in the lovely city of Santo Tir-so with my parents and my three young-er brothers (aged 14, 13 and 10). Im in 11th grade in the scientific course.I love listening to music (especially classi-cal and rock) and I play the piano and the bass. I also love eating (everything but to-matoes). Im a Star Wars addict and, yes, Ive been to the premiere of Episode VII!I also love to play volleyball and football.

    Afonso Ferreira (Chair JURI I)

    My names is Afonso, and Ill be participat-ing in this years school session as a chair! As for tastes and hobbies, I am quite a lazy person. I like to watch movies on Friday nights, cant live without the internet, and love playing games with my sister (quite sad I know). However, sometimes I like to explore the so called outside world that I keep hearing about... I have to say its kinda overrated.


    Carina Vieira (Chair CULT)

    Hi everyone! Im Carina Vieira, Im 19 years old and Im studying Pharmaceutical Sciences in Faculdade de Farmcia da Uni-versidade do Porto. I like both playing and listening to music and spending time with the people I love!


    Committee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL)Navigating the maelstroms of the economic crisis: Which short-term actions and structural labour market reforms should the European Union pursue, whilst balancing competitiveness and social justice?

    Chair: Bernardo Cunha

    Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI I)The future of embryonic stem cell research in a heterogeneous legal landscape: how can the EU and its Member States strike a balance between protecting embryos for moral reasons, enhancing therapeutic prospects for patients suf-fering from incurable illnesses, and protecting freedom of research?

    Chair: Afonso Ferreira

    Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI II)Prostitution: legalisation, decriminalisation, prohibition. Control measures among EU Member States vary greatly, with the potential dangers of prosti-tution and the varying attitudes to the sex industry, should the EU create a pan-European policy towards Prostitution?