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    Saturday, March 22, 2014

    Time Fruit Packing Shed Foreman's Porch Maintenance

    Shed Guest House

    Porch Adobe House Food Court

    10:00 Patrick Martin Originals Marshall Trimball

    Official State of Arizona Historian

    Cisco & The Racecars

    Bluegrass/Old Time

    Half Way Home Modern Folk

    TRAXX Variety

    10:30 Ricky Fitch Folk Dean Cook

    Originals/AZ Culture Keeper

    Chava Cannon Originals

    Gisele Tambe-Ebot Harp

    Ironwood Bluegrass

    11:00 The Honey Dews Variety Cabin John Bluegrass Bluegrass

    Arizona Autoharp Club


    Scotty B. Country/Originals

    Speisman Family Singers


    Mary Godfrey Originals

    11:30 Hal & The Gang

    Folk Oregon

    Bob Villa Country/Americana

    TNT Folk/Originals

    Jerry Friedman Folk/Light Country

    Desert Strings Gospel/Folk/Bluegrass

    Olyn Wayne Originals

    12:00 Connie Danks Folk

    Fred Coon & Bill Burke Old Time


    Jam Pak Blues 'N' Grass


    Jo Berger Folk/Old Time/Jazz


    Suzanne & JimAmerican Roots

    California William "Carl" EastContemporary Folk

    12:30 I Hear Voices! Vocal Quartet


    Improbable QuartetSouthwest/Originals

    Carl Allen Folk/Woody GuthrieWashington State

    Copeland, Dunaway & Rhodes

    Country/Blues/Folk Cinder Mountain

    Bluegrass Yourchestra

    Folk/Old Time/Americana

    1:00 Ryan Johnson

    Singer/Songwriter California

    Rick Nestler Folk/Americana/Country

    New York Grits n Roses


    Ron Schaffer Americana


    Connor Danks Folk/Country Wickenburg

    Loubert Family Reunion Variety

    .1:30 Mike Krzyston Fingerstyle Guitar Ted Ramirez

    Southwest Folk Tucson

    JC & Laney Folk/Americana

    Bennie Torrez Country/Flamenco

    Sol Rudnick Heritage Fiddling


    Red Rock CrossingFolk/Bluegrass

    2:00 Steve Bodinet &

    Ed Sloat Folk Rock

    Bill StainesFolk/Singer-Songwriter

    New Hampshire

    C*Steve Johnny Cash

    Tribute Rhapsodie

    Folk/Traditional/Spiritual Chris & Dave Trio

    Bluegrass Marc Danks Folk/Country


  • 2:30 Buckshot Dot

    Western/AZ Culture Keeper

    Don & Victoria Armstrong

    Southwest Folk/Tucson

    Hurricajuns Zydeco/Cajun

    Dj vu Folk

    Tish Divorkin aka Loca Rosa

    Traditional Old World Folk

    Larry Jolly Southwest/Originals

    3:00 Joyce Story Tales of the

    Sonoran Desert

    Grasswhackers Bluegrass

    Europa Ethnic East European

    Greenwood Sidee Old Time Country

    Robby Roberson Folk/Americana

    Jenny & Dave Folk

    3:30 Arizona Culture

    Keepers Marshall Trimball

    Dom Flemons American Songster

    New York Soul Country Folk/Country

    Stone Haven Folk

    The Heretics Folk/Bluegrass

    Jim Petty Originals

    4:00 Ted Newman Buckshot Dot

    Sue Harris

    Joe Bethancourt Variety/Multi-intrumentalist

    Superstition Ridge


    Vick & Virginia Folk/Country/Originals

    Scottsdale Strummers

    Variety - Ukulele

    Darrell Elmer Rodgers Originals

    4:30 Dean Cook

    Ted Ramirez Dolan Ellis

    Folka Polka Polka Rock

    Forrest Smith Blues

    Little Miracles of Misanthropy


    Cameroonian Singers

    African Singing


  • Saturday Workshops

    Time Pumphouse Lawn Olive Grove East Gilligan's Island Ballad Tree (song-sharing circle)


    You Have a Ukulele, Now What?

    Beginning Ukulele with Pat McInnes

    Cowboy Songs with Rick Nestler,

    Greg LaCosse, Lyle Suttil

    History of Flamenco

    with Bennie Torrez


    Musical Kinships From Old World To

    New World with Tish Divorkin

    aka Loca Rosa

    Songwriting with JC & Laney

    Utah Phillips Songswith Half Way Home,

    Rik Palieri, Jackie Allen

    12:00 Folk Dance Workshop

    With Europa Yodeling

    with Kim Goodhue

    Riding The Rails - Hobo & Train

    Songs with Rik Palieri, Greg

    LaCosse, Rick Nestler, Pat McInnes

    Songwriters Circle

    Patrick Martin Chava Cannon

    Scotty B Jenny & Dave


    Arizona Songs Marshall Trimble,

    Official State Historian, with Bob

    Gibney, Dean Cook

    How To Play The Bones

    with Dom Flemons, American Songster

    Intermediate Uke with Anne James,

    Pat McInnes, John Larimore

    Songwriters Circle

    Bob Villa Fred Pinch

    Dale Gibson Tish Divorkin

  • .2:00

    Music Of Our Ancestors

    with Sawdust & Strings (Jean &

    Uncle Butch Hibben)

    Using Family Stories to Keep

    Generations Connected

    with Jean & Uncle Butch Hibben

    Clawhammer Banjo Styles

    with Fred Coon, Bill Burke, Jim Hale, Hal

    Weiner, Rick Sonder, Joe Bethancourt

    Songwriters Circle

    Vick & Virginia TNT

    Chuck GiamalvoBen Jacobs


    Harmony Singing Folk & Bluegrass

    harmonies, participation and group singing -

    with I Hear Voices!

    Autoharp Workshop

    with Barbara Giamalvo

    and the Arizona Autoharp Club

    Free Reeds - Concertina,

    Accordion & other free reeds

    with Madden, Sonder & Sandstedt

    Songwriters Circle

    JC & Laney Don & Mim Carlson

    Olyn Wayne Connie, Connor, and Marc Danks


    Back Door Coffee House Retrospective

    Performers from the Back Door

    Hosted by Wally Bornmann

    Fair Winds & Following Seas -

    Traditional & Contemporary Maritime

    Music with Rick Nestler

    How To Play Zydeco

    with the Hurricajuns

  • Sunday, March 23, 2014

    Time Fruit Packing Shed Foreman's Porch Maintenance Shed Guest House Porch Adobe House Food Court

    10:00 Trail Mix Folk Dolan Ellis

    Official Arizona State Balladeer

    Bill Reed Country/Swing

    Tom Volhein Folk

    Cinnamon Twist Folk/Celtic/Country

    The Strand Irish/Irish American

    10:30 Kenn Harris Singer/Songwriter Sue Harris

    Cowboy Folk Muhlenberg County

    Country/Folk Caught In The Act

    Continues Country/Rock

    Johnson Road Back porch Blues

    Randy Brown Originals

    11:00 Joe Bethancourt Don & Mim Carlson Folk/Orginals Mark Fogelson

    Originals Mark Christian Lee

    Folk Wind Strings

    Variety Steve Decker


    11:30 History Of The Banjo Craig Griffin, Randy

    Brown, Jon Iger Originals

    Lu Anne Camp Country

    Lou LoBiondo Country/Folk

    Close Enough String Band

    Old Time

    Marilyn & The Muffmen


    12:00 The Goodhues Band Country/Folk/Bluegrass


    Rik Palieri Folk/Americana


    Sawdust & StringsTrad & Contemporary

    Folk California

    The Tourists Folk/Light Jazz

    High StrungOld

    Time/Folk/Traditional Dulcimers

    Eleanore Hartz-CookVariety


    12:30 Jay Taylor Blues/Folk Jeff & Patricia

    Folk & Country Covers Ain't Got No Sense

    Country/Originals Bob Gibney


    Jason Donne & The Open Graves Bluegrass/Old Time/Gospel

    Suzanne Gates Folk/Rock/Country

    1:00 West Side

    Storytellers Storytelling

    The Artichoke Sisters Swing/Originals/Harmony

    Ted Newman Southwest Originals

    Cottonwood Stone Folk

    Wayward Maggie Variety

    Willis Lee Graves Delta Blues & Folk

    1:30 Lynda Cohen & Robert Grappel

    Folk/Old Time-Massachusetts

    The McFadyensAmerican, Irish, Scots

    Folk Topok, AZ

    Gary Kaplowitz Variety

    Madden, Sonder & Sandstedt

    Old Time-CA ,Phx, Tucson

    Folk Revival


    Gavan Wieser Folk

    2:00 Rob Foley Fingerpicking

    Tom & Christa Agostino

    Americana/Folk/OriginalsChino Valley

    Skunk Creek String Band


    Liz Warren Storyteller

    Gilded Strings Bluegrass/Folk/Gospel

    Karmann Powell Americana/Originals

  • 2:30 Linda Bilque & The

    Lucky Band Low Country Folk/Originals

    Jim Pipkin Americana

    Three Legged Dog Americana/Roots

    Jammin' Jerry Country Folk

    Shannon Crane & Friends


    Ben Anderson Originals

    3:00 Eric Laubach with Bill

    Burkett & John Mahoney Originals

    Human Jones Folk/Traditional

    Jimmy Pines & Washboard Jere


    Fred Pinch Singer/Songwriter

    BJK Trio Traditional

    Tom Tuerff Originals

    3:30 Renee Rivers & Gary

    Kaplowitz Contemporary Folk

    Hans Olson Blues/Originals

    Karmann & KompanyAmericana/Originals

    Sarah Barchas Folk/Originals


    Vic Johansen Traditional Folk

    4:00 Pippi & Her Pop

    Traditional & International Folk

    Pick & Holler Old Time String Band

    Ian McPherson Folk

    Wally Bornmann Folk/Cowboy

    Karina & Friends Cowboy/Bluegrass/Folk

    4:30 Annie Moscow Singer/Songwriter Greg LaCosse


    Igor & The Jazz Cowboys


    Brian Whiteside Pop Folk

    Michael Littwin Irish/Country/Folk

    5:00 Superband

    Rik Palieri, Rick Nestler, Igor Glenn

  • Sunday Workshops

    Time Pumphouse Lawn Olive Grove East Gilligan's Island Ballad Tree (song-sharing circle)


    Carter Family Singalong

    with Close Enough Stringband,

    Suzanne & Jim


    Songs from Arizona Ranch Life

    with Sarah Barchas & Rachel Lieberman

    Mining Songs with Bob Gibney &

    Rick Nestler

    Harmonica Workshopwith Anne James, Eric

    Laubach, Kris Gorsuch, The Hurricajuns

    12:00 Life & Times Of Woody Guthrie with Carl Allen

    Introduction to Clawhammer Banjo

    with Hal Weiner Organizer of the Florence

    Folk Festival on the Oregon Coast

    Guitar Workshop with American Songster, Dom


    Songwriters Circle

    Fred Pinch Gavan Wieser Tom & Christa

    Agostino Jammin' Jerry


    Heritage Fiddling Styles

    with Sol Rudnick Founder of Fiddler's Dream Coffeehouse

    Arizona Songwriters in the

    Round with Jon Iger and the Arizona Songwriters


    Keepers of the Flame

    Keeping the flame of traditional music alive

    through stories and songs learned from their mentorswith Dom Flemons,

    Rik Palieri, Rick Nestler

    Songwriters Circle

    Shannon Crane LuAnne Camp Steve Decker

    Jim Pipkin

  • 2:00

    Songwriting Workshop

    with Bill Staines Legendary folk performer and

    songwriter, whose songs have appeared in grade

    school music books, church hymnals, songbooks. and

    eight songs published in Rise Up Singing

    Songs For ChildrenSue Harris &

    Sarah Barchas

    Blues Jam with Anne James, Dr. K

    Kaplowitz, Miss Ellie Hartz, Willis Graves

    Songwriters Circle

    Cottonwood StoneWally Bornmann

    Don & Mim Carlson

    Eric Laubach


    Old Time Duet Harmony

    Hands on Singing Experience

    with Suzanne & Jim

    Jug Band Jam Dom Flemons &

    Rick Nestler

    Arizona Songs & Stories

    hosted by Dolan Ellis, Arizona's Official Balladeer, with Dean Cook, Liz Warren

    & Ted Newman

    Songwriters Circle

    Bob Gibney Brian Whiteside

    Anne James Chuck Giamalvo


    Dulcimer Madness! Learn the rhythms, songs

    and techniques to survive in a Jam Session. Basic chords

    in the key of "D" will be covered.

    With High Strung

    Odd & Unusual Songs

    Mark Fogelson, Sue Harris, John

    McFadyen, Virgil Cole,

    Gavan Wieser

    60s Peace & Protest Songs

    with The Tourists

  • Glendale Library Auditorium

    Time Saturday

    1:00 Dolan Ellis

    Arizona's Official State Balladeer, Dolan Ellis, presents slides and songs about Arizona.

  • 2:00

    Rik Palieri & Rick Nestler present The Almanac Trail Project

    Rik Palieri, the host of Vermont Public Radio's Songwriter's Notebook, is joined by Grammy winning Rick Nestler for a special presentation of the Almanac Trail Project - A celebration

    of songs that will honor the original members of the Almanac Singers, including Pete Seeger.

    In the summer of 1941, a musical group of labor activists known as The Almanac Singers climbed into a midnight blue Buick and blazed a trail across the USA, spreading the gospel of unionism and bringing folk

    music back to the people. The group, with members Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Lee Hays & Mill Lampell, created a new kind of topical music, using old folk melodies to tell the stories of the times. They played in union halls, on picket lines, theaters and radio shows, planting seeds wherever they went. The Almanacs

    now almost-mythical journey has become an inspiration for legions of musicians, free thinkers, and gasoline gypsies, and has paved the road for many of todays singer/songwriters. At the core of it were some of the greatest labor songs ever written, including Union Maid, Talking Union, and Which Side Are You On?

    Some seventy years later, with the help and guidance of Pete Seeger and The Woody Guthrie Archives,

    two modern-day troubadours followed in the footsteps of the old Almanacs. With banjos and guitars and a bag full of union songs, Totem Pole Rik Palieri and George Mann traveled down the road from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles, up the west coast and then from Seattle to Buffalo, singing at some of the same places and

    towns, and inviting local musicians to join in, as in the original tour. The Almanac Trail was like an old-fashioned Hootenanny-- an evening of history, music and fun for all generations!

    This presentation by Rik Palieri and Rick Nestler will recreate the tour with songs, stories and music.