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Get ready for the 2011 American Folk Festival on the Bangor Waterfront. This year marks the tenth of a festival on the waterfront, and it promises to be a good one. Get all you need to know about the AFF in here: vendors, food, demos, folk history, festival info, and of course feature stories about each of the 16 music and dance acts appearing at the AFF.


<ul><li><p>2 THE AMERICAN FOLK FESTIVAL ON THE BANGOR WATERFRONT | FRIDAY, SATURDAY &amp; SUNDAY, AUGUST 26-28, 2011</p><p>Wow 10 years! The expression of time passes fast when youare having fun could not be more true when you think ofthe American Folk Festival.Over the 10 years we have: Presented 193 performing groups, representing over 100 different</p><p>cultural traditions, on its stages. Created an annual economic impact exceeding $9 million each</p><p>year. Gathered the resources of more than 800 volunteers each year. Showcased diverse components of Maines traditional culture;</p><p>Native basketmakers, coastal boatbuilders, woodcarvers and manymore.</p><p> Partnered with the Maine Discovery Museum, the Convention &amp;Visitors Bureau, the City of Bangor, and other community groups toensure the Festivals part in our community strategic growth.</p><p>Ill never forget in year one, while looking over the beautiful Penob-scot River, the person next to me was doing the same the first time.She commented that this was such a great community and the water-front was just perfect for the National Folk Festival. I asked whereshe was from expecting at least southern Maine or one of the 50states that visit us, she said Brewer. I think that when it hit homethat the festival allows folks right here in our region to appreciatewho we are. </p><p>Yes, we cant wait to welcome people from Portland, Maine andPortland, Oregon, Washington, Maine and Washington, D.C. At thesame time we welcome high-school class reunions, UMaine and Hus-son returning students, and those now-common family reunions thatall revolve around the American Folk Festival.</p><p>We are constantly reminded by the founders of successful concertseries like Kah-Bang and the waterfront concerts that the AmericanFolk Festival showed that we in this area could pull this off. All ofthis is thanks to all of you the volunteers, the contributors, andclearly the folks who attend year after year. Its a fantastic event thatevery single one of us can take great pride in. </p><p>Lets all celebrate the great music, the food, and the dancing andof course dont forget those dedicated bucket heads lets do $10 for10 years and ensure that we all have another decade of the greatexperience of the American Folk Festival. </p><p>Welcome back to the American Folk Festival our Festival</p><p>John RohmanAFF Board</p><p>Welcome to the American Folk Festival and the 10thanniversary of this wonderful event on the BangorWaterfront. As we mark a decade of celebrating diversecultures, music, food, dance, and storytelling at the Festival, weare also celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Maine DiscoveryMuseum. It is exciting to see the success and growth of bothorganizations! It is fitting that both are growing up together, for,at their heart, both share a commitment to discovery, explo-ration, and fun.</p><p>As one of the founding partners of the Folk Festival, the Dis-covery Museum has been organizing the Childrens and Familyarea at the Festival each year. It is a pleasure to see children andfamilies spending time together by the waterfront, and enjoyingall that the Festival and Bangor have to offer. Now located at theconfluence of the Kenduskeag and Penobscot Rivers, this meet-ing place is a perfect spot for families to come together andenjoy hands-on learning about the customs and traditions of dif-ferent cultures.</p><p>This year we are taking a slightly different approach to thearea... featuring different neighborhoods within a ChildrensVillage that will represent some of the cultures that help com-pose our Maine communities. Children of all ages will be able tomake a traditional craft, observe a performance, or participate inan activity associated with those cultures. Also, each child willbe able to pick up their own Passport to bring around the Festivalto get stamped, personalize, and keep as a reminder of their dis-coveries. It is their ticket to exploring the world from right herein Bangor, Maine and, as we like to say at the Discovery Museum,have too much fun doing it!</p><p>While a great deal has changed in Bangor over the last 10 years,the generosity of its people and supporters of these organiza-tions remains the same. We couldnt do it without you. Congratu-lations to the American Folk Festival. We are happy to be turning10 with you, and proud to be part of such a remarkable annualcelebration.</p><p>Cheers!</p><p>Niles ParkerExecutive DirectorMaine Discovery Museum</p><p>On behalf of our City Council and citizens, welcometo Bangor. The American Folk Festival on the Ban-gor Waterfront brings the world to Bangor by pre-senting music and dance from many cultures. Outstand-ing performing groups will share the traditional arts oftheir region and heritage on multiple stages presentingcontinuous music and dance. Also featured are the Folkand Traditional Arts areas where you will find exhibits,demonstrations, and discussions on various Maine FolkArt traditions, food vendors offering ethnic food andregional specialties, and a Folk and Craft marketplaceoffering handcrafted items for sale.</p><p>First visited by Estevan Gmez, a Portuguese mariner,in 1525, Bangor was incorporated in 1791 and became acity on February 12, 1834. Our history is closely tied tothe Penobscot River. By the 1850s, the port of Bangor wasone of the busiest on the East Coast, shipping lumber andice throughout the world.</p><p>Today, we are transforming our waterfront from theindustrial past to its future as a community focal pointproviding access to the river and a place to gather andcelebrate. Each year, improvements have continued, andthis year is no exception as we work to expand out water-front park downriver with new features and amenities forall to enjoy.</p><p>Today, Bangor remains a regional center for commerce,education, government, and the arts. From the Universityof Maine Museum of Art and the Maine Discovery Muse-um in downtown to the Bangor Symphony Orchestra andthe Penobscot Theatre, we offer an exciting range of cul-tural and artistic opportunities for both residents andvisitors all in the context of a small urban communitywhere everyone knows your name.</p><p>Whether you are in Bangor for a day, a week, or a life-time, we urge you to sample what we offer. Enjoy yourvisit to Bangor and the festival.</p><p>Susan M. Hawes, Mayor</p><p>FOLK|WelcomeOfficials extend warm greetings to residents and visitors for the 2011 American Folk Festival on the Bangor Waterfront</p><p>Mark Your Calendars Now!August 24-26, 2012</p><p>andAugust 23-25, 2013</p><p>Bangor Waterfront, Bangor, Maine</p><p>The American Folk Festival on the Bangor Waterfront willreturn to the Penobscot riverfront in August 2012 and 2013.Mark your calendars now for another fantastic weekend ofmusic, dance, fun and food for the entire family. Both entertainingand educational, the festival is an outstanding blend of arts, musicfestival, hands-on activities and celebration of multiethnic heritage.</p><p>To continue The American Folk Festival on the Bangor Waterfrontas a FREE family-friendly event, sponsorships are being sought con-tinually from public and private sources. The festival has receivedpledges of cash and in-kind support from many sources, but we needmore to continue offering this broad array of activities and program-ming.</p><p>For information on donating, volunteering, or getting involvedwith The American Folk Festival on the Bangor Waterfront, pleasecontact:</p><p>The American Folk Festival on the Bangor Waterfront40 Harlow Street, Bangor, ME 04401</p><p>(207) 992-2630 www.AmericanFolkFestival.com</p><p>IndexFolk Festival Events</p><p>Map &amp; Schedule/22-23Sponsor List/21 &amp; 24</p><p>Whos Who at the AFF/20Folk Info/4</p><p>Folk Music/6-31Folk Food/34</p><p>Folk Kids/35-36Folk Demos/37</p><p>Folk Marketplace/41-43</p><p>Feature Stories</p><p>Donations Needed/4Please, Leave Your Pets Home/5</p><p>Volunteers/5Ten Years of the AFF/5</p><p>Ten Years of the Music/5</p><p>This statewide American Folk Festival supplementwas produced and published by the</p><p>Editor and Layout:David M. Fitzpatrick</p><p>Copy Editing: Janine Pineo</p><p>Stories: David M. Fitzpatrick, Sheila Grant, Janine Pineo,Richard Shaw, Greg Westrich, and others.</p><p>Photos: Photos from the Bangor Daily News. Manyphotos provided by performers and other photographers.</p><p>Cover: Bob Powers</p><p>Center Map: Shelley Sund, Bangor Daily News</p><p>Sales: Bangor Daily News Advertising Sales staff</p><p>Special Thanks to Heather McCarthy,executive director of the American Folk Festival.</p><p>If youd like to participate in next yearsAFF supplement, contact Mike Kearney</p><p>at (207) 990-8212 or mkearney@bangordailynews.net.</p><p>If youd like to communicate your organizations messageto a broad audience, either locally or statewide, consider</p><p>running your own custom publication.</p></li><li><p>THE AMERICAN FOLK FESTIVAL ON THE BANGOR WATERFRONT | FRIDAY, SATURDAY &amp; SUNDAY, AUGUST 26-28, 2011 3</p><p>COLLINS CENTER FOR THE ARTS</p></li><li><p>4 THE AMERICAN FOLK FESTIVAL ON THE BANGOR WATERFRONT | FRIDAY, SATURDAY &amp; SUNDAY, AUGUST 26-28, 2011</p><p>Welcome to the 2011 American FolkFestival on the Bangor Waterfront,the tenth year of an annual celebra-tion of authentic traditional arts. Wehope that you enjoy this years Festi-val, and that youll make your plansto experience this grand event withthe help of the information in thisprogram guide.</p><p>From 2002 to 2004, the city of Ban-gor was host to the 64th, 65th, and66th National Folk Festivals, cele-brating traditional performing artsfrom cultures across the globe andentertaining tens of thousands ofpeople each year. After a very suc-cessful three-year run, the communi-ty launched the American Folk Festi-val on the Bangor Waterfront in 2005,carrying on the tradition establishedby the National Folk Festival.</p><p>The nonprofit Bangor Folk Festi-val produces the AFF. The produc-tion is in partnership with the city ofBangor, Eastern Maine DevelopmentCorporation, the Maine DiscoveryMuseum, and the Maine Folklife Cen-ter at the University of Maine. TheAFF has proven that authentic tradi-tional arts have a long-lasting placein the heart of Bangor.</p><p>This years American Folk Festivalfeatures 16 performing groups foryour enjoyment.</p><p>Plus, mark your calendars forAugust 24-26, 2012, for next yearsAmerican Folk Festival on the Ban-gor Waterfront.</p><p>FFeessttiivvaall AAddmmiissssiioonnThere is no admission fee to attend</p><p>any of the festivals programs,including performances, demonstra-tions, and childrens activities. How-ever, presenting the festival free-of-charge costs nearly $1 million, andwe need your help to cover these pro-</p><p>duction costs. The suggested dona-tion is $10/day per person, $20/dayper family. When you see the Dona-tion Buckets, please consider a gift tosupport the event!</p><p>BBuucckkeett VVoolluunntteeeerrssThe volunteers who make up the</p><p>Bucket Brigade and the DonationStations are a happy corps of com-munity volunteers who encouragefestivalgoers to support the Ameri-can Folk Festival. The Donation Sta-tions are at the two main Festivalentrances (at Railroad and Washing-ton Streets). The Bucket Brigadetravels throughout the Festival site.Please drop your contribution (sug-gested donation: $10 per person perday) in the bucket to help cover thecost of the festival.</p><p>FFeessttiivvaall PPaarrkkiinngg People familiar with downtown</p><p>Bangor are invited to park in anystreet-side parking, surface lots, orthe Pickering Square ParkingGarage. Or you may want to use theconvenient parking at the Bass Parkcomplex off Buck Street. Parkingfees are $8 per vehicle per day, or $20per vehicle for a three-day parkingpass. The Folk Festival is pleased tobe working with the Anah Shrine tofacilitate parking at Bass Park. Onehundred percent of your parking feesupports these two Bangor area non-profit organizations: the Second Sec-tion of Anah Shrine and the Ameri-can Folk Festival.</p><p>Free shuttle service will transportpeople from Bass Park to the Festivalsite on the Penobscot River water-front.</p><p>BBiiccyycclleessFree bicycle parking will be avail-</p><p>able on the Folk Festival site in a spe-cial bicycle parking area overseen byFolk Festival volunteers.</p><p>Remember that Maine law requiresa headlight and rear red reflectorsvisible from at least 500 feet whenriding at night. Flashing taillightsand light-colored and/or reflectiveclothing are highly recommended.The law requires helmets for anyoneunder 16 but everyone should wear ahelmet to prevent head injury.</p><p>IInnffoorrmmaattiioonn BBooootthhss,,FFeessttiivvaall SScchheedduulleess</p><p>General festival information, theschedule of performances, and areainformation will be available at fourinformation booths: near the DanceTent, near the Railroad Stage portal,near the Food Court, and near theChildrens Village.</p><p>WWhhaatt ttoo BBrriinnggYou may want to bring comfortable</p><p>walking shoes, sunscreen, and sun-glasses. A credit card may come inhandy to buy festival memorabiliaand CDs of performing artists.</p><p>Collapsible chairs and a blanketwould come in handy. Some stageswill have seating, but others, such asthe Railroad Stage, require that youbring your seating.</p><p>Dont forget your prescription med-ications and, just in case, bring yourinsurance and Medicare cards.</p><p>WWhhaatt iiff iitt RRaaiinnss??Tents cover many festival stages</p><p>and presentations. If the weatherappears threatening, bring anumbrella. The show will go on, rainor shine, unless there is a concernfor public safety.</p><p>PPeettssPlease do not bring pets (other</p><p>than service animals) to the Ameri-can Folk Festival. The large crowds many of whom will be seated onthe ground will appreciate youranimals staying at home. Your petswill be more comfortable at homethan in the midst of the Festival</p><p>crowds. Please read the pets article onthe facing page.</p><p>SSmmookkee--FFrreeee,, PPlleeaasseeYou can help everyone enjoy the</p><p>Folk Festival even more this year byhelping to keep the air smoke-free.By not lighting up, youll be givingchildren and those with breathingdifficulties a break, and youll behelping everyone breathe easier,including yourself. </p><p>Smoking is prohibited under anyFestival tent, and in the food courtsand picnic areas. Throughout otherareas of the Festival, please be cour-teous and refrain from smokingwhen in a crowd of people.</p><p>MMeeddiiccaall aannddEEmmeerrggeennccyy SSeerrvviicceess</p><p>Minor medical emergencies will betreated at the First Aid Center, locat-ed on the road that leads to theDance Tent. Eastern Maine Health-care Systems sponsors and coordi-nates the First Aid Center.</p><p>LLoosstt PPeeoopplleeChildren who lose track of their</p><p>caretakers should find a festival vol-unteer or staff member, who willcontact security escort them to theFirst Aid Center (on the road leadingdown to the Dance Tent). All lost peo-ple will be directed to the First AidCenter unless their parties havemade arrangements to meet else-</p><p>where.</p><p>RReessttrroooommssPortable restroom facilities and</p><p>hand-washing stations are located atnumerous spots throughout the festi-val site. See map for facilities closestto you.</p><p>HHaannddiiccaappppeeddAAccccoommmmooddaattiioonnss</p><p>Handicapped parking facilities willbe available at Bass Park.</p><p>Several stage performances anddemonstrations will be translated inAmerican Sign Language. See theschedule in the center of this pro-gram or check at an informationbooth.</p><p>BBaabby...</p></li></ul>