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Folk Festival of PARINTINS 2009Anually in days: 26,27 and 28 of june-photos

Parintins, typical city from the brazilian Rain Forests, witch counts a bit more than 50 thousand inhabitants, it gets transformed when June comes. These times, when the city is divided by the red and blue colors of the Bumbs Caprichoso and Garantido, Parintins is stage of the biggest cultural manifestation of the Brazilian North, the Folk Festival of Parintins.

The town is located close to the right border of the Amazonia River, in an area of 5,978 square kilometres and 369 kilometres away from the capital, Manaus, in a straight line, and 420 kilometres by fluvial way. That means 15 hours coming down and 27 going up by the Amazonia River if the itinerary is accomplished by regional boats. By air, the estimated time is about one hour and a half, leaving Manaus.

By Diramar2009, Carrapicho - tic tic tac

Folk Festival of PARINTINS