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  • CONTENT History Main Events 1. Folklore day 2. Folk Art Exhibition 3. The Evening of Ensembles 4. The Concert of the Dance Day 5. The Day of Songs Tradition and Symbolization of Lithuanian Folk Song Fest About the Festival
  • HISTORYThe tradition to celebrate Songfestival to Baltic countries camethrough Baltic Germans, a little bitlater, this tradition came toLithuania too. Mass gatherings ofpeople during the dance and musicfestivals were fostering a sense oftogetherness and unity, creating thepreconditions for the Baltic nationsto separate from Russia and establishindependent country.
  • FOLKLORE DAY The festival starts with the folklore day, where gather approximately 4 thousand unique folklore performers. This day is very popular and favourite because of natural and direct communication between the performers and audience, and because of free atmosphere and created ability to be involved into the whole celebration. In the evening, when the concert comes to the end, folklore day becomes a mass singing of folk songs.
  • FOLK AND ART EXHIBITION The second event the best works are chosen to demonstrated in folk art exhibition. Usually there are approximately 500 folk artists and more than 1500 their works.
  • THE EVENING OF ENSEMBLES The third event song and dance ensemble a mix of three genres: a choir performing harmonized Lithuanian folk songs or specially by composers created songs, modified Lithuanian folk instruments orchestra. Basis of the ensemble repertoire is stylized, harmonized and modified folklore.
  • THE CONCERT OF THE DANCEDAY The fourth event is concert in algiriostadium. It is a massive overall composition of all ages dancers concert. National folk dance ensembles of various age from small children to elderly people participate on this day. okidienoje dalyvauja vairaus amiaus alies tautinioki ansambliai nuo ma vaik iki senyvo amiaus moni, i viso apie 9 tkstanius okj. A total number is about 9000 dancers.
  • THE DAY OF SONGSThe final song festival event is The Day of Songs, which traditionally takes part in Vinio park, on a specially for that day designed stage. Traditionally classical and modern works composed by known composers and harmonized or specially balanced folk songs are sung during this part of the festival.
  • SYMBOLIZATION OFLITHUANIAN FOLK SONGFESTIVAL national tradition of the song and danceThe festival is a one hundred years ongoing process, which is now the most significant, the largest Lithuanian cultural phenomenon, developing the creative powers of society, integrating the artistic activities and periodically bringing together professional culture representatives and amateur groups of different art, which causes a great public resonance.
  • ABOUT THE FESTIVAL The tradition to celebrate Song and dance festival is known in Lithuania already for 79 years, counting from the 1924 when the first day of songs was organised. 15 Folk Song Festivals were organised since the first festival. Continuity of traditions is the main measure to maintain societys and the whole nations cultural level.


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