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organized by Fiestalonia Milenio


  • Our world has absorbed an incredible amount of different features and traditions. It is through the art people can bring to the world their culture.

    'Festival of Folklore in Catalonia' gives an opportunity to get acquainted with the culture of small nations and open to oneself new peculiarities of our lives! We always should remember about the fact that our Planet is boundless and every day we need to learn new things!

    Our contacts

    Av. Vila de Blanes 161-169 , Lloret de Mar (Girona), Spain, 17310

    Tel.: + 34 688 276 248 || +34 972 376550 E-mail: Web site:

    08-11 of February 2015

    Folk Festival in Catalonia

    Accommodation.All participants are accommodated in the hotel, which is the largest in the town. Moreover, it is situated in the very centre of the city and the distance from the seaside is just 200 meters.

    Excursions.The excursion program is planned in such a way that it is completely synchronized and coordinated with the festival week.

    Welcome PartyWelcome party includes the disco and gives the participants from all over the world an opportunity to meet each other in informal atmosphere. Here friendship for years is born!

    Gala Concert.The final concert is the most bright and awaited event in the town. The best performances of the festival and the stars of the Spanish Estrada gather on one stage.

    Outside the contest

  • About the contest

    FIESTALONIA milenio JuryThe Jury of the Festival

    consists of representatives of Spain, France, Canada and countries of the Eastern Europe and Asia. The international Jury is formed by the organizer of the festival.

    Folk Festivalorganized by

    Fiestalonia Milenio


    Fiestalonia Milenio got an exclusive opportunity for its participants to hold a contest in the

    Medieval castle Castell Medieval. This castle allows you to forget about modernity and to b e c o m e a p a r t o f medieval history. After t h e d a y o f t h e competition, when all the

    participants can relax , everyone is invited to the joust with bright sword fighting in medieval style and amazing royal dinner right during the battle!

    The main feature and the goal of the festival is popularization of the culture of the country. Participants from all over the world gather at this festival to share the culture of their nation. Audience is amazed by the color and unexpected performances.

    Organization that made it possible is Fiestalonia Milenio. Bringing people from different countries, of various culture and world perception together in a creative contest is a core of the organization. The festival is held under the patronage of the government of Catalonia, City Halls of Lloret de Mar, Tordera, and Tossa de Mar, International Dance Council CID UNESCO, Fundacion SOS, European Choir Community and European Folklore movement 'For the preservation of the traditions and culture of the nations of the world.

    The main aim of the organizers is to create a whirlpool of international exchange, where

    everyone could get acquainted with traditions and features of every nation.

    Every performance, which a participant prepares for the jury, is impersonation of a country and its culture. Specifically for this contest the organizing committee developed a system of evaluation in a way that each group category and nomination are assessed separately. This kind of systems helps the participants not to compete but rather to empathize and support each other making the festival even more friendly and full of bright positive emotions. The results of the contest as well as the name of the winner of the Grand Prix are announced during the Gala Concert.

    System of assessment and rewarding