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Take a look at what is happening Aug 23 -25 2013. There is something for everybody, folks!


  • Festival Guide

  • CREW CHIEFSMichael Fredrickson and David Vasey Site Managers

    Alana Farmer and Jeff Macklin Artisan Village Coordinators

    Joanne Rowland Hospitality

    Sheryl Nimigon with Special Guest, Jess Rowland Childrens Village Coordinator

    Elizabeth Thipphawong and Lyndele Gauci Volunteer Coordinators

    Brendon Mroz Design

    Syliva Dick Publicity Coordinator

    Niki Higgs Emporium Manager

    Malcolm Byard Solar Stage Manager

    BOARD OF DIRECTORSChair/Executive Director Ashley Martin

    Artistic Director Nick Ferrio

    Treasurer Samantha Shaw

    Members-at-large Jeff Macklin Alana Farmer Michael Frederickson Brendon Mroz

    ptbofolkfest.cominfo@ptbofolkfest.com751 George Street N Sadeir House, Room 206 Peterborough, ON K9H 3T2



    Created in 2008, my third year on the festival, but one of the first ideas I had when I started in 2006. Every year before I began (and those first two years of my tenure), designers interpreted the festival as they saw fit, and I wanted to create a constant, something iconic that would become synonymous with the festival and could still read strongly no matter how it was used. Ive spent the past five years testing that theory. Of everything Ive ever designed, the PFF logo remains my favourite, and possibly best.

  • Hello! Im Nick Ferrio, the new Artistic Director of the Peterborough Folk Festival. You may know me from Nick Ferrio & His Feelings, or as the goofy bassist in The Burning Hell and Baby Eagle & The Proud Mothers. Touring in these bands over the past ten years has given me an incredible insight into the power of music to foster community.

    I consider many of the artists playing PFF this year to be part of my musical community theyre dear friends and musicians I respect, from close and far, who have blown me away with their talent on local, National and International stages.

    For this years festival, I wanted to keep with our traditional programming and add new, inclusive and community building initiatives to reflect where PFF is headed.

    Weve added a series called PFF Pop-Up Shows on Friday August 23rd from 6-8pm featuring local artists in local, downtown businesses. Weve also added a series of DIY Scavenger Hunt Secret Shows on Saturday August 24th from 5-8pm, where fans must solve the riddle to find the site of five secret, intimate musical experiences throughout Nicholls Oval Park.

    With this years programming we wanted to celebrate and strengthen our community, so weve strived to bring some of the best live music in Canada to our little festival this year. The caliber of artists, both local and from away, promises to be a spectacular celebration of summers end. So, hello and welcome to the 24th annual Peterborough Folk Festival!

    Nick Ferrio, Artistic Director

    I wasnt supposed to be here. I joined the crew of the PFF after the 2006 festival. Id love to say that the moment I was voted onto the board will shine forever in my memory, but I cant. Either I dont think in milestones, or there have been far too many. What I do remember is this: pride and joy like Ive never experienced. Falling in love with the audi-ence, which was falling in love with the performers. Volunteers who come back year after year, and volunteers who sign up on the spot because they want that t-shirt (theyre really great t-shirts). The excitement of getting our office at Sadleir House. Reporting sessions that went on until the wee hours of the morning. A constant fear that the work was never enough, and the parallel certainty that the festival would happen, once again. And over and over, the sense that I wasnt meant to do any of this, and the gratitude that I have been able to.

    Its dangerous to get into this, but I need to give particular thanks to Michael Fredrickson, Brendon Mroz, and Candace Shaw, who were already here when I came in, and whom Ive worked so closely with. To Candace especially, for sharing her vision of the festival with us for so long. And on a personal note: to Aaron, for all of his support, hard work, and the minor injuries sustained in service to my project.

    This is my last year as board chair, and my only year as executive director, and so my gratitude also goes out to the festivals present and future leaders. Nicks energy and insight came in at a critical time, and the dedication of our crew chiefs is incredible.

    Next year is the 25th anniversary of the PFF. This is a great time to get involved, and some key roles are opening up. Weve been welcoming Everybody! for years, and I cant wait to see what our com-munity does next.

    As it turns out, were all welcome - and supposed to be - right here.

    Ashley Martin, Executive Director



    Aaron Little Candace Shaw City of Peterborough Recycling Clay Benson

    Green Sprouts Childrens Daycare Malcolm ByardPeterborough DBIA Peterborough Public Works Department

    Peterborough Recreation Department Rocky RidgeWayne Elliott of

    Located in the shaded grove of trees just south of the Publican Pavilion, our dedicated hospitality team ensures that Festival Artists and Volunteers are well-fed and comfortable all day long.

    HUGE THANKS to Crew Chief Joanne Rowland, and to Brenda Gervais for her ongoing organization and fabulous cooking.

    VOLUNTEERSNancy Robinson

    Lee Wakelin

    Nancy Fox

    Laurie Davies

    Chris Diaz

    Lennie R Dean

    Susan Spence

    DONATIONSMichael Walters of Sticklings Bakery

    Kevin Dixon of Canteen of the Kawarthas

    Deb Stewart of Minute Maid Company of Canada

    Mr.Manley of Charlotte Pantry

    Dave Armstrong of Liftlock IGA

    Jim Lunn

    Sullivans Store Ennismore

    VOLUNTEERS NEEDED FOR SUNDAY TEAR-DOWN Looking for willing and able volunteers to help us clear up the festival area on Sunday, August 25th. Many hands are needed to tear-down the Festival Stage and pack it up for next year. No sign-up necessary -- meet at the Festival Stage Along Rotary trail at Noon.


  • CREW CHIEFS SITE CREWS GREEN TEAM volunteers@ptbofolkfest.comThe Peterborough Folk Festival depends on far more than the amazing musicians who take to our stages each year what goes on behind the scenes is just as essential. Our dedicated volunteers are what sustain the festival; they are our community, our backbone. Volunteering with the PFF means being part of this amazing community, not just for the weekend, but also throughout the year. We host a number of outreach and appreciation events all year long, and volunteers get exclusive perks, including gear, meals and entry into events, including our Saturday night after- party at the Pigs Ear (this is a 19+ event). Wear your volunteer t-shirt for free admission!

    You can spot us by our awesome t-shirts on Festival Weekend: ask us about volunteering, or offer to help out we can always use a few extra hands!

    Elizabeth Thipphawong & Lyndele Gauci, Volunteer Coordinators

    Support your local Folk Festival!

    VOLUNTEER at the PFF 2013!

    The Peterborough Folk Festival is a sweet, end-of-summer gathering, full of music, friendship, art and cre-ative exploration in our citys lovely green spaces. Were committed to remaining a free festival, allowing all members of our community to participate.

    If you enjoy our festival this year, please consider donating, according to your means, to help sustain this family-friendly, volunteer-run festival.

    Donate, and get a funky sticker to show your support.


    Every year since 2008, our volunteer shirts have had the same design; no text, no date, just logo and colours. We didnt want to advertise ourselves brazenly we wanted to declare allegiance with quiet confidence. These iconic shirts have been a hugely important and successful part of the festival identity. On festival day our superhero volunteers are easy to spot; if you see one in the wild, you know they are an integral part of the best darn music festival in Ontario. The only way to get one is to volunteer.

  • C- 0 M - 29Y- 91 K - 0

    C- 90 M - 57Y- 0 K - 0

  • C- 0 M - 29Y- 91 K - 0

    C- 90 M - 57Y- 0 K - 0

    PFF 2013 is brought to you by


    1st Pop-Up stopHollow Hills at Bluestreak Records444 George St.

    2nd Pop-Up stopDave Tough at The Barbeside Salon (Catalinas)131 Hunter St.

    3rd Pop-Up stopMichael C Duguay at Le Petit Bar399 Water St.

    4th Pop-Up stopJos. Fortin at Sympathy for the Rebel387 Water St.

    Friday, August 23rd @ The Market Hall 8pm $25

    The Inaugural POP-UP Concert Series!

    6pm START @ Bluestreak Records

    You are invited to join our first ever Pop-Up concert series on Friday, Au-gust 23rd. Well kick-off the 2013 Folk Fest with 4 mini concerts, popping up in shops of downtown Peterborough. 1,2,3,4 stops, then on to The Market Hall to see Joel Plaskett*!POP-UP shows are FREE!

    *Pop-Up shows are free and open to everyone, but access to the Kick-Off concert requires a ticket

    Meet our friendly PFF volunteers and well travel on, caravan style, to the next three shows.

    JOELPLASKETTCanada has produced some of the worlds most enduring songwriters and Joel Plaskett is hailed as one of the best. With countless awards to his credit, thousands of tour dates, and numerous recording and producing projects under his belt, Plaskett remains one of the most innovative and prolific artists on the scene today. Whether its touring in Canada, the US, Australia or the UK; with his rock band The Emergency, or more intimate shows as a solo artist, Plaskett consistently excites and inspires his audiences. As a writer, performer or producer, Plaskett will to continue to influence the music scene for many years to come.

  • ABOUT THE EMERGING ARTIST AWARDThe PFF believes in investing in young performers, and to that end, created an annual award in 2001 to recognize emerging local talent that we think deserves the attention and support of the community. Judging by the careers of the past recipients, the Emerging Artist Award is a step on the road to a life-long career in music.

    Recipients of this award are given showcase spots on the festi-val weekend, a guaranteed spot on the festival main stage the following year, and a trip to the Folk Music Ontario (formerly Ontario Council of Folk Festivals) annual conference in October.

    The award is granted to an artist by the Artistic Director based on assessment of skill, dedication, and artistic merit. Visit the website to find out about how you can nominate an artist (or yourself) to be the next Emerging Artist.

    PAST RECIPIENTS2001 Serena Ryder

    2002 James McKenty (The Spades)

    2003 Jill Staveley (The Staveley Project)

    2004 Beau Dixon

    2005 Benj Rowland (The County Boys)

    2006 Drea Nasager

    2007 Dave Simard & Kelly McMichaels

    2008 Sean Conway

    2009 Missy Knott

    2010 Kate LeDeuce

    2011 Melissa Payne

    2012 Jos. Fortin



    I first met Dylan Ireland in 2009. We were both asked to play in Michael C. Duguays band Bear Trees. I had never met Dylan before but had heard of the Ireland Brothers - the band he had with his brother - who were playing places like The Pigs Ear, and I had wanted to get the chance to hear what Andrea Forsell and others were talking about. We played together that summer in Mikes band. I was immediately taken back by how quickly he learned his parts and how well he played them. He worked hard and he wanted to rehearse often. At that time Dylan had his own project, but it was in its infancy. He kept it quietly under his hat. Eventually, Dylan showed me a song his father wrote and a couple of the songs hed been working on. I knew right away he was writing in a family tradition, that his songs were a part of something bigger and stronger, a lineage; something older than both of us. Since then, Dylan and Express & Co have gone on to do a lot of impressive things that Peterborough can be proud of. Hes hardly an Emerging artist in the sense that hes a newbie. But, he certainly is emerging in the sense that with Express & Co he has stepped into something important and prominent, and I think thats worth celebrating.

    Nick Ferrio, Artistic Director

  • FESTIVALDAY12:15pmGREG ROY and his drums are a festival mainstay, bringing the joy of rhythm to the park every year.

    1pmWES RYAN - Peterboroughs current slam-poetry champ, Wes Ryan, is a genre-mashing performance artist and workshop facilitator with a penchant for slap-stick soliloquies. As a member of the Peterborough Poetry Collective he helps provide a stage for others to share their narratives and has twice represented Nogojiwanong at the Canadian Independent Nationals. Recently he featured at the Coburg Festival of Poetry and performed at the Mudtown Music Festival. Preferring the title slambassador, Wes Ryan delivers spoken-word workshops in high-schools throughout southern Ontario and strives to encourage the stitching together of niches into a tapestry for change.

    2pmMATT SNELL Writing and Playing New Songs in the Old-Time Tradition Matt Snell will discuss how contemporary musicians can engage with the Old-Time, Folk and Country without seeming hackneyed, and without betraying what makes the source material great.

    3pmJILL BISHOP is a avid heirloom vegetable gardener and seed collector. For the past 8 years, she has been carefully cultivating a curated collection of delicious, beautiful and collection of heirloom seeds that are adapted to our local climate and geography. Jillian runs urbantomato seeds which distributes these unique seeds and helps people getting growing and saving their own. She is also the organizer of Seedy Sunday, Peterboroughs Annual Seed Exchange, an annual venue for people to buy and trade locally grown heirloom seeds for their gardens. She has a passion for local food, and is lucky enough to work as the coordinator of the Peterborough Community Garden Network and the manager of the Peterborough Downtown Farmers Market to help promote, foster and enhance the fabulous food community here in Peterborough.

    LESTER ALFONSO - Unlock your hearts with a Ukulele. Explore DIY folk music together with Lester Alfonso and use the ukulele as a tool for raw expression. Filmmaker, video artist and ukulele enthusiast, Lester Alfonso is the resident artist at MAP (Media Arts Peterborough) and also hosts an all ukulele radio show Wednesdays at 5pm on Trent Radio 92.7FM.

    The Peterborough Folk Festival kicks into high gear with a carnival of arts, crafts, food, drink, activity, community and free live music all day.


    Saturday, August 24th @ Nicholls Oval 11am-11pm

  • 12:15pm Leanne Simpson

    1:15pm Jos Fortin

    2:15pm Olenka & The Autumn Lovers

    3:15pm Michael C. Duguay

    4:15pm The Grey Kingdom

    5:15 Rae Spoon

    6:15pm Jennifer Castle

    FESTIVAL STAGEHosted by Sheesham and Lotus and Son

    7pm Express & Co (featuring Dylan Ireland PFF Emerging Arist 2013)8pm 24th Street Wailers9pm Daniel Romano & The Trilliums10pm The Wooden Sky

    12pm Blues in the Bottle

    1pm Hollow Hills


    Charming Ruins

    3pm Sean Conway

    4pm Songwriters Circle with Daniel Romano,

    Dave Tough, Charlie Glasspool

    5pm LAL

    6pm Sheesham and Lotus

    and Son

    PUBLICAN PAVILLIONThe Publican Pavillion is our licensed stage,

    sponsored and supplied by the Publican Brewery

    SOLAR STAGEFor more info on acts playing all our stages, turn to Artists

  • * M A P I S N O T T O S C A L E




    ON ST







    ty O



    ChildrensVillage Festival Day, 11am-4pmThe Childrens Village is a shaded, all-ages activity space where children, youth and the young at heart can create, learn, listen and participate. There is a special alchemy that always seems to happen in the Childrens Village at PFF, when so many kids and families come together to explore art, music and movement under the trees! Welcome, everyone!

    Sheryl Nimigon, Childrens Area Coordinator

    Day-long Village Activities Giant group murals Tent and tunnel play zone Face painting Hand-made flower garden Aeroplane creating and flying zone Anything you can imagine!

    1:30pm BELLYDANCE WITH JANEL JARVISLearn some of the basic steps and movements of traditional bellydance! Suitable for anyone at any age, bellydance is a gentle way to be active and have fun. Get up and move!

    2:30pm & 3pm GROOVE WITH GRIZWALDJoin Maren Fine for music and stories at 2:30 and at 3:00 p.m. Maren is a registered Early Childhood Educator and the owner of Charm Tree Toys (372 George Street North). She has had the pleasure of working children of all ages for 20 years.


    From the Childrens Village and throughout the park, the Childrens Parade is an age-old Peterborough Folk Festival tradition. The Mainstage is starting a bit later this year, but were still going to wrap up the Childrens Village at 3:45: time to catch some music at the Solar Stage, grab a delicious family dinner, join the puppet-making workshop at the Craft Stage, or be dazzled by the work of our artisan vendors.

    Be sure to spend time in the Childrens Village beforehand making a shaker, or bring something to play from home. Dressing up is encouraged (fairy wings, anyone?)

    We have created the Childrens Village for kids and parents/caregivers to enjoy together. Please be sure to supervise your children at all times

    CLUESShow #1 - 5:15pm

    Just off the beaten

    path is where our first

    performer will be.

    Light will call out

    darkness in a clearing

    near a tree.

  • * M A P I S N O T T O S C A L E




    ON ST







    ty O



    Between 5-8pm there will be a series of secret shows happening throughout the park. Performers include: Gavin Gardiner from the Wooden Sky, Rae Spoon, Jennifer Castle, The Grey Kingdom and Dave Tough.


    CLUESShow #1 - 5:15pm

    Just off the beaten

    path is where our first

    performer will be.

    Light will call out

    darkness in a clearing

    near a tree.

    Show #2 - 6:00


    Not theThames of London, but

    near our de

    ar footbridg


    Our Wooden singer isnt Neil Young,

    but hell be singing On the Beach.

    Show #3 - 6:45pm

    He may be Tough he may

    be rough, and a woodsman

    perhaps hell be.

    Look for our next

    performer along a unkempt

    path, next to the Mighty


    Show #4 - 7:15pm

    Across a woode

    n bridg


    if you hurry youll get

    there soon.

    For our Prairie Home

    Companion will le


    you howling at the Moon.

    Show #5 - 8:00pm

    Find a willow on a turtles back.

    Thats where our final singer will be.

    For kingdoms or castles made of

    sand must fall in the sea (or the

    Otonabee), eventually.

  • The Mighty Otonabee
























    ER ST E



  • The Mighty Otonabee
























    ER ST E



  • BE CAREFUL!Festival Day activities primarily take place in Nicholls Oval, but were still really close to the Mighty Otonabee. The PFF implores all Festival attendees to be very careful around the river and throughout the Festival grounds. Parents are required to supervise their children AT ALL TIMES, even in the Children's Village.

    EVERYBODY (2006)

    The paper doll conceit was my first crack at trying to encapsulate the fun, friendly and folksy nature of the PFF; under the artistic direction of Mike Martyn, the flavour of the fest this year was world music. The challenge: to represent the whole skittles rainbow of people from a common, repeatable template. This design was quickly parodied, which tickled me to no end.

    CROCHET WITH ALISSA PAXTON2pmAlissa teaches crochet with the gentlest humour and everlasting patience, so the even the beginner with two left thumbs can master that all-important first chain, taking the first steps along that glorious pathway to ponchos, flowers, purses and more.

    Festival Day, 2pm-4pm

    KNITTING WITH BRIDGET ALLIN3pmJoin Bridget Allin, proprietor of Needles in the Hay, for a little Saturday afternoon knitting. Pick your needles up, and put your feet up as Bridget shares her passion for crafting.

    ATELIER LUDMILAS PUPPET LABORATORY3:30pmCome on down to Atelier Ludmilas Puppet Laboratory to create Moveable Feats of Artistry - for you to keep! Visit our large puppets, build your own puppets, and learn how to make the creatures youve built dance and fly! Atelier Ludmila is a performance-based production house and research lab invested in making art big with the public.

    Craft Stage

  • WORKSHOP DAY12 noonFIDDLE JAM WITH MICHAEL KETEMER All welcome to listen and join in as Michael leads this intermediate to advanced session for traditional music players (not just fiddlers)! Not a taught workshop, but a musical gathering in the style of traditional pub ses-sions though minus the beer! The first hour will be a slow jam for intermediate players, and get up to speed as the second hour kicks in, depending on the mood and skills of the participants.

    1pmNEEDLE FELTING WITH LAURA MURRAY Come and experience the free flow of needle felting. Using a piece of felt as your canvas, a single barbed needle as your brush, and a colourful range of wool roving as your paint you will create your very own masterpiece. Simple, expressive and totally addictive, this workshop will be fun for all and most suitable to adults or kids ages 8 and up.

    DRUM CIRCLE WITH GREG ROY A facilitated drum circle for all to join there may be a few drums on hand to try, but please bring em if youve got em!

    2pmUKULELE WITH LESTER ALFONSO Unlock your hearts with a ukulele. Explore DIY folk music together with Lester Alfonso and use the ukulele as a tool for raw expression. Filmmaker, video artist and ukulele enthusiast, Lester Alfonso is the resident artist at MAP (Media Arts Peterborough) and also hosts an all ukulele radio show Wednesdays at 5pm on Trent Radio 92.7FM.

    LEARN-TO-CROCHET WITH ALISSA PAXTON Alissa teaches crochet with the gentlest humour and everlasting patience, so the even the beginner with two left thumbs can master that all-important first chain, taking the first steps along that glorious pathway to ponchos, flowers, purses and more.

    3pmDROP-IN KNITTING CIRCLE WITH MONICA VEREANA WILLIAMS Monica Vereana Williams is a local knitter and cro-cheter who teaches classes at Needles in the Hay, as well as privately. Monica will conduct this workshop to show beginners the basics, help out more experienced knitters with complicated stitches and patterns, and introduce all fibre enthusiasts to the various events available in the greater Peterborough community.

    BELLYDANCE WITH JANEL JARVIS With live percussion by Greg Roy (to be confirmed).Learn some of the basic steps and movements of traditional bellydance! Suitable for men and women, bellydance is a gentle way to be active and have fun.

    4pmINSTANT CHOIR WITH CURTIS DRIEDGER A PFF Sunday tradition! Whether you consider yourself a shower-only singer, or have been in choirs since child-hood, come out and join in Curtis will have everyone comfortable and laughing and singing together by 2 minutes past 4, if not sooner. In harmony!

    BLUES JAM WITH THE 24TH STREET WAILERS Join award-winning Saturday main stage hits The 24th Street Wailers for a Sunday afternoon blues jam. End the weekend on a high-note!

    Sunday, August 25th @ Millennium Park 12-5pm

    Workshops(by the Silver Bean Caf)

    Putting the folk (thats you) in folk festival, Sunday is PFFs do-it-yourself day, when you get hands-on and up-

    close crafting, making music, exploring movement and more, with some of our

    finest musicians, dancers and artists. Curious onlookers and hangers-out on the grass are most welcome, of course,

    but we encourage you to participate: our workshops are beginner-friendly, family-

    friendly, fun and FREE!

  • THE WOODEN SKY - Trying to nail down the disparate genres explored by the Wooden Sky isnt an easy task. When pressed, the band tosses out tags like folk rock, but the words dont hint at the nuances in their sound. The Wooden Sky, which began as a school project for lead- singer/ songwriter Gavin Gardiner, have earned Juno and Polaris Prize nominations for their album Every Child a Daughter, Every Moon a Sun (2012) and have one of the most exciting live shows in Canadian music. Dont miss it!

    DANIEL ROMANO & THE TRILLIUMS - Daniel Romano is a songwriter who channels country crooning and hard luck storytelling with cinematic fidelity. While references to marquee names like Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard are apparent in Romanos music, the obvious influences certainly dont demystify his talent. His take on the golden age of country music is much more than a revivalist mission; Romano works with equal parts authenticity and creativity, and his musical world is rich with archetypes and archrivals, wry observations and earnest confessions.

    THE 24TH STREET WAILERS are a band that break all the rules. Lindsay Beaver is a firehaired gut bucket singer/drummer who fronts the band, who at first glance are anything but the norm. Emily Burgess on lead guitar may appear to be shy however her playing is both thoughtful and explosive. Saxophonist Jon Wong is a second generation Chinese Canadian who is a modern day version of a 50s Rock n Roller. Rounding out the group is Lindsays Husband Michael Archer, a country boy at heart that turns his Harmony bass into a sound so big youll feel it in your soul. They truly are one of the most original and exciting bands on the scene today

    EXPRESS & CO is the musical project of our PFF 2013 Emerging Artist Dylan Ireland. Dylan Ireland and his band debuted their full length album Ontario this year, which embraces sounds of traditional Canadian roots rock, and tells the story of generations brought together by music. Theyve had a banner year, with larger Canadian tours and love from CBC radio under their belt. Express & Co features our PFF 2011 Emerging Artist, Melissa Payne, as well as Liam Wilson and Joe Hay.

    RAE SPOON - With a voice as big as the prairie sky, transgender musician and author Rae Spoon has a story like no other. My Prairie Home, Rae Spoons latest album, explores the meaning of home when it is no longer a place one can return to. Having started out as a country artist and later adding experimental and electronic elements into their music, Rae Spoon has released seven solo albums and three collaborative albums over the past ten years. Rae is on their way to being a legendary songwriter, their skills are boundless and their performance is something you definitely do not want to miss.

    JENNIFER CASTLE says that she takes the world very seriously, while believing very much in impossible things. This idea of being rooted in the real world yet still free to soar in the ether of daydreams offers insight into the contradictory and alluring world of Jennifer Castle. After lending her unmistakable voice to a diverse list of recordings including The Constantines Kensington Heights, Fucked Ups Year of the Pig and David Comes to Life, Jennifer Castle now brings her timeless take on folk music to the world under her own name for the first time. One of Canadas best kept secrets, Castle has managed to stay low-key and grounded in Toronto, Ontario, quietly crafting songs that capture the wonder of those impossible visions.



    When Candace Shaw took over the reigns, she gave me carte blanche to follow my whimsy wherever it lead. It lead to dragons and aliens, apparently. I still love the concept, particularly the idea of six posters that con-nect to form one festival super-poster, but in the reflecting pool of time, its super weird. Happily, not the weirdest.

  • OLENKA AND THE AUTMN LOVERS are Folk writ large. Adding orchestral instrumentation, country twang and Eastern European flourishes to intricate and heartfelt folk-pop, they make worlds collide. In their brand of the peoples music, they mingle wistful reflection with aggressive social commentary.

    JOS FORTIN - Born into a household of theatre actors and musicians, Joseph Fortin is well at home with a guitar on his lap and a pen in his hand and after fronting a rock group for several years, Jos. began to find his songbook cracking at the spine with songs that didnt suit the band. Rather than letting these songs fade and sit on the shelf, Jos. opted to focus in on what seemed to be the oddities of his writing and produced his critically acclaimed album Typewriter. Jos Fortin was the PFF Emerging Artist in 2012.

    MICHAEL C. DUGUAY, formerly known as Peterboroughs preeminent ubiquitous scenester, currently resides in a basement apartment in Sackville, New Brunswick. Known for his work with a multitude of critically acclaimed Canadian recording and performing artists, Michael released his first full length album, Heavy on the Glory, in Novemeber, 2012, to rave reviews in the misinformed American Christian radio circuit. A powerful live performer, Michael always appears onstage with the finest of company. His performance at this years Peterborough Folk Festival will see him supported by 2011 PFF Emerging Artist, Melissa Payne, and this years Emerging Artist, Dylan Ireland. Michael is widely considered to be this years unofficial Submerging Artist.

    LEANNE BETASAMOSAKE SIMPSON is a writer, scholar, storyteller and spoken word artist of Michi Saagiig Nishnaabeg ancestry and is a member of Alderville First Nation. Leanne has worked with Indigenous communities and organizations across Canada and internationally over the past 15 years on environmental, governance and political issues. She will be performing poetry accompanied by musicians from her upcoming work Island of Decolonial Love.

    LAL - Formed in 1998 by the dynamic duo of poet, lyricist, activist, singer and Bengali-rooted tough-guy Rosina Kazi and her life partner, producer, sound designer, philosopher, aphorismist and Barbados-born king of chill, Nicholas Murray. LAL always proved hard to describe. Their musical experience is wide with Murr having been a member of the seminal hip hop collective, da Grass Roots and designed sound for theatre and film and Rosina singing on techno to hip hop tracks, both committing to bridging the gap between art and social justice.

    SHEESHAM AND LOTUS & SON - The end of the twentieth century saw the formation of Sheesham and Lotus, a simple musical duo whose main concern was to revive fiddle music and good-time songs of years past. They have become one of the most popular Old-time acts in Canada and were proud to have them perform and host at this years Peterborough Folk Festival.

    CLOCKTOWER DECO (2008-09)

    Conceived with The Logo of Forever, I carried this style for two years of festival design. A bit arch and distant, in some ways it was a personal reaction to the super weird of the previous year.


    After years of a more reserved style, I wanted to go back to my first love: illustration. I like these guys, but really, I was just paving the way for my triumphant return to weird.

  • THE CHARMING RUINS - Playing mostly around central and eastern Canada, Charming Ruins have become known for an exciting live show full of heavy riffs, bluesy licks and tight harmonies. This two-piece rock band packs a big loud punch in their live shows. Their anticipated debut full-length album is set to be release sometime in the next year. Theyre one of the most exciting new bands in Peterborough!

    SEAN CONWAY is an entertainer from Curve Lake First Nation, currently residing in Peterborough, Ontario. He was the PFF Emerging Artist in 2008 and is an avid musical explorer bridging classic country music, rockabilly and jazz as a guitarist, singer, songwriter and bandleader. From his stark intensity to his relentless humour, he takes his audience through his shows with grace and poignance. Come see him by himself, or with his band - Either way this lovely performer is sure to make you laugh, dance and carry-on.

    HOLLOW HILLS is a weird percussion duo made up of Charlie Glasspool and Paul Vernon. Charlie is a founding member of Peterboroughs legendary tin-can orchestra, the Silverhearts. He is known to climb atop tables (or rafters, when available) and blare his trumpet, or tickle the ivories onstage in unison with his swinging hips. In Hollow Hills, Charlie is joined by the incredibly talented and handsome Paul Vernon, who has played drums and percussion on countless, important Canadian recordings. Not to be missed!

    THE GREY KINGDOM - Consider the tales of Spencer Burton, who feels, writes and sings under the monkier of Grey Kingdom. He has a hankering for travel, eating pie and hunting for edible mushrooms. He spent his twenties playing in critically lauded Attack in Black. He has a dog called Bucky. He loves Lord of the Rings. He is an incredible storyteller that will make you laugh and make you cry. While his songs are often reflective and sometimes shrewd, the Grey Kingdom is one heck of a dude.

    BLUES IN THE BOTTLE is a jug band from Peterborough, Ontario. Equally at home entertaining cynical young people, dissolute middle-aged folks, wide-eyed children and grateful elders, Blues in the Bottle seeks to share the haunted euphoria and strange mythos of tobacco-chewing roosters, France-visiting corpses, and other gritty magic that is jug band music. With a core membership of three folklorists/multi-instrumentalists Aaron Cavon, Dave Tough and John Mather and assorted friends, the band re-creates the texture and spirit of these early jug bands, while also paying homage to the revivalists of the 1960s and the musical lineage bringing us to the present day.

    Artists, continued

    SQUIDDIES (2011)

    This might be my favourite year, because it is so emblematic of why this has been one of the best gigs of my life. Most of the time, I work under the direction of clients who have specific ideas of what they want, as they should. But the festival gave me absolute freedom to create whatever I wanted and never, ever asked me to tone it down. I am profoundly grateful, now and forever.

  • Food VillageEnjoy our shady food village near the Publican Pavilion: meet your neighbours at our picnic tables, taste something new!

    FLYING CHESTNUT (SHAWN ADLER)A returning festival favourite! Indian tacos with Grey County-raised beef, vegetarian Indian tacos, dessert tacos.

    KYOTO COFFEEEnjoy fresh-roasted coffee, Traviss fresh-squeezed lem-onade, iced coffee made from scratch. Environmentally-friendly, ethical small-batch roasters. Bio-degradable packaging.

    MCFARLANES HOTDOG CARTAll-beef hotdogs, Debrezini mild sausages and Yves jumbo veggie dogs, a wide assortment of toppings and refreshments as well.

    NIGHT KITCHENHand-made with local ingredients, wood-fired pizza never tasted so good. Straight out of our brand new, mobile, wood-fired oven!

    THE TASTE OF RUSSIAAuthentic, Eastern European cuisine: cabbage rolls, potato-cheese perogies, apple dumplings and more!

    ...and more!

    REUSABLE DISHES Be sure to visit the reusable dish station in our food village to pick up your dishes/cutlery for a refundable deposit of $2.

    NO PLASTIC BOTTLESWere continuing a ban on plastic water bottles in the park on the festival day. Bring your own bottle, cup, jug or jar and refill it at our water stations all day.

    RECYCLINGLook out for the recycling sta-tions at the festival. Only you can help us reduce the amount that gets thrown in the landfill after the festival.

    Keeping it GREENOur mission is to eventually be a 100% waste-free festival. Help us show respect for each other, our community and our planet by participating in our festival greening initiatives.

    Festival Day, 11am-8pm


    * Beer tickets on sale til 10pm next to the Publican Pavilion

    11am-7pm next to the Publican Pavillion

    7- 11pm next to the Festival Stage

    The (incredible moving) Emporium

  • Artisan Village Welcome to the Peterborough Folk Festival, where music, food, craft and visual arts come together under the sky at Nicholls Oval. Make sure to take a stroll through the artisan village, speak to the vendors and see their lovely hand-made goods up close. Its a great opportunity to make a personal connection to some of the talented crafts-people in our community see their creations, ask ques-tions and get some valuable insight into the work that they produce. We pride ourselves on bring-ing together a diverse selection of locally-made items, and we are sure you will find something special to take home as a memory of a great day of music, art and community.

    Artisan Village Coordinators, Alana Farmer and Jeff Macklin

    BABAR TOO CO Clea Sophia Rains was always creating and selling ever since a child, and has been building a local business of fine quality goods in the Kawarthas for 3 years. Originally from the Muskokas, Clea holds an honours business degree and loves to travel the world.

    BREEZE HOME COLLECTION Breeze Home is a design company run by interior decorator Diane White. After having a storefront for many years, Diane now lives in Peterborough and offers decorating services and fine handmade jewellery made by North American artisans. The five artisans featured at the Folk Festival work in precious metals, glass and recycled natural products.

    ELDERBERRY HERBALS Marianne Beacon has been on a healers journey for 20 years. Blending experience, practice, and study from herbal-ism, reiki, bowen therapy and transpersonal psychotherapy, she continually strives to support her clients and students in bringing the change they want to see in their lives. Working from the ground up, she grows, harvests, formulates and produces her products using plants that grow right here.

    FULLIN WOOLENS A love of colour, funk and strong tactile tendencies have brought me to the world of wool, specifically dyeing, spinning and felting. I am dazzled by the magic of taking wool and using the very essence of its nature to create a totally new material from it! It is my passion and purpose to maintain the heart of the ancient crafts of spinning and felting, while simultaneously learning new ways to push the boundaries!

    FUSED GLASS BY DAWN Dawn Damiany has been working with fused glass making pendants and various pieces of jewelry. Her new designs now include upcycling found glass bottles and other objects.

    HANGING WOODSHUKS We work with natural materials from the earth, adorned with a touch of bling. Inspired by the Inukshuks from the Arctic regions of Canada, we created our own similar rep-resentations made from driftwood. Vintage jewelry, beads, gem stones and other unique articles have been recycled and added to the tumbled and turned branches washed up on the shores of streams, lakes, and oceans, and turned into hanging works of art that we call Woodshuks.

    I LUV MY LUNCH BAG BY KRIS I am new to the craft sale community and hope the Peter-borough Folk Festival visitors find my lunch bags as pretty and functional as my friends and co-workers do. I sew only one of each print so that they are one-of-a-kind. They are insulated and lined and come in a variety of colours and themes. Please visit my booth and have a look for yourself.

    JACKSON CREEK PRESS Ive been making things in my small letterpress shop since 2005. I use a FAG Standard TP550 proofing press and an 1890 Ben Franklin Gordon platen press for all the things you see here. Everything is hand printed, either hand-cranked or foot treadled.

    LAFFIN the DARK LAFFIN the DARK. Long time summer residents of Stoney Lake. Specializing in nature photography and unique home accents.

    LORRAINE HENNESSEY I love being an artisan vendor at the Peterborough Folk Festival; its always been a good experience. My first line of jewellery reflects my lifelong fascination with stones and their folklore. Its interesting how people are drawn to cer-tain stones. My second line of jewellery reflects my interest in contemporary fashion history while reworking yard sale treasures into wearable art.

    Festival Day, 11am-7pm

  • MERMAID SPRINGS POTTERY Lisas pottery is made on the potters wheel from stoneware clay. Her interest in ancient Pagan cultures has led her to decorate her pots with Goddesses, dragons, and sea priestesses. She also loves cats which climb up the sides of her pieces. Lisas popular items include her Goddesses goblets, mermaid mugs, dragon bowls, and cat plates. Lisa lives in Kitchener where she teaches pottery classes out of her home.

    NAMA NATURALS Formerly Amedaya Natural Bodycare, Nama Naturals is a Canadian business founded by Vanessa Saunders af-ter being disheartened by how many chemically-laden cosmetics including baby products were out in the marketplace. Utilizing her background in plant biology and chemistry, she set out to find the most therapeutic raw materials nature has to offer, and develop products which not only impart their healing qualities but are also a true pleasure for the senses

    NORTHUMBERLAND SOAPWORKS An avid gardener, Nancy Gagne creates 100 natural, cold-process soaps and herbal skin care using plants from her gardens and local ingredients such as bees-wax, honey and goats milk. Colour, texture and scent are created with herbs, grains, clays and pure essential oils.

    ORGANIZED CHAOS CREATIONS FACE AND BODY ART Self-taught artist and costume designer. Raised in Peterborough and now raising my daughter here.

    OTONABEE APIARY OtonaBEE Apiary bees service the fields and forests of Otonabee, Asphodel, Dummer and Duoro Townships, bringing in a rich, flavoured honey based on the local flora. Enjoy local honey, as the bee makes it!

    PHILL STONE SALES Handcrafting bird houses and feeders for the last twenty years out of natural materials.

    PLACE IN NATURE STUDIOS Heathyr Francis strives to balance science and art in her works that can be placed in nature, the guiding principle for her ceramics studio. Experience and experimentation has drawn her out of the world of re-search and into clay where she creates unique garden dcor, specializing in works that offer backyard toads a home in your garden! To find your Place In Nature, visit

    RANDOM PRETTY THINGS All of my creations are designed with the same main purpose - to put smiles on faces! I try to take all of the things that I feel are one way tickets to Happyville (shiny things, fluffy things, bright happy colours and goofy one toothed monsters, to name just a few) and cleverly slip them into everyday life. Be it candy-inspired glass jewellery or a three eyed alien tea cozy, you are sure to find some Random Pretty Things to bring smiles to your everyday life!

    RAYS ROOTWORKS Handmade musical instruments created with the intention of connecting on a healing level. These instruments were designed to explore new sounds and tones. Plus given an artistic spin to make them one of a kind.

    ROGUE GOAT Wood combines with leather, sterling silver, vintage and upholstery fabrics, and hand spun wool for a beautiful col-lection of necklaces, earrings, belt buckles, cuffs, handbags and wall art. Simple, evocative designs with an organic yet contemporary appealRogue Goat.

    ROWAN TREE BODY CARE Rowan Tree Body Care is the endeavor of Rachel Baklinski to provide all-natural and organic body care products for her family and others. She uses only the highest quality natural and organic ingredients in her herbal salves, body oils, lip balms, creams, and butters for mother and child.

    SHAKTIDANCER Dress up, dress down. Shaktidancer is a cellabration of handmade accessories and upcycled clothes. Designed for adventure. Find your unique style, a costume for your next gig or take a walk on the wild side.

    SIMPLY SOAP CANADA Always experimenting with natural elements, I turned my attentions to making soap and similar products for sale. Having grown up with a variety of pets from hamsters to horses, I do not use animal products in my soaps and only use beeswax and lanolin in some of the skin care products. I continue to explore new ways to create products that are simple, natural, and earth-friendly.

    SUES OWLINGS, AND MYSTAINEDGLASS Sue went to high school and college in Peterborough. In Toronto she worked as a Librarian for the Toronto Public Library, and since retirement has taken up new hobbies and interest and her Wise Owl collection is a central focus. Don has been creating stained glass window hangings for about eight years, with the emphasis on Leaded Glass for the last four years.

  • SUPERHOOPS Basia Baklinski is a Peterborough-based hula hoop fitness instructor and hoop maker who offers classes and sells hand-made hula hoops. She has been recognized as the main force in bringing hooping as aerobic exercise to the Peterborough area. Her hoops can be purchased at the Peterborough Farmers Market, at various farmers markets throughout the Kawarthas and GTA, and at craft and music festivals throughout southern Ontario.


    THE PINK SQUIRREL Specializing in upcycled, recycled and altered pendants, The Pink Squirrel creates fun & affordable items for everyone. Vintage game pieces, glass tiles, hardware washers, chop-sticks and bottlecaps are among the upcycled, repurposed, and altered items being turned into unique & fun fashion accessories. The Pink Squirrel also makes household decor items, including ceramic tile coasters & trivets and deco-rated switchplate covers.

    THIS OLD FLAME Peterboroughs Melodie McCullough hand-crafts her beeswax candles in all shapes and sizes, and decorates them with flowers from her garden, and other creative de-coupage and designs. No scents or dyes are used. The pure Ontario beeswax candle is the all-natural, healthy choice for lighting your home.

    WANDS AND WHIMSY Years of experience in many different art mediums all lead to this: the earths gems and metals manipulated to be-come sculptural inspirational objects to wear, use, or display. I continue to be enchanted.

    WOODWORKING BY GREG Greg is a local wood turner with medieval inspired designs. Turned wooden cups and bowls, salt & pepper shakers, and Christmas ornaments and more. Nearly everything that I make is finished with a hand-rubbed natural hemp seed oil & beeswax and is food safe. My inspiration and design ideas come from the medieval period in England, especially the Vikings through to the Tudors. Custom commissions happily accepted. Located in Peterborough and available online.

    THE SOCIETY FOR CREATIVE ANACHRONISM (SCA) CANTON OF PETREA THULE The Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is an interna-tional non-profit educational organization dedicated to researching and recreating pre17th century European history. We study and re-create life in the Middle Ages with an emphasis on participation. Our interests include medieval combat, archery, clothing, dancing, feasting, and much more. The Canton of Petrea Thule is the branch of the SCA for Central Ontario and the Kawartha Highlands and is based in Peterborough, Ontario. (Though theyre not here to sell their wares, there are loads of talented artisans among our friends in the SCA.)

    Artisan Village, continued

    SON OF DRAGON (2012)

    Bringing forward the squiddies and harkening back to the festival dragon of 2007, this was a run at what I attempted this year, calling on my increasingly long history with the PFF.

  • The PFF is working on expanding its programming, from a three-day festival to an organization that thrives year-round. Weve hosted workshops on music marketing, presented a youth songwriting and performance workshop series, and run winter concerts.

    Were already thinking of our 2013/14 winter concert series (starting with Geoff Berner, Washboard Hank, and maybe a certain Artistic Director at The Spill on November 8), so watch for updates on Keep your ears warm and your eyes bright with the Peterborough Folk Festival this winter!

    Its not over when its over...

    Peterborough Folk Festival in the Community 2013-14



    ENTERPRISE RENT-A-CARTEL: (705) 745-7275FAX: (705)

    1495 Lansdowne St. West Peterborough, ON K9J 7M3


    And here we are. This year I wanted to say goodbye to everybody I had met along the way. Its also a way to clean house before the festival celebrates its 25th anniversary next year the way forward should look forward, not back (excepting, of course, THE LOGO).

    If you are an artist or designer, I urge you to contact the festival and express your interest. It is not easy. So few things with the power to change you, shape you, are.

    Thank you, Peterborough. Thank you, Folk Festival. Thank you Board for your continued interest and support; thank you everyone for your kind and constructive

    comments over the years. Thank you Candace and Ashley, especially, for your friendship, talent, endurance and grace.

    It has been a priviledge and a pleasure.

    Brendon Mroz, Design