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FRUITY SMOOTHIEJanar Saaron092624

ABOUT FRUITY SMOOTHIE Many people love smoothies, because they are healty, refreshing and tasty. It is fun to make smoothies, you can choose your favourite fruits, mix them up together and get always something different. People love the process of making smoothies. Thats why I would like to bring FRUITY SMOOTHIE to the market.ABOUT FRUITY SMOOTHIE FRUITY SMOOTHIE is a smoothie-machine. You can choose you favourite flavours, machine mixes them up together and you will get nice refrehing smoothie.These machines will be located mainly in super-markets and cafeterias. It is possible to order these machines to offices,schools,hospitals etc.

ABOUT The Machine First FRUITY SMOOTHIE specialists come and fill the machine up with different flavours. Very important is the fact, that this machine doesnt make smoothies from fruits, instead it mixes up different smoothies ( apple smoothe with orange smoothie etc.) On the machine, there is a touch- sensible menu, customers take their order by using that menu and after they have inserted money( doesnt apply to machines made for offices) into the machine, they will be rewarded with smoothie in a cup.ABOUT The Machine This machine has a very innovative touch sensible menu. Customers can make their favourite smoothie just by few clicks. On the top row, there are recommended smoothie-coctails,that are for customers who dont want to figure out their own coctails. On the bottom row, there are different flavours(up to 8) and a flavour of the month( gets renewed in every month). By clicking on any flavour, customer must choose the percentage of the flavour in their smoothie. So he/she can make a smoothie that consists 30% of apple,50% of strawberry and 20% of banana. Finally, if customer is ready to order, he/she clicks on Ready button, and after paying the needed money( depends on the size, small or big cup) their smoothie will run into their cup. The Menu

Target audience We try not to focus only oncertain target audience, butit is clear that smoothies arevery popular in women aged18-40 as women like to betrendy an smoothies aretrendy products, that reflectsa certain lifestyle. A lifestylethat you are healty and pure.

8Target audience We would like to make ourselves more aware to children and their parents. FRUITY SMOOTHIE machines have to be very colorful, customer friendly and interesting, in that way they attract children. If we promote our brand as a perfect healty drink for the people you care about, then we might affect parents also to buy our juice. Office workers are also our target audience, as they need some drink that would give them energy to live through the working days.

9Branding Activities We want to promote are brand as something that cares for our customers health. That is why we organize sport-days around the Estonia in the summer. They are free events for people of all ages. On these events there are lectures about health, interesting sport games and other amusing events. In hot summer days we have our booths in popular beaches, where customers can purchase cool smoothies. To attract little children, we form a group of actors, who start touring in Estonian schools, performing a play about healthy lifestyles10Branding Activities Our brand has a site on Facebook and Twitter. It also has its own homepage. On these online sites customers can get informed with news of our brand, they can see what is the flavour of the month, they can also suggest new flavours. There will be many games on facebook two, such as Tastiest smoothie coctail contest with rewarding prices. It is important for our brand to be trendy and to be on the focus as much as possible.11Conclusion FRUITY SMOOTHIE is a product that would have its place in Estonian market. This brand might succeed if the branding activity is strong and happens on regular basis. As Estonia is known for bad weather, then our people need the extra vitamins. Only question is, if these people will accept this brand and would they start using it. 12