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1. Exeters Global Initiatives 2. Student Curricular LearningHarkness OutreachFaculty Professional DevelopmentStudent Experiential Learning 3. Faculty Professional Development China, June 2012 4. I could not help but think how their lives might change if they hadeven a fraction of the resources available to them as their privateschool counterparts. Erica 5. I was supposedly going there to helpthem, but what I actually found was Ilearned more from them. 6. Even though I am back in my own world, I havemaintained what I learned from the Lakota culture and thechildren. Priya 14 7. Its easy to forget that these twoworlds are existing on the planet at thesame time. The experience of goingthere forces you to recognize theinterconnectedness of the world and totry to bridge that gap. Patrick 13


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