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  • The World is swiftly moving from an era where Business was the culture to an era where Culture is the Business.

  • In work- and in life in general-you need to pay the price of success before you get all the rewards due to you.

    Restaurant is the only place I know of where you get the good stuff first and then you pay the price.

    Just because you havent yet received the benefits of positive deeds that doesnt mean theyre not coming.INTRODUCTION

  • Youll always reap what you sow. Youll always get what you deserve.

    A great person in business or artist or scientist, none of them achieved what they did for the money. INTRODUCTION

  • INTRODUCTIONThink of Roosevelt or Mandela, Edison or Einstein or Mahatma Gandhi or Lal Bahadur Shastri. They were not driven by money but were driven by the challenges or purpose.

    Money is important as: - It brings freedom. - It decreases stress. - It allows you to take care of those you love.

    Money is the by-product of standing for the finest within you and doing some Seriously Exceptional Work.

  • You know the average life has only nine hundred sixty months or twenty-nine thousand days. It reminds us that the time to step up to real leadership is now.

    You dont need a title to show some leadership but need to remain only positively reinforced Positive Attitude.INTRODUCTION


    { Life is "now"

    { Time to do what you want to do is now

    { Desire to achieve

    { Committment to achieve

    { Capacity to get along with others

    { Clarity in target/goals


  • There's no disgrace in saying the first I failed which is just a fact of life but you should never say "I'm a failure" unless you've decided to give up.

  • A Failure fails to respond authentically & always afraid of FAILURE.Live in past.Feel sorry for oneself.Very prompt in shifting the responsibilities and blames on others.Has a narrow mindset and myopic view of things.CHARACTERISTICS OF A FAILURE

  • Success can be defined as..WORKING SMART, NOT HARD SUCCESS

  • SUCCESSFUL EXECUTIVEEnjoys, appreciates, and takes pride in work.Has a winning attitude.Is pragmatic and lives in today.Knows time management.Does not believe in chances & probability.Differentiates facts and views.Possess high level of Emotional Intelligence.

  • Our attitude in our personal life speaks volumes of our performance at work.It is both an attitude and a skill to succeed at any level. Our best evolves from our heart, not from our eyes.An emotional response clouds our judgment and creates guilt.There is no embarrassment in falling down, but problem is with not getting up and moving on is LIFE.POSITIVE ATTITUDE

  • Look for goodness in peopleBuild a positive Self EsteemAvoid Negative InfluencesWork on Continuous Self DevelopmentBUILDING POSITIVE ATTITUDE


  • Core competenciesLeadership - Open-mindedness- Adaptability- Good listening skills- Good negotiation skills- Retention and MotivationCOMPETENCE FOR GLOBAL MANAGER

  • Emotional Intelligence and Interpersonal Skills-Building emotional intelligence and improving emotional quotient-Good at taking diverse viewpoints- Relating well with people- Building relationships quickly, generating collaborations.- Ability to work with cross functional teams - Humility to learn and adapt

    Culture and Relationship- Sensitive to ones own culture and also to others culture


  • Specific competencies

    Domain expertiseKnowledge managementDeveloping organizational strategies and structureManaging Global information systemCOMPETENCE FOR GLOBAL MANAGER


  • No creature can fly with just one wing

    Gifted leadership occurs where heart & head - feelings and thought - meet


    Leaders shape the future and make it happen.They are the role models for values, ethics and inspiring trust at all levels and at all times.They develop mission, vision, values and ethics.They reinforce a culture of innovation, excellence and involvement.They ensure that organization is flexible and manages change effectively.CORE COMPETENCY

  • Seizing the opportunities for tomorrow. Raising the aspirations of followers. Dreaming the impossible and helping followers to achieve. Making people believe in themselves. Making people achieve miracles.


  • Leadership is Action,Not Position.

  • Leadership is showing the way by ones own example.

  • The very essence of leadership is that you have to have Vision.

  • If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more and do more, you are a leader.

    -- John Quincy Adams

  • If you lead the people with correctness, who will dare not to be correct.

  • All his lifetime, Shastri ji was known for honesty and humility.

    His simple lifestyle was reflective of his higher state of mind and the unsurpassed spirit of self-sacrifice.

  • Shastriji propagated -

    Jai Jawan, Jai KisanHail the soldier, Hail the farmerIf one person gives up one meal in a day, some other person gets his only meal of the day


  • Emotional Intelligence Sets Apart Good Leaders EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE

  • Emotional intelligence is the ability to sense, understand and effectively apply the power and acumen of Emotions.Emotional Intelligence

  • It is with the heart that one sees rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.

  • The problem is not with emotionality but with the appropriateness of emotions and its expression.The challenge is to manage our emotional life with intelligence.

  • Executive EQWith high IQ you get hired; with a high IQ you get promoted, with high IQ you can handle daily work routine. With high EQ, you can thrive during times of change.

    With high IQ, you can be an efficient professional manager. With high EQ you become a Great Leader.

  • Emotional Intelligence motivates us to pursue our unique potential and purpose.

    Emotions are inherently neither positive nor negative rather emotions are a source of human energy, authenticity and drive.

    Emotions keep you honest, with yourself, shapes trusting relationships, provide an inner compass for your life. EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE

  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE & INTELLIGENCE QUOTIENTIQ offers little to explain the different destines of people with roughly equal promises, schooling, and opportunity.

    95 Harvard students from classes of 1940s were followed into middle age. It was found that the men with the highest test scores in college were not particularly successful compared to their lower-scoring peers in terms of salary, productivity, or status in their own field. They also did not have the greatest life satisfaction nor high levels of happiness with friendships, family and romantic relationship.

  • BASIC EMOTIONSJoySurpriseSadnessAngerDisgustFear


    The art of relationship is mostly the skill of managing emotions in others.

    These are the abilities that enhance popularity, leadership, and interpersonal effectiveness.

    People who excel in these skills do well at anything that involves interacting with others and are social stars


    Helps not to run people down Assists to build up relations gradually Prompts to empathizeEI is Sensitive to the Motivation of Others

    Develops emotional bondage with people Count on People and trust them Respect others convictions and opinions

  • Managing ones own EmotionsEI is like a smoke alarm--were not good at influencing whether a particular emotion will arise. EI tells us something is arising.


  • It creates distinction between one organization & the other.It conveys a sense of identity for organization members.It facilitates the generation of commitments to something larger than ones individual self-interest.It enhances the stability of the social system.


  • Potential dysfunctional aspects of culture

    Barriers to changeBarriers of diversityBarriers to acquisitions


  • A new organizational culture must be developed to overcome barriers to change and renew - an attitude of commitment and cooperation.

  • *Create and maintain dynamic, performance-driven cultureNAPINO CULTURE

  • MISSION Our mission is to continuously strengthen and upgrade our manufacturing processes, quality systems and people competencies to achieve our Vision.

    Empowerment & delegationListening ability & willingnessHonoring commitment, accepting mistakesHarmony & Co-operationOpennessCORE VALUES WITHIN OUR MISSION

  • Napino core values are:

    Openness, Empowerment & delegation, Listening ability & willingness, Honoring commitment, Harmony & Co-operation. CORE VALUES OF NAPINO

  • Promotes high morale, peak performance and high productivity.

    To bring about a change of work culture, Managers must introspect, create and communicate the vision, elicit the desired response and empower people.POSITIVE WORK CULTURE


  • Leader is a peoples person, endowed with the gift of the gab and a personality that helps him adapt to different cultures in different countries.

    Americans have a direct, informal and a conversational approach a