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    What Conditions Make Global

    Leadership Capability Necessary? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5

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  • Perspective on Global CompetenciesCROSS CULTURAL UNDERSTANDING

    Logical Thinking, Analytical Skills

    Vision Setting, Ability to Abstract,Global Team Building

    Ethics, History,Religion, Philosophy









    What is Berlitz Global Leadership Training?

    Global Leadership capabilities are necessary for anyone who needs to work effectively with colleagues and teams from diverse backgrounds.

    Berlitz Global Leadership

    Training is a suite of

    capability development

    solutions which equips

    Global Leaders with the

    skills they need for global

    success. It provides

    personnel at all levels of

    an organization with the

    necessary communications,

    intercultural agility and

    inclusive leadership skills

    to successfully achieve their

    objectives in a complex

    global environment. For

    international success in the

    present day, Berlitz and its

    many clients understand

    that simply acquiring

    language skills is not

    enough. Once language

    skills are acquired, an

    additional layer of

    opportunities around

    contextual communication

    skills, managing diversity

    and inclusion, and

    leadership skills must

    be addressed.

    What is Global Leadership? Ask any group of people for a list of basic leadership traits

    and they will suggest competencies such as (but not

    necessarily limited to):

    Establishing Motivatingandavision mentoringpeople

    Defininga Critical commongoal thinkingskills

    Communication Businessacumenand skills contentknowledge

    among others, depending upon the context.

    However, each of these activities is made more complex and

    challenging when operating at a global level, where factors

    such as language, communication style, and culture come into

    play. Global Leaders need to be able to execute their leadership

    duties successfully with teams of people from highly

    diverse linguistic, cultural, ethical, religious and business

    practice backgrounds.

    The distinguishing factor of Global Leadership is the

    ability to recognize, adapt to and harness diversity and

    manage inclusion. The creation of Global Leadership

    capabilities at all levels of an organization is critical to success

    in a complex and fast-changing global business environment.

    3G L O B A L L E A D E R S H I P T R A I N I N G

  • 4 G L O B A L L E A D E R S H I P T R A I N I N G

    Leadership is a process of social influence in which one person is able to enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task.

    An Integrative Theory of Leadership, 1997, Dr. Martin Chemers, University of California, Santa Cruz

    If leadership is a process,

    it then can be considered as

    a set of ongoing activities,

    which are learnable, and can

    be practised. One person

    might be able to enlist the aid

    and support of others but

    achieving this is never

    guaranteed. In order to

    accomplish this successfully,

    there are approaches which

    leaders can acquire to

    increase their chances of

    enlisting others help and

    support. Leadership is

    primarily a social and

    therefore human and

    cultural activity.

    Global Leadership

    responsibility has traditionally

    been considered the preserve

    of the select group of people

    within an organization whose

    job titles contain words like

    Chief, Officer, or Vice

    President. These executives

    understand, however, that

    they cannot drive change

    alone. To truly drive change,

    all levels of an institution

    need to develop appropriate

    Global Leadership capability.

    Enlisting the aid and

    support of others in

    the accomplishment

    of a common task is

    not limited to senior

    management everyone

    in an organization needs

    to be able to do this.

    Global Leadership has

    as much to do with human

    interaction as it does with


    In organizations using matrix

    reporting structures, this is

    particularly true the relative

    seniority of an individual may

    change, depending on what

    virtual team or project they

    happen to be working on, so

    hierarchical lines can become

    blurred. What matters most

    is the ability of individuals

    and teams to successfully

    work together across

    linguistic and cultural


    In order to establish,

    communicate and share

    a vision, promote critical

    thinking and motivate

    others towards doing

    the same in a global,

    multicultural context,

    Global Leadership

    Capability is required.

    A Global Leader is

    an individual with the

    language, communication,

    multicultural, inclusive,

    and technical competencies

    necessary to enlist the

    aid and support of others

    from diverse cultural

    backgrounds in a global

    environment and is

    not necessarily defined

    by hierarchy, rank

    or pay grade.

    Who In An Organization Needs Global Leadership Capability?

  • Organizations (and the individuals and teams within them) striving for success in todays

    globalized world face an increasingly complex set of challenges. These challenges relate both to

    their external environment and to internal considerations.

    5G L O B A L L E A D E R S H I P T R A I N I N G

    What Conditions Make Global Leadership Capability Necessary?

    These conditions mean that

    people with leadership responsibility

    operating within a global environ-

    ment cannot afford to allow a lack

    of Global Leadership capability to

    delay action, delivery, or contribute

    to lost business opportunities.

    The answer to successfully

    embracing and overcoming these

    challenges does not lie solely in

    harnessing technology, innovation

    and process integration. In recent

    years, a lack of Global Leadership

    capability to effect change within

    organizations has replaced

    technology and innovation as the

    overriding concern cited by CEOs

    and senior managers. Within world-

    wide labor markets, competition is

    intensifying between (and within)

    organizations for Global Leadership

    capability and experience.

    The ability to operate successfully

    at a global level is a differentiating

    factor for organizations in their

    marketplaces, for teams within their

    organizations, and for individuals in

    their own careers.

    The differentiating factor for

    Global Ready Leaders, Global

    Ready Teams, and Global Ready

    Workforces is the ability to manage

    and harness diversity and inclusion

    in Communications, Culture,

    and Leadership.

    Factors such as:











    Mean that:





  • 6 G L O B A L L E A D E R S H I P T R A I N I N G

    Where Are Global Leadership Capabilities Important?

    Organizations where ambiguity is a defining

    characteristic of the working environment

    and in which individuals need the skill set

    and outlook to successfully operate within



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