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Evaluation 2

Q2. How does your media product represent particular social group?I was immensely inspired by this movie A Walk to Remember, therefore, I decided to represent the same social group in my final product, that has been intelligently covered in this movie. However, it was not that much easy and near to impossible because of multiple reasons.


In A Walk To Remember various social groups have been represented, as it was a romantic drama movie dealing with the themes of teenage plights, school life, love, faith, and then, turning towards an unexpected sad twist with lots of lessons (death of the protagonist), in order to fulfill the demands of these themes different people from different cultures, and age groups and from different social groups have been shown. For example: students (teens, further divided according to their ethnicity, like Eric), teachers and parents (people belonging to the middle age group), and the list goes on.

It is easy to cover a vast variety of social groups and represent them with great precision in a two hour long film, but is extremely difficult to cover in the first two minutes of an opening sequence. However, Ive tried to cover that social group in my final product, which has been represented in the opening of my inspirational movie- teenagers!

In my final product, Ive introduced my target audience to two teenagers, who are Asians and fall under the age group of 16-19 years. The male protagonist represents the image of cool, broad, sophisticated, rich spoilt brat. Whereas, the girl (the heroine) is a pure example of sweet, innocent stereotypical heroine, who has all the girly attributes which the target audience of romantic drama genre finds extremely interesting, sweet and lovely. However, this gives a chick-flick attribute to the product as well. Through, the costumes used this feature is also highlighted that the characters of the story belong to the upper or at least middle class, which is also a stereotypical representation of particular groups for specific story lines.