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How does your media product represent particular social groups?

How does your media product represent particular social groups?Group 16, Media AS Film The Loser

Similar Protagonist In Other Films

The main protagonist in my media product follows all the norms of a normal movie geek. The character is very clumsy and socially inept. The character helps to represent a wide audience as he is a white, middle of the road, young male.The costume of the character is also fitting with the stereotype of a movie geek as it is over smart for the company he keeps which gives the impression of not only trying to hard but is the polar opposite to his best friend which leads to humorous clashes.Similar Sidekick Characters In Other Films/TV Shows

The sidekick character in my media product is very simpler to the ones in modern British comedies. That is that he is very vulgar in language and blunt about most things.The costume of the character helps to represent particular social groups as he is dressed very working class(ie.Hoody and trainers)Similar Female Characters In Films/TV Shows

We used a very typical female role that would be found in a rom-com, that is one that would be popular and perhaps even vain. Meaning that the protagonist would have to prove himself worthy to get the girl. When considering costume we just picked fashionable clothes that would reflect the personality of the character.The main social groups represented in my media product is the average teenager.I believe I represented most classes as the characters stretch from working class to middle class.The average age of a viewer of my media product would be similar to the age of the actors ranging from early teen to late teens.In terms of race the cast has been all white but would appeal to all race as it concentrates on universal comedy such as slap stick.

Representing Particular Social Groups.