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    CAMPUS SANTA FEHigh School and University

    Language Department

    English 5

    Course Code: Pi-5001 Units: 6

    Semester: August December 2010

    SYNTHETIC PROGRAM (General LanguageTopics):

    - Verb patterns- Vague language- Gerunds- Definite and zero articles- Passive voice- Past tenses- Reported Speech- Conditional conjunctions- Cohesive devices- Adverbs and adverbials- Would/Used to- Modals for obligation, necessity and deduction

    - Comparative patterns- Causatives (make/have/get)- Linking ideas (time contrast, reason, purpose,results, contrasting adding ideas- Unreal past forms- Perfect aspect- Conditionals- Compounds- Modality- Present forms


    Attendance & Punctuality1. Classes will start punctually at the hour designated.

    There is a 5 minute rule of tolerance in which you maystill enter the class while the attendance is being taken

    & the door remains open.Once the door is closed pleaseDO NOT INTERRUPT THE CLASS. Tardiness will not bepermitted.2. The attendance will be taken at the beginning or atthe end of the class. If at any point you leave theclassroom without any just cause or reason you will notbe permitted to re-enter the class and you shall have anabsence for that class even though you had been in theclass for some time.3. The class shall finish 5 minutes prior to the designatedhour. You will then be permitted to leave BUT NOT PRIOR

    TO THE 5 MINUTES.4. Absences cannot be justified for any reason.

    5.To have right to present the final exam, the studentrequires a minimum of 88% attendance throughout theentire course or requires an average of 83% or higherthroughout the course.6.Under no circumstances will a student who has SD (SINDERECHO be permitted to present the final exam due tothe number of absences they had accumulated exceedsthe course limit.7. In the case of illness a student must provide a valid

    doctors note within a maximum of 3 days tojustify his/her absences to Seguimiento Acadmicoto have the opportunity to submit any assignmentswhich were due during their illness.

    8. If the professor, does not appear in the scheduledclassroom on the scheduled time, the students are

    obliged to inform the corresponding department aboutthe incident and wait outside the classroom for furtherinstructions.9. The student is obliged to bring and use his/her ownset of headphones with microphone during the Labsession. The headphones must be purchased within thefirst two weeks of the semester. After that period oftime, the student will not be allowed to enter theclassroom without the corresponding set of headphoneswith microphone.

    Limit of Absences

    Limit of if average is

    lower than83%

    if average is

    83% orhigher


    Maximum of 10absences

    Maximum of 15absences

    Evaluation Policies

    1. The minimum grade to pass the course is 70%. If thestudent has a grade below 70% it is NOT A PASSINGGRADE.2. The partial exams will take place according to theofficial department calendar. Under no circumstances

    will these dates be changed.3. Under no circumstances will a student be able topresent the exam outside of the specified & scheduleddates established.

    4. The partial exams are written exams and are 50minutes long even though classes are Tuesdays and

    Thursdays.5. Under no circumstances will students be permitted tobe exempted from presenting the partial or final exams.6. Partial exams will be handed to students in a writtenform.7. If one the team members does not contribute equallyto the assignment, it is teams responsibility to informthe teacher about the incident. The teacher gathers thegroup to evaluate the situation. If the situation repeats,the student will be excluded form the team. After singingthe authorization, the student is obliged to finish the

    task individually and will be graded over 80. In no othercircumstance is individual work permitted.8. If justified, the student must obtain the justificationfrom the Departamento de Seguimiento Acadmico andhas 3 working days to accomplish the justificationprocess. Once missing 3 last days of the semester, themissing homework, activities, quizzes should be handedin during the final exam day.9. No delay in a collaborative work task is permitted.10. If a student has more than three partial exams onthe same day, he / she may ask (15 days in advance)Departamento de Seguimiento Acadmico to rescheduleone of the exams.11. The final exam is a cumulative exam, which coversmaterials from the entire semester and it is 2 hours

    long. Rescheduled exams will be more difficult.


    1. It is Strictly Forbidden to eat or drink in the classroom.2. It is not permitted to throw garbage on the floors or

    leave it on the chairs or desks in the classrooms. Thestudent must keep his/her desk clean, with no remainsof garbage in his/her area that they occupy. No one willbe permitted to leave the classroom until it is clean &tidy.3. Due to lack of respect toward your teacher or fellowclassmates actions shall be penalized following theReglamento General de Alumnos in accordance to the

    politics and Discipline stipulated by Direccin Acadmicade Preparatoria.4. Any damages to the schools facilities or property, inwhich a student is responsible for will be penalizedaccording to the Reglamento General de Alumnos.5. Classes are NOT PERMITTED to be Interrupted for anyreason the only exception is if it is done so by thepersonnel of Direccin General o Direccin Acadmicade Preparatoria.6. The student may not interrupt the class to hand in anygiven assignment.

    Presentations & the submission ofassignments & homework. (Readinformation on the High School webpage.)


  • 8/8/2019 Encuadre English 5 Ago-dic 10


    1. When a reading assignment is given, it should behanded in printed and proofread. If any of theserequirements is not fulfilled, the students will loose theright to attend that class.2. Homework assignments and partial projects should behanded in personally by the student and according tothe corresponding syllabus.3. If the student knows he / she will be absent on the dayan assignment is due, and wants to turn it inbeforehand, he / she must speak with the teacher, if notthe assignments wont be accepted.4. For any revision of the assignment grade, the studentmust present the corresponding assignment to the

    teacher, otherwise his claim will not be valid. Therefore,it is highly recommended that the student keeps all hisassignments until the end of the semester. The studentis responsible for picking up his assignments when theyare delivered.5. The format used in the course is MLA. If both, thereferences and bibliography do not fulfill the formatrequirements, the student will receive a D.A. whichequals a grade of 10 over 100.6. Policy for delivering assignmentsIt is a mandatory to print the assignments in reusedpaper or printed on both sides of the page, noassignment will be received if not delivered in thisformat. Drawings, writings, crossings and any other formof handwritten mark on the back of the pages wont be

    NOT considered as reused paper.7. According to the policies of the High school, CampusSanta Fe If the homework exercises are not to beconsidered as a study guide.8. In the delivery of homeworks, assignments, partial

    and final projects, for every spelling mistake half a pointwill be deducted (out of 100); in other works, 5 points forevery 10 mistakes, being 30 the maximum amount ofpoints you can loose for

    Tutoring1. Your professor has a schedule for tutoring. (You haveto make an appointment with him or her). In the caseyou have class at that hour, you can ask anotherprofessor for tutoring. Check the Department TutoringSchedule on the High School webpage.2. Tutoring sessions consist of resolving any studentdoubts in relation to any materials covered in class thatthe student had difficulty or lackedcomprehension of, under no circumstances are tutoring

    sessions to be used as make-up classes.3. It is the students responsibility to come prepared tothe tutoring session with all his/her course materials.4. It is forbidden to enquire tutoring the previous or theday of the partial or final exam.

    The discipline rules in class or on campus are based on:Reglamento General de alumnosReglamento General de Alumnoshttp://www.csf.itesm.mx/dae/rga/index.htmReglamento Acadmicohttp://www.ccm.itesm.mx/alumnos/archivos/reglamentopreparatoriaago07.pdf

    Important Dates&Evaluation

    Holidays: Sep 16th17th/ November 15th


    Please refer to Blackboard for the rubrics for each of theassignments.When submitting written partial projects use reusedpaper or use paper conservatively, by using both sidesof the paper (Single sided printed work will not beaccepted)

    If in a collaborative assignment one of the members ofthe team doesn t work actively, the team will be

    responsible, inadvance, of notifying the teacherwho will gettogether with thewhole team to solvethe issue. If theproblem persists,the student will beexcluded from the

    team and the teacher will have to notify him / her asking

    for the students signature. The student will then finishthe project on his / her own and the project will begraded over 80%. Under no other circumstances shallindividual work be permitted.1st Partial: You shall work in teams of 3-4 people.