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    Entrepreneurial HR Management

    The HR of Tomorrow

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    Who are we?

    EYs PeopleAdvisory Services (PAS)

    Analytics & Insight


















    w S




    Dr. Katharina Luh-Senior Manager- EY PAS Germany based

    Joelle Hobeica- Senior Manager- MENA Lead for the PAS Financial Sector- Qatar based

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    Why are we here and What we are discussing today?



    Frequently Asked Questions and Entrepreneurial Challenges

    The ONE Employee Organization: Moving Part of Todays HR world

    HR Strategies for SMEs and Start-ups

    Lets Connect





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    Source, Attract, Recruit, Assess, Develop, Retain

    Are inflated salaries

    the answer?

    Is social media the answer?

    Talent pool size? Talent sourcing?Talent attraction?Talent management?Talent development?

    Is flexibility and culture the answer?


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    Entrepreneurial concerns and challenges (Please answer using Zeetings)

    What is THE BEST talent source?

    A- Channels: universities, recruitment campaigns, job fairs, people events

    B- References, social media and short assignments

    C- Depends on my industry

    How shall I pay/market position?

    A- Highest in the market to reflect: aggressiveness and competition

    B- Lowest in the market; its justified Im an SME

    C- Market value for the position based on its weight

    How can I be an employer of choice?

    A- Make employees happy through continuously incentivizing them

    B- Give them a lot of benefits that do not cost much

    C- Create the act as an entrepreneur culture

    What should my structure look like?

    A- Comprise all capabilities needed to deliver the strategy; even if bureaucratic

    B- Lean structure to reduce cost

    C- Full fledged structure but set in a staged out model

    What should my operating model be?

    A- Do everything in-house; why pay outsourcing services?

    B- Do nothing in-house; reduces fixed cost

    C- Keep some and outsource others

    What do I outsource?

    A- All tasks that are hard and I feel I cannot do and do not have the internal capability to do

    B- All tasks that are easy but time consuming

    C- No tasks that have financial risks and implications

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    Moving part of todays

    HR world.

    The One Employee Organization

    1. One Employee

    Be your own boss Face variety of tasks Simple (statutory) requirements

    What does it mean when everything is centred around me?

    2. Make or Buy

    Find support Invest in manpower Structure human resources

    When the time comes where do I get


    What do I need to do if I decide to build a

    team?3. Employing

    Build a team Find personal fit and DNA factor Empower employees

    4. Team Culture

    Live open communication

    Create healthy


    Give incentives

    How do I manage my employees?

    5. Leadership

    Evolve your role Transfer decision-making

    How does my roles evolves over time?

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    Disruptive forces are challenging SMEs and organizations to reassess and consider new transformation plays

    Geo-political chaos:

    East vs. West,Rising tensions

    with Middle East


    Dollar/oil turbulence:

    Financial turmoil


    Increasing globalisation:Borderless and



    Demographic shift:

    Diversity, inclusiveness,

    Gen Y


    Digital: Innovation, digital,

    rise of robots


    These forces generate challenges for leaders, creating the imperative to be agile, innovative, and transform in differentiated ways

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    VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity

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    Putting tangibility to the intangible Flexible SME HR Strategy

    Purpose-Led HR Strategy and a Lean Organization Design

    The HR Value Proposition

    Learning through fun and performing through wellbeing and


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    Breakout Sessions: 5 minutes

    A group of 4 started a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software whose aim is to support organizations; mostly in the insurance and financial sector; in managing their customer

    relationships, portfolio, and experiences.

    Upon broadening their service offerings across organizations of several sectors; and, due to market volatility, complexity, and difficulty in growing their portfolio; they started developing several

    software which lead them to losing track of their initial mission.

    To respond to the diversified portfolio, they started recruiting talents of different backgrounds which lead to a high payroll and a confused HR strategy resulting from a confused organizational strategy

    with no clear goal and objective. They needed a solution fast to efficiently react to VUCA

    They heard of Purpose Led Transformation/ HR What could be the purpose statement at the organizational level and a Purpose Led HR Strategy?

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    Inspire and nurture the human spirit one person, one cup and

    one neighborhood at a time

    B2C companies

    We believe in challenging the status

    quo. We believe in thinking differently

    Changing the Way We Work, Live, Play, and


    Deliver a better future Imagination at work

    B2B companies

    Better power for a changing world

    Promote and spread happiness

    Creating possibilities for riders, drivers, and


    Define your purpose! Purpose-led companies have a clear reason for being: we know what they and their HR strategies stand for,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNHndBfSnHLY39PE9nqhE9LxWfHyoQ&ust=1456869532139280,d.d2s&psig=AFQjCNHndBfSnHLY39PE9nqhE9LxWfHyoQ&ust=1456869532139280

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    Organisations that embody purpose see significant, measurable results

    1.4 times more engaged and 1.7 times more satisfied1

    3 times morelikely to stay1


    Purpose-led companies outperformed the S&P 500 by 10 times between 1996 and 20113

    Get (and keep) the bestemployees

    Attract, retain and engagecustomers

    Increase returns forshareholders

    of clients believe a purpose-driven company will

    deliver the highest quality products/services

    of global consumers would recommend a

    company with a purpose, a 39% increase from 20082

    of emerging market consumers make cause related

    purchases at least annually2 Meaningful brands connected to human well-being outperformed the stock market by 120% in 20134





    89% 10x


    Source: 1. The Energy Project, What Is Your Quality of Life at Work, 2013. 2. Edelman, The goodpurpose study, 2013. 3. Raj Sisodia, Firms of Endearment, 2007. 4. Havas, Meaningful Brands Index, 2013

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    Breakout Session: 5 minutes

    With the purpose statement in mind; define the gaps of this structure? (Please use the hand-outs on your tables)

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    To analyse it better, think of the following

    What is core and what is support?

    What are the design principles and philosophy behind the structure?

    What are they trying to achieve?

    What is their definition of organizational continuity: teaming and culture?

    Is the organization bound by geography?

    What is the structures biggest driver: service, product, customer?

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