editing process for my music magazine

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Post on 10-Jul-2015




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  • I am using Adobe Photoshop CS6 to create my music magazine. In this PowerPoint, I will show you step by step my music magazine slowly starting to come alive.As we go along, I will also point out some of the essential tools and explain what they do.

  • The magic wand tool is used to cut out the image so that there is no background. This makes it easy to edit the image with the rest of the magazine.I have used the paintbrush to create the red effect as a starting background to my magazine.This is where you can see all your layers that form together to create the magazine.This is where you can select your foreground and background for the magazine.

  • All I did to create the sell lines and text is add text boxes and change the colours.The move tool is what enables you to move the objects to a different area on the magazine in order to change the layout.

  • Once I made my music magazine, I simply went to File > Save for Web and then selected JPG as my file format for High Definition and quality.