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Magazine Front Cover. Photoshop Editing.

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1. Magazine Front Cover.Photoshop Editing. 2. Image.By doing a photo shoot I was able to have a rangeof images, so I could choose the most suitablefor promotional material for my horror film. Bytaking a profile image like this I think reallyworks, which is why I chose this images todevelop further. The profile image is suitable as itgives a connection between the audience and theimage as the model is looking down thelens, hence, looking at the audience.I believe that the image needs to be edited as atthe moment it doesnt look professional andnothing like an image for a magazine cover orthough it does have some elements for aconventional horror image and magazine image.Also by editing, it will mean that certain parts ofthe image will be highlighted making it looksharper and to a much higher quality lookingmore professional. 3. Crop.I wanted to crop down this image so that straight awaythe main focus would be the face and the eyes. It istypical of a magazine cover to have a profile image of acharacter/person, and so by cropping it there isnt asmuch for the focus of the audience to change their focustoo apart from the main image. Also by having less bodyin the image it takes away less of human like featuresready for further editing, the image will fit more into thehorror genre. Also further down the body you can seemore patches of the face paint again making it look lessrealistic. 4. Brightness/Contrast.By adjusting the contrast to +100 andthe brightness to +36 it makes theface glow more disguising the fact thatit is white face paint. It also darkensthe make up around the eyes makethe white part and the pupils of theeye stand out more making his facelook scary. Also by applying themakeup on the cheeks, when usingthis effect it enhances the cheekbones giving a more chiseled effect tothe face and although having visiblecheekbones can be seen as a beautyfeature in this image it adds to theeffect of making the face look scarier.The contrast and brightness effect alsomakes the eyes look more hoodedwhich again makes it fit within thehorror genre. 5. Colour Balance - Midtones.When adjusting the midtones to this imageit gives it a slight blue/purple effect, takingthe warmness away from the image. Bymaking it look colder the eyes are standingout more and the darkness around themenhances this. The stare becomes evenmore of the main focus to the image andmakes a connection with the audience as itis as if he is looking straight at theaudience/reader. 6. Colour Balance ShadowsBy adjusting the colourbalance of theshadows it makes the image have evenmore of a blue effect. This takes awayeven more of the warmness from thebody making it look colder and almostlifeless, which fits within the horror genreand the film in which this character will beplaced in. The make-up around the eyes isalso starting to look less like make-up andmore like an effect of being lifeless or partof the paranormal world. 7. Brightness/Contrast 2.After all the adjustments I had made so far Idecided to go back to brightness andcontrast this was to sharpen the image andto try to make the eyes look even morehooded and darker making the eyeballsactually stand out more, I believe this wassuccessful by reducing the brightness to -21.Also during this stage it darkened thebackground image making it look less like it istaken in a room and more as if it is in thedarkness and in the night, this setting youwould stereotypically see a character likethis. Also by making the background darker itlifts the image of the model making himstand out and forward even more as thecontrast is greater between the facial colourand the background. 8. Final Image.To create the final image I used thebrush tool and the colour black tomake the whole background an evencolour so that the pattern on theceiling cannot be seen. Although thefilm is filmed in a house environmentfor the front cover of a magazine itlooks more professional for this to notbe seen. Again by making thebackground completely black increasesthe contrast between the model andthe background making it stand outmore and closening the impact of thestare towards the audience/reader.This image has become highlyappropriate for a magazine cover as itdraws in the attention of the readerstraight away and is also fairly simplenot making the magazine cover looktoo full and cluttered.