editing process of my magazine

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  1. 1. Editing process of my magazine
  2. 2. Cover page Firstly I added a black square as my back ground then, then I added my picture of Ricky in I cut him out and blurred the edges so it looked like a clean cut. Then I used the brush tool to add effect to the back ground creating like a lighting effect. Secondly, I added the title Revolution with the text Gang wolf. Then I added the beat headphones as the N in my title to create a better a effect. After this I created to red boarders one below the title and one underneath. I then put my secondary title underneath with a stoke effect on it to make it stand out. And then i put my free gift at the top, again with a stroke effect.
  3. 3. Then i sorted out my coverlines. I putthem on the left side of my main imagebecause i think that it worked better thantrying to fit either side. I applied a outerglow effect to each of my coverlines tostand out.Finally, I added a red box around my maincoverline to make sure that it stood out tothe read. I changed the opacity level so itmade it easier for the text to be seen and itdidnt cover my image up fully.
  4. 4. Contents pageFirstly, i added all of my boards so ihad the same colour system in mymagazine and i knew how muchspace i would have left. I createdthesre by using the box tool andchanging the colour of them. Secondly i added my masthead into my contents page by using the text box and i created the article numbers. I did this first so i would know where my article titles and information would go.
  5. 5. I then filled in all my coverlines next to the article numbers, i made sure that they lined up next to article number and that they wasnt over lapping.Finally, i added all my images to mycontents page. I did my main imagein Photoshop and imported it toquark. I only adjusted its colour imade it brighter and put a hint ofred into it.
  6. 6. Quark Double page spread Firstly, i had to create the masthead of my double page spread in photoshop and convert it over to quark. I had to save it as a JPG and import it to quark.
  7. 7. Secondly, I started adding my images to mydouble page spread. I had to cut and edit mymain image in Photoshop and import it toquark. I adjusted the brightness to my imageso it didnt look plain and boring. Then iadded my second images of the beat headphones which i also did in Photoshop. Then tostop my double page spread from lookingplain and boring i had the three strips at thebottom of the magazine to help it stand outand not just be a white space left there.Finally, i added a text back in the emptyspace and added the text to my double pagespread, all of the interview i wrote up. And ialso added quotes that Dj Ricky had said toaround his picture