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1. Editing images 2. I have edited my images on Photoshop so they will be suitable for my magazine I am going to make. Ihave done this by: removing the bags from underneath her eyes. I have done this by using the healingbrush tool on the toolbar and selecting the area. This tool smoothed out her skin and made the darkerareas the same colour as the rest of her skin.I also got rid of the few spots and freckles on her face and arms. I have done this by using the spothealing tool. This tool vanishes any blemishes, spots or freckles on the skin. This is because the spots,blemishes or freckles are normally a different colour so this tool blends them in with the rest of her skin.I also got rid of the wrinkles on her dress. I done this so the photo looks more professional. I done this byusing the patch tool as it smooth the 3. Where and when I took theimages. All the images I took were taken on a FinePix S4800camera. I have chose this camera as it has a betterresolution than a normal standard camera. Also as I am tookmy images outside this camera suited the specificsurroundings very well due to the fact it is a dslr camera sothe photo takes very quick due to the shutter speed as it isonly a single lensed camera. I took these photos in a park near to where I live in October2014. I chose this time to take my photos as all of the leaveswere falling off the trees and I thought it would be a veryeffective scenery as my magazine genre is indie so thecolours are normally dark. Also the colours contrasted thebright colours of the models dress.