dangers of internet

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Chapter III The Internet Objectives: Defining the electronic mail Using the email Dangers of email and Internet

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  • Chapter IIIThe InternetObjectives:Defining the electronic mailUsing the emailDangers of email and Internet

  • I-Review:Activity1:

    Define the websiteA website is composed of many webpages which contains texts, images , videos and sounds Activity 2Define the search engine?It is a program that allow us searching information on the Web

  • Activity 3

    Why we use Email ?It is an Internet service used to send and receive messages

  • II- Electronic mail1-Creation Email:

    Activity4: Use Internet to create a new free email ?Activity 5: Send an email which contains your name and class to : [email protected]

  • III- dangers of Internet:1-Dangers of internet:Activity6 : use Google to find the Internet dangers.