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Staying Safe onlineDangers on the Internet
There are a number of dangers on the Internet such as:
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Viruses and spyware
A computer virus is a program that will damage your computer.
Spyware is a program that spies on your computer and steals information.
A firewall helps to prevent people accessing and controlling your computer.
Many computers have a firewall pre-installed.
Back up and encrypt data
Protect your data by making backup copies of discs and programs.
A strong password is one that is hard to break.
Use a combination of UPPER and lower case letters and numbers, e.g. IsleofSkye12?
Make your password at least eight characters long.
Shop safely
Prevent phishing!
‘Phishing’ is when someone tries to get your personal and financial details using fake websites and emails.
Use software to check that sites do not contain threats.
Take care when using social networking sites
Be careful when using social networking sites, like Facebook, or chat rooms.
Remember, not everyone is who they claim to be!
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Beware of grooming
Grooming is when an adult pretends to be a young person and uses chatrooms and sites like Facebook to:
get to know young people
get their personal details
carry out illegal activities