surfing safely: how to combat dangers on the internet

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Surfing Safely Combat Dangers Lurking on the Internet

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Tips for keeping your family safe from cyber bullies and Internet predators.


  • 1. Computer Safety Keeping Your Family Safe

2. Keeping Kids and Family Safe

  • Today we will talk about the four areas to keep in mind to keep your kids and family safe
    • Pornography and Sexual Predators
    • Cyber Bullying, Stalking and Harassment
    • Buying Drugs Online, and
    • Other Inappropriate Material
    • Learning Objective:To teach a novice how to safely usethe internet while keeping their children safe.

3. Parents & Kids CanLearn Together! 4. Parental Controls 5. Pornography and Sexual Predators 6. Cyber Bullying, Stalking and Harassment 7. Keeping Your Family Safe: Buying Drugs Online 8. Tips for Adults 9. Tips For Adults Check your computers internet history Video on how to check your computers internet history 10.

  • The following websites are great resources for ways to keep your family safe online:

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