student survival guide to the internet practicing safe computing while using the internet is...

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Student Survival Guide to the Internet Shabnam R. BLK 2 Nov.5/2013 IT Stude nt Survi val Guide to the Inter net

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Student Survival Guide to the Internet Shabnam R.BLK 2Nov.5/2013IT

Student Survival Guide to the Internet

Internet Safety

Why is Internet Safety Important? Practicing safe computing while using the Internet is important because you need to be aware of the dangers out there on the Internet. You cant just go and meet up with someone that you have only talked online with because there are possibilities that the person you think you are going to meet, is not going to be the person you think it is. You should also practice safe computing by not giving any personal information to anyone online. With that said, you do not want to post anything you dont want your grandparents to see, you dont even know who is going to see it, it might be your boss in twenty years that will not be your boss because of the things you posted online on the Internet or your parents friends, which will be pretty embarrassing. Lastly, do not open websites and e-mails that have pop-ups or look suspicious because they will give viruses to your computer; in some cases, people can hack into your computer and they can get all your personal information such as your credit card number and they can spend it all. Being safe on the Internet is no different than being safe in the real world; so take it seriously!

Top 5 Precautions You should take to stay safe on the internet

1.Never give out your personal information to anybody, like your phone number, address, or email. 3.NEVER give out your password to anyone including your best friends.2. Do NOT meet up with someone that you have only chatted with online.4. DO NOT open websites that have pop-ups.5. DO NOT post things on the internet that you dont want to see in the future

ErgonomicsWhat is Ergonomics?Ergonomics is the design of the equipment that maximizes and makes more efficient the work space and the productivity by minimizing discomfort (The Free Dictionary).

Why employers and employers should be very concerned with ergonomics?Employers and employees should be very concerned with ergonomics because bad posture and discomfort can lead to pain that can cause them to:Work slower Less efficient Get the work done in a longer period of timePossibly taking time off of work because there work space isnt ergonomic that caused them to get injuries

However when employees have an ergonomic work environment they can:Get more done Work fast and efficientlyReport to work enthusiastically because they know they wont be in pain by then time there shift endsTake fewer days off work

Long term and short term consequences a workplace that is not ergonomic


Ergonomic ChairNon-ergonomic ChairI give this chair a 10/10 because:-It has a lower back support feature and a large backrest , decreasing lower back problems.-It also has a seat height adjustment feature, meaning your feet will always reach the ground and you wont have circulation problems.- It also has a adjustable headrest that takes pressure off your neck, therefore eliminating the risk of neck problems.- Armrests allow you to relax and they take the pressure off the neck and the shoulders, therefore eliminating the risk of neck and shoulder problems(The Benefits Of The Ergonomic Office Chair).I give this chair a 2.5/10 because: -it lacks in back support which could lead to back injuries.- It also doesnt have armrests, so you cant rest your lower forearms and that will give you shoulder pains.- This chair has absolutely no neck support by having a headrest so you will have pressure on your neck and it will cause your neck to be sore. - the material isn't easy to clean as the ergonomic chair, so it will be hard to remove stains (What You Should Look For In an Ergonomic Chair).What is Intellectual Property?Intellectual property is things created by musicians, authors, artists, and inventors. The law of intellectual property covers the areas of Copyright, Patents, and trademark law. These rights allow artists to protect themselves from violation, or the unauthorized use of their creations. So basically if you create something and someone else wants to use it then they have to contact you to use it unless you state that anyone can use the stuff you created (The free dictionary).

Under Canadian law, is file sharing legal or illegal?

Under Canadian law file sharing is illegal because:

File sharing means the giving away of computer programs, multimedia (audio, images and video), documents or electronic books (Wikipedia file sharing). So you cannot distribute copies, play it publicly visible, or display it unless the original owner gives you permission to (Copyright Basics) and only then it is legal to use it for the reasons above.Copyright is a form of protection given to the authors or creators of their original work,(copyright basics) so you dont need to register for copyright, it is automatically given to your original work. You automatically own copyright to something that you created that is original and from your head.

Why should file sharing be illegal in my opinion In my opinion file sharing should be illegal because:People should be credited for their work and not want other people to copy it. If it wasnt illegal then the creator of the song lyrics or video or whatever digitally stored information would stop because they wouldnt make any money out of it. File sharing is practically like stealing if you dont ask for permission to use. Youre taking something that someone worked hard on copying it then selling it and making money out of it when the creator should have been making money out of it.A person will put their name on someone elses creations for example someone could take someone elses song and they could sing it and make millions. That is totally disrespectful to the creator of the song and no one would try to make anything creative because they will know someone will copy it.

WebsitesWordle Wordle is where you can create word clouds which are words all put together with different fonts, layouts, and color schemes( The clouds stick out words that appear more frequently. It is useful for Projects and making something more interesting.

This site is authoritative because it credited everyone who took part into making this site so we know all the credentials. It also has quality because you can see some wordles that people have made and the site is well designed. It is bias because you can do so much with the creativity you are given. You can change the font, but only with the ones they have on not any other ones. So things like that make it balanced and bias.

Quizlet Quizlet is an online learning tool which helps you to study. You can create cue cards or use the ones that people have already made and there are games that you can play so you can memorize and know you cue cards. It is useful for studying for tests and quizzes and large amounts of information.

This site is authoritative because it has listed all the people who work on quizlet like the software engineer, ceo, founder, etc. It also has a address and phone number if you want to call which is useful and the quality of the site is absolutely wonderful, its easy to use and you dont have to carry around cue cards because they are already in your electronic device. It is bias because they just don't give you any games, the games are thought out and are meant for you to know your cue cards well or memorized.Prezi Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software and storytelling tool for presenting ideas on a virtual canvas. It zooms in and out of the presentation and allows you to go through your work( Prezi). Prezi was created to inspire people not to bore them with boring slides. It was created to replace that. It is useful because if you have to do a PowerPoint one day you can do a Prezi instead and you teacher will love it.

This site is authoritative because it has amazing reviews from Rob CampbellFounder of PowerPoint and The New York Times . It also lists all the people who work at Prezi and the quality of the website is marvelous, its very easy to create and anyone can create one even if you are not artistic. It is bias because they have templates for people who dont know where to start. They know some people can start on know there own but, some need a little help.

FVRL FVRL is the Fraser valley Regional Library website where you can search books, renew you books, place a hold on one and see what programs and services they have like summer reading clubs and homework club. It is useful because you can check which library has the book you are looking for and you can renew online so you don't have to physically go to the library.

The site is authoritative because it has locations which you can go to and the quality of the site is incredible because you can find anything you want and its easy to navigate. It is bias because you can renew books, but you cant take them out and come the next day to pick it up because that would be unfair, so they balanced it out and you can only renew and place a hold on books. Word Reference Word reference is an online French-English or English-French dictionary it has many more languages to translate, but these ones are the ones I use the most. This isnt like Google translate because it cant translate sentences it can only translate 1 word. So this is a real online French-English or English-French dictionary. It is useful for Language classes you take at school because you can search up words that you dont know.

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