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Key takeaways from the Corporate Social Media Summit San Francisco, September 2014


  • 1. Key Takeaways: SmarterSocial Marketing@evanjames11Evan James,Head of North AmericanMarketing

2. Just 3 Key Takeaways1. From Insight to Action: Data-driven decision making1. The Return on Engagement (ROE): No matter the fluctuations inorganic reach, content is still key2. Socially Native: Integrating social into every aspect of yourbusiness 3. Social KPI Reporting Is KeyLocal CompetitorLocal Competitor Local Competitor 4. Measurement FrameworkOwn Metrics + Competitive SetOwn Metrics &Competitive Metrics(Likes, Interactions, Engagement)CustomerCarePlatformMetricsOnline MetricsAdvertising Metrics, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.Conversion from SocialBuzz Monitoring,Listening 5. Higher ReachHigher EngagementHigher Click-Rate, Conversion Rate, Visits ROEROI = Engagement First StrategyROIReturn on Engagement 6. So How Do You Increase Engagement?Constantly measurecontent performanceHumanize your brandGet creativeRespond to customer questions 7. 3rd SociallyNative1st Early Stage 2nd SociallySetting UpListeningBasic reportsContentSome adsDevotedSocial careEven Better ContentProperly engaging withfansDeeper Analytics incl.competitiveIntegrating into businessAll employees involved insocialMeasurement set to matchbusiness objectives77% Companies 10 - 20% Companies 3 % Companies 8. The Future of Social Media For Business 9. Smarter Social MarketingSocialbakers provides marketers with comparative insights whichenables them to optimize their social content, care and advertising. 10. Thank you!Evan James,Head of North American Marketing@evanjames11