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This wraps up David Jenyns' presentation about Small Business' Internet Marketing workshop. He gives his final insights and takeaways. To learn more about Internet Marketing, you can visit


  • 1. FINAL WORDS Rome wasnt built in a day.

2. REVIEWTHE PLAN Understanding products / services Research target market / competition / keywords Build a website Install Google Analytics & WebmasterTools On page optimisation / conversion / enquiry form Google places Google Adwords Quick cash: promo / customer reactivation Off Page SEO Video marketing White paper, build database & auto-responders Web 2.0:Twitter / Facebook / Foursquare Press release Regular blogging: top questions / interview experts / google alerts Build info product 3. BIG ROCKS Building a business that adds value Speed of implementation Don't get caught in the details Focus, focus, focus 4. BIG INSIGHTS COMPETITION 5. QUESTIONS 6. WHAT CAN I DO FORYOU Personal coaching Free upgrade on SEO services SEO referral program DVD offer 7. WHEREYOU CAN FIND ME