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  2. 2. CANNES LIONS FESTIVAL 2015 Last week, the biggest names in media and advertising convened in France for the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. Cannes Lions is the largest gathering of advertising professionals, with over 20,000 delegates from more than 90 countries and over 40,000 award entries. 2015 was yet another great year for WPP who were named Holding Company of theYear for the fifth consecutive year. Sadly, the week was overshadowed by loss and sadness for many people after the untimely deaths of two friends during the festival. At MEC, wed like to offer our deepest sympathy to everyone affected by these tragic events.
  3. 3. TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION MOVING IN WITH CREATIVITY This years festival lived up to its legacy as the centre for creativity and for inspiring and influencing people and brands. Overall one theme stood out; how technology is transforming the marketing landscape. This was most visible with the launch of a new two-day festival celebrating the coming together of data, tech and creativity: Lions Innovation, with MEC as a founding sponsor. The spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation hovered over Cannes this year: start-up technologies, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality and how those technologies will impact our lives and our businesses. Also at the Cannes fringe, tech providers were making more noise than ever before. Google, Facebook and Microsoft have always been major parts of Cannes, but this year a huge new raft of companies, technologies and marketing phrases were on show complete with a phraseology that sounded more like it was taken out of a botanical convention than an advertising festival.
  5. 5. TECHNOLOGY, A MOTHER OF INVENTION Pre-rolls and programmatic; often maligned or over- looked for shinier marketing activity gave us two stand-out winners for Geico in the Film Lions and 3M in the Media Lions. These were powerful, simple ideas that took creativity and technology to a new level. Creativity doesn't and should never be focused purely on the grandstand moments, but be everywhere and every time we want to make a connection with consumers. Why this matters As technology and formats grow and grow, we need to make sure that no placement is left behind.We're all only as good as our worst activation or moment with consumers that's why these winners shone. Geico, Unskippable: 3M, The Banner That Makes You Like Banners:
  6. 6. GENDER EQUALITY ON THE AGENDA This was the first year of the Glass Lion, the new Lion award that recognises work that implicitly or explicitly addresses issues of gender inequality or prejudice.The Grand Prix winner Touch the Pickle and contesters #LikeAGirl and This Girl Can are examples of brands working to enable girls to do whatever they want. On the other side of the same coin, the inspiringly brilliantVodafone work, Red Light Application, fromY&R andTeam Red in Istanbul were created to prevent girls from harm. And won the Media Lion Grand Prix. From the work, to speakers like Monica Lewinsky and Julia Louis- Dreyfus, gender equality was the talk of the town this year. Why it matters Institutional change and policy reform alone wont solve gender inequalities; the solution is cultural change. Marketing not only reflects the culture its part of, it also reinforces and shapes it. Therefore, as brands and marketers, we have the responsibility to put gender equality on the agenda. Creativity can drive change. Touch the Pickle: #LikeAGirl: This Girl Can: Red Light Application:
  7. 7. DOING GOOD IS DOING WELL Authenticity seemed to be the magic word this year.The Glass Lion winners are a slew of examples, cases like Volvos LifePaint or What3Words are others. Chiwetel Ejiofor, Freida Pinto and Richard Curtis took to the stage to launch Global Goals, a campaign to raise awareness of the UN goals for sustainable development. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver attended to promote his healthy livingYou-app and former USVice PresidentAl Gore received the Cannes Lion Heart award for his work promoting climate change. Monica Lewinsky gave a strong presentation on Upstandr, her initiative against cyber bullying. Why it matters Brands and marketers have the potential to change people's worlds for the better.The implication here is that every brief has the responsibility and the potential for doing a lot of good. Luckily, brands that do good are also the most popular because consumers believe in them and want to be part of something bigger than just commerce. LifePaint:
  8. 8. While Geicos Unskippable showed us what we can do in 5 seconds; it is important to note that the industry still hasn't nailed longer formats in branded content.Yet again, no Grand Prix was awarded for Branded Content in 2015. Creativity adores restrictions, laws, rules and obstacles when we're pushed, we do our greatest work. The freedom that branded content gives us to create almost feels like a barrier too high to overcome. We are all still finding our feet in this field as are consumers finding theirs with brands creating long-form and high-quality work. Will they choose to spend longer with us of their own free will? Why this matters We can't allow another year to go by without branded content work that stands alongside the 5-second; 30- second; 36-sheet and coded creativity that impressed us all so much.There is a big potential here and a claim to fame for the brand that cracks this nut. CREATIVITY ADORES RESTRICTIONS
  9. 9. The lion, created together with Jason Bruges Studio, used real- time social media data to create a powerful symbol of how MEC works with data and technology; creatively and out of the live room. A founding sponsor of the Lions Innovation, MEC stood out with an anamorphic digital installation. A bespoke solution where 169 screens displayed the fluctuating emotions of Cannes in the iconic shape of a lion. More about #EmotiCannes: #EMOTICANNES THE ART OF ALWAYS-ON MEC@CANNES
  10. 10. MECVelocity uses rich data from MEC Momentum, our proprietary approach to understanding and quantifying how consumers make purchase decisions. MEC is the first media agency to introduce predictive marketing in strategic planning at scale. MEC@CANNES MEC VELOCITY Launching UsingAgent Based Modelling, a technology borrowed from biology, we can build purchase simulations that run into the future, predicting consumer behavior and interaction with brands. More about MEC Momentum and MEC Velocity:
  11. 11. MEC@CANNESOurTalent Manifesto encourages our people to step outside of their comfort zone and to innovate. This year at Cannes we sent our inauguralTalentThriveTeam, 13 young MECers to experience and report on Cannes Lions. They came away inspired and energised. For their human social story and news and views from the event see below: catcannes
  12. 12. The real gravity of what you do, is knowing your intention. Pharrell Williams, Singer, Songwriter Producer We must value speaking with intention over speaking for attention. Monica Lewinsky, co-founder of Upstandr Its not just about data; we need leaders with real cultural curiosity who are connected to current happenings and motivated to really contribute to culture. Syl Saller, Chief Marketing Officer, Diageo You cant replace the creativity of the human mind with a piece of tech. KeithWeed, Chief Marketing and CommunicationsOfficer at Unilever Snapchat is not just about sharing. Its about getting over the fear of creating. Evan Spiegel, CEO Snapchat OVERHEARD@CANNES
  13. 13. 13 THANK YOUTO ALL THE #MECATCANNES CONTRIBUTERS For more information, contact: Nathalie Haxby Global Head of Corporate Communications @MECIdeas