criminal psychologist tayla oliver mrs. jones english iv- 3a 12 october 2014

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  • CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGIST Tayla Oliver Mrs. Jones English IV- 3A 12 October 2014
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  • CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGIST JOB DESCRIPTION Studies the behavior and thoughts of a criminal Highly related to forensic psychology Help law enforcement solve crimes Work independently and usually testify in court to provide evidence Consult with court officials Prepare written psychological Reports
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  • CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGIST JOB DESCRIPTION Interview criminal defendants and make determinations as to whether a criminal can stand trial Must also be familiar with laws concerning mental health and criminal behavior
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  • CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGIST SKILLS & HIGH SCHOOL REQUIREMENTS Skills Required : ABPP Diploma Strong background and expertise in psychology a firm grounding in scientific theory and empirical research Critical thinking skills Deep knowledge of social and cultural issues High School Preparation : You should take chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, and psychology Develop an early interest in what motivates people You should also take history, sociology, art, literature, and religion Should be very good in writing, grammar, spelling, punctuation
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  • CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGIST SKILLS & HIGH SCHOOL REQUIREMENTS In order to get into a good college to study criminal psychology your high school requirements must follow the Louisiana Core 4 Curriculum
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  • CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGIST DEGREES & YEARS OF STUDY REQUIRED The degrees one can obtain as a criminal psychologist are : Doctorate Degree A doctoral degree in forensic psychology is required for a career as a criminal psychologist. There are two types of psychology doctoral degrees: the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Psychology and the Doctor of Clinical Psychology (Psy.D). The Ph.D in Psychology is more research- based than the Psy.D., which prepares graduates for careers as practicing psychologists instead of researchers or scholars.
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  • CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGIST TOP STATE & NATIONAL COLLEGES The top criminal psychologist college in the state of Louisiana is Centenary College of Louisiana. Top National Criminal Psychologist Colleges: 1.University of Denver 2.John Jay College of Criminal Justice 3.Prairie View A&M
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  • CENTENARY COLLEGE OF LOUISIANA COSTS CCLs Tuition alone is about $33,500 for per semester in the fall. CCLs room and board alone is about $12,150 per semster CCLs books and supplies alone is about $1,200 per semester. CCL s other expenses alone is about $3,040 per semester
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  • CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGIST JOB MARKET The job growth for criminal psychologists is much faster than average occupational growth since the show Criminal Minds came out. Some criminal psychologists are self-employed working in small groups or individually to create and publish software.
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  • CRIMINAL PSYCHOLOGIST POTENTIAL INCOME The average entry salary ranging from $65,880-$100,000 is dependant on the engineers degree and employer.
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