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    Today we are making pancakes for us to learn more about the structure of writing an

    explanation. Miss Lee chose herself to demonstrate the process and then challenged us to

    write ‘how’ to make pancakes by writing down everything that she did.

    Our first step to make pancakes was to get the ingredients and equipment which were

    bananas, pancake mix, Nutella, chocolate syrup and whipped cream! We had decided to

    use an electric frying pan to cook our pancakes with as the electric frying pan doesn’t

    need as much butter and it was safer for us to use.

    Next thing we needed to do was turn on the electric frying pan and cut the banana and

    put the chocolate syrup and Nutella in the microwave to melt it into pure sweetness! And

    always remember to wash those grimy hands.

    The next thing that you need to do is pour the mixture into the electric frying pan with the

    melted butter. Once you put it on in two circles you wait until a the bubbles have popped

    and flip it on to the other side - that’s when you know it’s ready.

  • Today Miss Lee taught the Year 6’s of Room 8 how to make delicious pancakes with

    Nutella, bananas, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and icing sugar.

    The first thing to do when you are making a delicious pancakes is to get everything out

    and ready. Miss Lee went for the safest option with an electric frying pan for the

    pancakes. Miss Lee also used a microwave for melting Nutella. Don’t forget to get all

    the other ingredients out and ready.

    The second thing to do is get your ingredients ready. Butter out, pancake mixture

    shaken, banana chopped, and Nutella melted. We poured the pancake mixture into two

    circles in the pan. Then we waited … and waited … and waited … The bubbles should be

    starting to pop and this is how you will know that the pancakes are ready to flip. Then

    you wait … and wait … and wait … The pancake is cooked and ready to decorate!

    The hardest thing to do was to DECORATE! To start decorating we put the melted

    Nutella all over the two pancakes. Then you can put banana on now and it time for the

    whipped cream!

    Lastly, ROLL, WHIP, SQUEEZE, EAT and ENJOY!! It’s time to eat your delicious creation.

    Remember to drip the chocolate sauce from height - it looks prettier.


    Thank you Year 6’s for a

    great morning. Shame the

    Year 7 & 8’s were at Tech!